Freedom of Speech

Written by Marty on March 4th, 2005

   We have seen in the last few years our Freedom of Speech put in jeopardy. Lately the Senate is trying to curtail such rights in what is known as the “Nuclear Option.” This would obstruct debate and silence the minority voice.

    Senator Byrd’s remarks below warns the Senate of the danger to the American people. He quotes Senator William Ezra Jenner, who stated his convictions in 1957.

So long as there is free debate, men of courage and understanding will rise to defend against potential dictators. . .The Senate today is one place where, no matter what else may exist, there is still a chance to be heard, an opportunity to speak, the duty to examine, and the obligation to protect.   It is one of the few refuges of democracy.   Minorities have an illustrious past, full of suffering, torture, smear, and even death.

   The Senator stated how this effort to silence the debate is in fact an effort to silence the voice of the American People.

Free and open debate on the Senate floor ensures citizens a say in their government.   The American people are heard, through their Senator, before their money is spent, before their civil liberties are curtailed, or before a judicial nominee is confirmed for a lifetime appointment.    We are the guardians, the stewards, the protectors of our people.   Our voices are their voices.  This is is the link to his whole Senate speech.     This brings us to our poll about the direction that the government is taking. Do you think that we are on the right track?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't you think that it's time for the Dems to except that they lost the election and stop being obstructionists?

  2. Anonymous says:

    When did winning an election give anyone the right to take away the rights of the American People? The right of freedom of speech wasn't on the ballet, so why should that be given the axes?

  3. Anonymous says:

       One might also ask if the Republicans went along with President Clinton? The fact is that they resisted him at every turn and still debase him and Senator Clinton. Also one must remember that everyone in Congress were elected too.

  4. Anonymous says:
    If they can outlaw freedom of speech then no one will be able to stop the Bush lies.
    Baghdad Bush
  5. Anonymous says:

    Jess, you should be more respectful of the President, after all he won fair and squar! I have to learn how to do these pictures so I can reply with them. Ok, ha ha, it's kinda funny.

  6. Anonymous says:

        Carolyn, Mr. Bush hardly won fair and square! The amount message control by the right was amazing to say nothing about the dishonest attack ad against Senator Kerry.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I bet that if Kerry was in the White House that the Republicans would be bashing him at every chance!

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