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Written by Marty on July 28th, 2005

    There has been a real problem with bringing justice to the rich and powerful. During the Starr investigations the Republicans were very vocal with their fear that then President Clinton would pardon those being investigated to stop the investigation. They had good reason for this because Poppy Bush pardoned “former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and others for their conduct related to the Iran-Contra affair.” Link That was done before there was a trial. Many believe that the pardons were issued to protect former president Bush. Now there is a real fear that Mr. Bush will pardon Karl Rove before there is a full investigation and trial. Below is from the Web site of Congressman John Conyers;


Convicted Previously of National Security Crimes
Elliott Abrahms is Newest Figure in Traitor-gate

Did you know that Elliot Abrahms, pardoned by the first President Bush for the Iran-Contra crimes he committed under the Reagan Administration, now works for the Bush White House? And has been implicated in the leak of Valerie Plame's covert identity? Fitzgerald may well successfully prosecute senior White House officials. Insist that anyone convicted in this case be ineligible for a presidential pardon. Demand that the President not pardon any criminals in his administration who compromise our national security!  (Click here to go to Congressman John Conyers site and write the President.) No More Pardons

   The question needs to be asked if there should be limits to pardons of only those who have been convicted? After all we are not talking about pardoning a turkey, but rather someone who may have committed treason.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is what Karl Rove thinks of America and it's people.
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  2. Anonymous says:

        Karl Rove show little love for America, why Republicans want to defend someone who moral character is in such question is beyond me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I liked the picture of Bush with his hand around Rove's neck. LOL

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah this is all funny, but we don't know if Karl Rove is guilty of anything. I don't think that the President can give a pardon before there is a conviction.

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