Reliability of Tabloids

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on November 18th, 2005

Author: Marty Martorella

   As I was standing at the checkout counter of the grocery store when one of the tabloids caught my eye, it was the Globe Magazine. The magazine cover has a picture of Bush looking worried, with huge headlines saying “Bush's Secret Breakdown.” A few months ago the Enquirer ran a similar story about Mr. Bush drinking. The article starts out gloomily:

President Bush is drinking heavily again as he's overwhelmed by crisis after crisis, GLOBE has learned exclusively. “Bush is breaking down. He's boozing and that's a dangerous personal situation, “a source tells us.”It's an open secret in the Inner circle, no one is happy about it. He's fallen back into it. He's under so much stress that he just cracked. The White House is hiding this from America. They don't want anyone to know.”

“The President is hanging in there by a thread thanks to Laura's unwavering support.” Shockingly, insiders have even whispered that the president has been seeing a therapist to help him cope and in several emotional outbursts, told Laura he just can't take it anymore.

In one outburst, a source reveals that Bush “actually had tears in his eyes as he said, “I'd just walk away from all of this if I could. The price is too high!”

















  The question that should be asked is how reliable are these tabloids? We have seen such sites as the Drudge Report discredited repeatedly and yet many still quote it as gospel. The media watch site Media Matters gives a sweeping report on the lack of creditability of the Drudge Report. With such popularity of sensationalism in the media one must come to question everything that is reported. It should be taken as our responsibility to research what ever is in the media. Unfortunately, most people will not look passed their own opinions.

Tabloids in the Yahoo! Directory

  • Drudge Report - home to the well-known columnist.
  • Smoking Gun, The - providing documents obtained from government, law enforcement sources, and court files about the bad newsmakers.
  • National Enquirer - the latest celebrity news and gossip.
  • Weekly World News - featuring columnist Ed Anger and headlines you won't see anywhere else.
  • Star Magazine - entertainment news, celebrity features, gossip, and fashion.
  • Duncan Expose' - funny stories from the print edition.
  • Globe - official site for the tabloid providing subscription information only.
  • Celebrity Ink - Internet trash tabloid satire.
  • Planet Sun - newspapers in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa and London, Ontario owned by Sun Media Corporation.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      I don't believe a word of it! President Bush is one of our greatest leaders who Dems just want to find fault. So he use to have a drinking problem, he left that behind when he became a Christian. I think he should be praised for that not condemned.

    2. Anonymous says:

          What bothers me most is how the reliability for many is based on who is in the tabloids. I will admit I get a kick out of looking at them while waiting in line, but I do not use them for my news. I know that many Republicans will say that this story is without credit while at the same time quoting the Drudge Report. I wish that people would look at all the stories in these tabloids the same, but that will not happen. Many do not even realize that the stories from Drudge are the same sort of sensationalism with little creditability. One cannot blame the general public as much as the mainstream media that picks up the stories started by Drudge.

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