Mission Statement

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on September 13th, 2005

   The mission of the blog is to create a place where people can air their differences of opinion in a civil manner.  Many people have been alienated from the message of Christ by those who have made rude erroneous claims that Christianity is locked into one political philosophy.  Scores of Liberals are repulsed by the equating of Christianity with the Republican Party.  The truth is that God is neither a member of the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party.  Moreover no political party, organization nor institution can be Christian for it takes a soul to be one.  Each party is only as good as the individuals in them, realizing that means that those who are ungodly also represent their parties.  It is our hope that this will be one of the tools that God might use to break down walls.

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   The purpose of the blog is to demonstrate that differences of opinions do not make anyone less a Christian or an American. The goal is to unite instead of divide, it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, and your opinion is valued here. Some may prefer to just read the articles and are uncomfortable sharing their thoughts, but no one will be allowed to berate another poster. If you want to make a comment, then you will need to register.

(Right now the setting allows posts without registering, but that will change if we have any problem) That will only take about a minute and is free. If you want to be notified of new articles or posts click on Subscribe and choose what notification you want.  All of this is free and no money will ever be asked of you.


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