God is still speaking, are you listening?

Written by Marty on May 23rd, 2004

Through out the Bible the words appear like, “the LORD said unto him” Yet in today’s world when someone speaks of hearing from God, in confusion a red flag is raised. What is heard by many is that the person hears voices and must be crazy! What is often brought up is the Son of Sam who never claimed that God told him to kill. There are those who however have committed heinous act in the name of God, even saying that God told them to do the evil. The problem is that God never commands anyone to commit an evil act! When God speaks it is always for the good! Some people think when Christians talk about hearing from God that we are saying that we hear audible voices, it is more like the still small voice that we all have. That is right Christians or non-Christians; how many times has someone said that their conscience was bothering them? The conscience is what was left of the connection to God after the fall from grace. It might be compared to the navel, and the umbilical cord to that which connected us to God. It is this that is restored at the rebirth when we give our lives of the Lord. As we surrender our lives to Jesus He begins to make us better people, directing our lives for the better. As Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call to me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

This was a small part of the subject of the Jesus Factor aired on PBS. Some have been focusing on the faith statements of President Bush rather than on his job performance, this is a mistake. Don’t imagine that I am promoting or denouncing this President, I am only addressing the subject of God speaking to our hearts. If you would like to have a political debate here are four sites that you might find interesting:

   1) GeorgeWBush Official Blog

   2) The Official John Kerry Blog

   3) Rate President George Bush

   4) U.S. and the War on Terror

Numbers 3 and 4 are Netscape boards; they are free and have little supervision. If you are on AOL you can use your AOL screen name, if not you will simply have to create one on Netscape. It is free, so enjoy and if you have any questions let me know.

As to the Frontline report If you click here you can see the full video of Frontline’s The Jesus Factor. George W. said at the beginning of his second term as governor of Texas, “I believe that God wants me to be president.” Now, many Christians might be bothered by that, seeing that they may have voted for Al Gore, but what President Bush is saying is that he believes that God wanted him to be President. We all have personal believes and only God can say if they are correct or not. I tell you what, if your life is so righteous and pain free, your first question of God on the judgment day might be, was that His doing? As for me there are far more important things such as getting in to that Heavenly abode!

Dr. C. Welton Gaddy is a Baptist minister who heads up the Interfaith Alliance, was interviewed for the PBS special, THE JESUS FACTOR he pointed out some of the reasons that those inside and outside the Church are uncomfortable with the politicization of religion:

We have seen, over the last three years, a politicization of religion unlike any phenomenon we have seen in this nation's history. We have also seen the religiofication of politics — that is, using religion to advance political agendas — even to the point of suggesting that your patriotism is in question and your religious commitment is in question if you don't embrace certain social/political agendas.

Those out side of the Church see such strong evangelical language as a possible threat to their freedoms. Those inside the Church see such reaction as a distain for Christianity and a possible threat to their freedoms. Mankind indeed is an insecure breed. Dr. Gaddy added;

His is the language of evangelical Christianity. That language suggests, the way he uses it as president, that that is in fact the established religion in this nation. That has tremendously divisive problematic potential for a nation that is the most religiously pluralistic nation in the world.

For those in and outside the Church there is an apprehension to anyone that might be able to force their faith on the public or restrict the faith of the public. We as a nation think of anyone in power who claims divine revelation for public action as an American version of Ayatollah Khomeini the use of words like Crusade says to many “Holy War” and as such brings great fear. The author of “Plan of Attack” Bob Woodward said on 60 minutes:

In the interviews I did with the President he raised religion twice, I believe. The first time saying that he sought strength and appealed to strength from a “higher father.” And on the day he gave the final order for war, he prayed that he more or less be a good messenger of God's will.

In the 60 minutes interview Woodward was asked;

Did Mr. Bush ask his father for any advice? “I asked the president about this. And President Bush said, ‘Well, no,’ and then he got defensive about it,” says Woodward. “Then he said something that really struck me. He said of his father, ‘He is the wrong father to appeal to for advice. The wrong father to go to, to appeal to in terms of strength.’ And then he said, ‘There's a higher Father that I appeal to.’”

Some question if he is in fact hearing from God, for me I pray that he does hear God’s will and obeys it. I know there is much that can be said that is not positive about this administration, but that isn’t the subject at hand. Let me end by asking you, how has God spoken to you? What do you think God says to the hearts of His people? Finally, do you know Jesus, for when your heart is united with Christ then God will be your constant friend, yes He will speak to you in that soft quite voice.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    When you really find the Lord, He will start touching your heart and He changes us from the inside out.
    When you are baptized into the Holy Spirit you will find that you begin to feel as if God is directing you. That is what we mean when we say God spoke to me. I don

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here is a question, many of my friends say that the only way that God speaks is through the Bible. Is that right?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Bible is only one of the ways that God speaks to us, but the other ways will never contradict it if God is truly speaking.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well put, the key to hearing God is faith and obedience. There also is the aspect of reason such as God is never going to ask you to harm another; however He might ask you to sacrifice to help another person. Start with the small things and just marvel at how great God is.

  5. Anonymous says:

    These are not my words, but they are great.
    If God speaks through Bush, as Ron Suskind reports he believes, does the president also believe, for example, that:
    1. God flip-flops? If not, to whom does he attribute his numerous flip-flops, such as first declaring that Osama bin Laden must be caught dead or alive, then saying he wasn't all that concerned about capturing bin Laden, and then denying that he'd said the latter? Or first opposing and then supporting the 9-11 commission?
    2. God wants him to erode environmental and workplace safety and health protections while taking huge amounts of money from polluters and reckless employers, although God has instructed man to be the steward of His earth and to love his neighbor as himself?
    3. God believes that he does unto others as he would have others do unto him, when he appoints as his senior political adviser a man–Karl Rove–who has made character assassination a speciality of his long career?
    4. God wanted him to campaign for the presidency by falsely promising to be a uniter, not a divider?

  6. Anonymous says:

    To Matt,
    You can't blame God for all of President Bush's mistakes. We all make mistakes, and some time misunderstand what God says. Maybe you are confusing the issue.
    Yes, the Lord does talk to us and I don't think you should be Bush bashing in this way.

  7. Anonymous says:

       I do not think he was blaming God, rather that it is only arrogance to proclaim divine guidance and not make sure that we are getting all of the instructions. For when we say that God told us to do something and go off to do it without God calling the shots it usually does not turn out right. In such a case, it looks to the world like either we were crazy to think that God would speak to us, or that our God is untrustworthy. If we are going to do God

  8. Anonymous says:


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