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Written by Marty on June 20th, 2004


Closed polls

———————————————- 12/02/04



   During the Democratic Convention the Republican Party was floating the idea that if Senator John Kerry did not get a 15% bounce in the polls from the conventions then he would be in trouble. So, this poll asks how big of a bounce would President Bush need to get to be able to win a second term?


Who gets you vote?


   Do you remember when the political action group know as was being criticized by the Republican Party because in a contest for ads, someone had submitted one that compared President Bush to Hitler? Even though these two ads were never aired and were not sanctioned by MoveOn or the Democratic Party the right was outraged. MoveOn apologized for the ads, explaining that it was only a contest and promptly removed the ads. One should also note that MoveOn is independent of the Democratic Party and its nominee. With this said there is a Hitler Image Used in Bush Campaign Web Ad. “The Bush Internet video, which was sent electronically to 6 million supporters, intersperses clips of speeches by Democrats John Kerry, Al Gore and Howard Dean with the footage of Hitler.” Isn’t this just a bit hypocritical?  This was recorded from the Bush web site:





    For the first poll I think it turned out fairly well, one thing that all should keep in mind is that these polls for fun. I say that as I hope that no one will be angry about the results. I hope that some of the future polls might even help in some way. The final results of the two polls which asked, who was the best Democratic, and Republican Presidents? For the Democrats the order followed FDR 77 votes (62%), Clinton 20 votes (16%), JFK 15 votes (12%), Truman 6 votes (4%), Carter 4 votes (3%), LBJ 2 votes (1%). For the Republicans; Eisenhower 62 votes (70%), Reagan 15 votes (17%), Nixon 5 votes (5%), Bush H. W. 1 vote (1%), Bush W 1 vote (1%). So our next poll will be between FDR and Eisenhower. Now we offer you serial new polls;

   So Bush is making the world a safer place, then tell that to Paul Johnson! Washington Post reported that an al Qaida group said Friday it killed American hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr. We ask who was responsible?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was a little amazed at the large amount on the last poll “Total votes: 927.” Where did they all come from?

  2. Anonymous says:

    At first we had a problem with some trolls trying to rig the poll, so we saw the no votes rocket until I enhanced the blocks against multiple voting. What was funny, the person who was doing it actually posted a complaint that he was stopped! When the poll returned to the same percentage that it started with the guy started crying that there was cheating! Now, that is hypocrisy for you, he was cheating and when stopped he started to accuse others.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The polls are looking good now, very interesting.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness people are seeing through all of the hypocrisy of this administration. I wonder what McCain's agenda is? There's got to be something in this for him. Don't these veterans for Bush realize how much he is hurting them? I think this administration has alienated so many people that finally the vast majority has gotten fed up enough to do something about it. Let's face it.. if the 90% of the population that is not in the Bush club actually put their feet down, he would have been impeached a long time ago. In saying this I must also say that I am a peace advocate, also, and would rather have people consider what they're doing prior to doing it….unlike you know who. Keep up the good work. This is the most fair poll I have seen. Alot of them already have selections chosen for you and will not let you change them. Thanks again. Judy

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