Written by Christianity and the Confusion on March 25th, 2006

Most have more than one movie in a smaller jewel cases = (V) Single Movies in larger jewel cases = (M) Animation = (AM) Science fiction = (SC) Horror = (H) Thriller = (Th) Comedies = (CM) Fantasy = (F)  Adventure = (AD) Musical = (MU) Inspirational = (IN)  Western = (W)

Movie Descriptions




Abbott & Costello in

Africa Screams  79 mins  (M)(CM) skinny
Africa Screams  79 mins  (M)(CM)
Jack and the Beanstalk
  83 mins (M)(CM)   


About a Boy 102 mins


Addams Family  99 mins (M)(F)(TH)(CM)
Addams Family Values
94 mins (M)(F)(TH)(CM) 


After the Sunset unk mins


Air Buddies (Disney)  80 mins (M)(F) 


Air Force One 125 mins – In the line of Fire 127 mins


Airheads 92 mins


Alamo 162 mins


Alexiader unk mins


Alien Nation  90 mins  (M)(SC)

All Dogs go to Heaven 89 mins  (M)(AM)


All Creatures Great and Small Complete series 1 and 2 646 mins and 700 mins


All the President’s Men   138 mins (M)(AD)

Alvin and The Chipmunks (first Movie) 91 mins (M) (AM)

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel  89 mins  (M)(AM)

Go to the Movies (collation of cartoons) 68 mins (M)(AM)

ChipWrecked 97 mins


American Revolution  PBS (Documentary)


American Western 8 movies on one and 9 on the other


Amistad homemade unk mins


An American Tail 76 mins

A Real American Hero  90 mins (M) skinny


Analyze this 103 mins/ Analyze that 96 mins


Angel and Badman  100 mins (M)(IN) Super-skinny

Angels and Demons 138 mins (M)

Angel in the Family 120 mins (M)(IN)

Annie  126 mins (M)(MU)

The Ant Bully  89 mins ((M)(AM)

Antz  83 mins  (M)(AM)


Antichrist 100 mins History documentary


Anzio  117 mins


Apocalypse 10.5  169 mins  (M)(H)


Apollo 13 140 mins


Apocalypse 10.5 169 mins


A.I. Artificial Intelligence  145 mins  (M)(SC)

Ash Wednesday  99 mins (M)(TH)

The Aristocrats  (Disney)  80 mins (AM)


Atonement 123 mins


Aviator   170 mins  (M)


AVP Aliens vs. Predators 100 mins



Babylon 5  (M) (SC)

The Gathering  89 min | 94 min (special edition)

In the Beginning    94 mins

The Legend of the Rangers 90 mins

The Lost Tales  72 mins

     Seasons One through Five

The Legend of Bagger Vance 127 mins  (M)(IN)

Back to the Future – complete trilogy (M)(SC)

Back to School 97 mins (Comedy)


Bailey 90 mins


Balls of Fury  91 mins


Bambi (Disney) 70 mins (M)(AM)

Bambi 2 (Disney) 73 mins  (M)(AM)

Basic Instinct 2   116 mins  (M)(TH)


Bataan  114 mins – Back to Bataan 95 mins


Battle of Britain  132 mins


Batman Begins  140 mins  (M)(AD)
Batman Returns  126 mins  (M)(AD)
Batman 126 mins  (M)(AD)

Battle of the Bulge  170 mins


Bay of Bones homemade unk mins


The Bat  80 mins (M)(H)

Beat the Devil    100 mins (M)(CM)

The Bear  96 mins  (M)(AD)

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Disney) 139 mins (M)(AM)

Benhur  212mins (M)(IN)

The Best of Times  104 mins  (M)(CM)

Beverly Hillbillies season one (M)(CM)

Beverly Hillbillies 30 episodes


Beverly Hillbillies 9/3/2018


The Retun of


seasons 1 -4


Bewitched the complete series


Bewitched the movie  102 mins


Big Mama homemade unk mins


The Big White  105 mins  (M)(CM)

Bingo 89 mins  (M)(F)


Blackbeard  169 mins


Black Beauty  88 mins (M)(F)

The Black Cauldron (Disney) 80 mins (M)(AM)

The Black Hole  90 mins  (M)(SC)

The Black Hole  (Disney)  98 mins (M)(SC)

Blood Moon  97 mins  (M)(H)


Blue Thunder  109 mins


The Blue Lagoon  105 mins  (M)(AD)


Blue River  90 mins


Born on the Fourth of July  145 mins (M)(AD)

Bob Cummings Show  75 mins (M)(CM) skinny


Bones seasons 1 – 3


Boot Hill  87 mins (M)(W-CM) Super-skinny


Bowfinger 97 mins


The Ray Bradbury Theater  (M)(SC) 2 copies

Bridge to Terabithia  (Disney) 96 mins (M)(F)


A Bridge too Far 176 mins


The Bridge at Remagen homemade unk mins


Broken Flowers  106 mins


Brother Bear (Disney) 85 mins (M)(AM)


Bruce Almighty 102 mins



Air Buddies (Disney)  80 mins (M)(F)

Santa Buddies (Disney) 88 mins (M)(F)

Space Buddies  (Disney)  84 mins (M)(F)


Bucket List   97 mins  (Comedy)


A Bug’s Life (Disney)  95 mins  (M)(AM)


Bulletproof  85 mins


Bush Family Fortunes 72 mins Documentary


Bushisms 61 mins


4 on one, Blood Tide 82 mins – Deadly Drifter  90 mins – The River Ni*er 105 mins – Death of a Prophet 60 mins



The Canterville Ghost  92 mins (M)(TH)


Casablanca  103 mins


Casper meets Wendy  94 mins


Cast Away  143 mins (M)(AD)


In Search of the Castaways  98 mins


Cars (Disney)  116 mins (M)(AM)

Cartoons  (M)(AM) skinny

Daffy duck and the Dinosaur  62 mins

Tweety / Elmer Fudd: A Corny Concerto  60 mkns

Popeye: Little Swee’ Pea  65 mins

In Search of the CASTAWAYS (Disney)  98 mins (M)(AD)

Category 7: The End of the World  169 mins  (M)(TH)

Cats & Dogs  87 mins  (M)(AM)

Caveman’s Valentine   106 mins  V2

Chain Reaction  106 mins  (M)(AD)


Chappie  120 mins


Charlotte’s Web 96 mins (M) (F)


Charley Varrick  111 mins x2


Charlie Wilson’s War  102 mins


Chicken Little  81 mins   (V3) (AM)


Christmas SpongeBob  110 mins


Christmas Is Here Again  75 mins  (V9) (AM)


City Heat  97 mins


Cisco Kid vol 1


City Heat   93 mins  (M)(AD)


A Clatsop Winter story  22 mins  Documentary


Clear and Present Danger  141 mins


The Clearing  94 mins


Cleopatra   (1963)  248 mins  (M)(AD)


Click  107 mins


The Color Purple  154 mins


Close Encounters of the Third Kind  152 mins


Cloverfield  84 mins


Cloud Atlas  172 mins


Coal Miner’s Daughter  125 mins (M)(IN)

The Colt  83 mins  (M)(AD)


Coming to America  116 mins


Concrete Cowboys  100 mins


Constantine  121 mins (M)(AD-TH)

The Core  134 mins  (M)(SC)

The Country Bears (Disney) 88 mins (M)(AM)


Cowboy Way  107 mins


Cowboys and Aliens  135 mins


Concrete COWBOYS   100 mins (M)(AD)

Constantine and the Cross  120 mins (M) skinny

The Craft  101 mins (M)(TH)


Crash  122 mins


Crocodile Dundee  97 mins


Crossfire Trail  95 mins


The Croods  98 mins


Criminal Minds season 1 – 4


The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb   170 mins  (M)(TH)

Curtain Call (1998) 95 mins (V13)



Daddy Day Camp  89 mins (M)(CM)

Dark City  111 mins  (M)(SC)

The Dark Crystal   93 mins  (M)(AM)


Darkness Falls  homemade unk mins


The Dark Knight  153 mins


Dark Shadows – the Vampire Curse 210 mins


The Day the Earth Stood Still  (new 104 mins) (ORG 92 mins) (M)(SC)

Day of Wrath  121 mins  (M)(AD)


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes  130 mins


Deathtrap  116 mins


The Decoy  100 mins


Deliverance  109 mins


The Departed  151 mins


Derailed  112 mins


Despicable me 95 mins


Despicable me 2  98 mins


The Diary of Hellen Rembuer  homemade unk mins


007  Die Another Day  homemade unk mins


Die Hard (M)(AD)


Diggstown  98 mins


With a Vengeance  131 mins

Live Free or Die Hard  129 mins

Die Hard with a Vengeance  131 mins

Dinotopia – A secret world is about to be revealed (Hallmark) 240 mins  (M)(F)

Dinotopia  – The Series  (Hallmark) 540 mins  (M)(F)

District 9  112 mins  (M)(SC)


The Dirty Dozen  150 mins


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  110 mins  (M)(CM)


Django  166 mins


Doctor Who

Seasons 1 – 10 (2000 era)

         The husbands of River Song

twice upon a time

The time of the Doctor

The day of the Doctor

Last Christmas

A Christmas Carol

The return of Doctor Mysterio

Lost in Time

Donkey X  90 mins

Don’t Say a Word  113 mins  (M)(TH)

Double Jeopardy  105 mins (1999) 


Down Under  77 mins


Dreamcatcher  134 mins

Dressed to Kill  73 mins




The 11th hour 92 mins  Documentary  Super-skinny

East Side Kids 8 Episodes  (M)(CM)


the Book of Eli  118 mins

Embrace of the Vampire  93 mins (M)(TH)

Enemy at the Gates  131 mins (2001)


EnemyMine  108 mins (M)(SC) may be on a double feature with Alien Nation and thus under ‘A’

Enigma  homemade unk mins


E.T. 121 mins (M)(F)

Ernest Goes to Jail  81 mins  (M)(CM)


The Errand Boy  92 mins

Ever After  120 mins (M)(IN)

The Cold Equations  93 mins


Exorcist III  110 mins (M)(H)

Exodus Gods and Kings  150 mins


Expendables  103 mins  Expendables 2  102 mins


Eye for an Eye  101 mins


1408  (104 mins)  (M)(TH)


44oo 1 -2

Face of Evil  90 mins (M)(TH)

Face Off  140 mins  (M)(AD)


Facing the Giants  111 mins


Fahrenheit 9/11  homemade unk mins


The Falcon and the Snowman 132 mins (M)(AD)


Family stone  103 mins

Fallen  125 mins  (V12)(TH)

The Family Man (2000)  127 mins (V16)(CM)

Far Out Man  105 mins  (M)(CM)


Farscape the complete series

Farce of the Penguins 81 mins  (V6)

FernGully The last Rainforest  80 mins


the Fifth Element  homemade unk mins

Firefly (movie – Serenity) (Complete Series)  (M)(SC)

Firewall 105 mins (M)(Th)

First Men in the Moon  103 mins  (M) (SC)

First Knight  (1995) 134 mins (V12) (F)

Five People You Meet in Heaven  133 mins


Flash Gordon 8 episodes

3 in one Super-skinny

Akim the Terrible

The Breath of Death

Claim Jumpers

Flight of the Phoenix  113 mins

Flight of the Phoenix 143 mins

Flushed Away  84 mins (M)(AM)


Fly away Home  108 mins

Fly Me to the Moon  86 mins  (V7)(AM)


Follow the River  93 mins

Forever Knight season 1, 2, 3

Forrest Gump homemade unk mins


The Fountain  96 mins (M)(IN)

The Fox and the Hound (Disney) 83 mins (M)(AM)


Seasons 1 ep 1-6, 2,

Fringe 1 & 2

From here to Eternity  133 mins




Galaxy Quest 101 mins 


Gamer  95 mins 


The Game  128 mins


The Gate 85 mins 


The Gathering 87 mins 


A Gathering of Old Men 94 mins


Garfield the Movie  93 mins


A Gathering of Old Men  94 mins


The Gathering  87 mins


Gene Autry 4 Episodes


Get Smart 110 mins


G-Force (Disney) 88 mins


Ghost Whisperer 1 – 2


Gilligan’s Island 1-3


The Golden Compass 113 mins


The Gods Must Be Crazy I & II 109 mins & 98 mins


The Golden Compass 113 mins


Gomer Pyle the Complete series


Gone with the Wind 233 mins


The Good the Bad and the Ugly  179 mins


The Good Girl  93 mins


Good Night and Good Luck  93 mins


The Good Shepherd  2 hrs 48 mins


The Grapes of Wrath 129 mins


The Great Outdoors  91 mins


The Greatest Generation w/ Tom Brokaw Documentary


Gremlins  106 mins


The Green Berets  142 mins


The Green Mile  189 mins


Gremlins 106 mins


Grimm Seasons 1, 2,


Gulliver’s Travels 80 mins


Gulliver’s Travels and othe cartoon treasures 90 mins Super-skinny


Gulliver’s Travels 3 hours and 7 mins Ted Danson


The Guns of Navarone 157 mins



Hancock  102 mins


Hangmen  88 mins


Happy Feet 108 mins


Hart’s War  125 mins

Harry and the Hendersons 111 mins V1 (CM)Need to buy


Harry Brown  103 mins


Harry Potter

  The Order of the Phoenix 139 mins
  The Sorcerer’s Stone  152 mins
  The Goblet of Fire  157 mins homemade


Harvey 105 mins


Haunting 98 mins


Head of State  95 mins


Heartbreak Ridge 130 mins 


In the Heart of the Sea  122 mins


The Help  homemade Unk mins


Heroes Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4


Hide and Seek  101 mins


High Road to China  105 mins


His Girl Friday 92 mins  Super-skinny


Hiroshima  180 mins


Hitch  118 mins


A Hobo’s Christmas 94 mins


Hogan’s Heroes all six seasons 


Hocus Pocus 96 mins


Holy Grail Monty Python  89 mins


Home Alone 1 103 mins & 2  120 mins


Hoodwinked  81 mins


The Host 119 mins


Hound of the Baskervilles  90 mins


House on Haunted Hill 75 mins


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days  115 mins


How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Dr. Seuss’) 105 mins


The Howling IV The Original Nightmare (94 mins) V (100 mins) & VI (96 mins) 


The Adventures of HUCK FINN 108 mins 


The Hulk  homemade Unk mins


The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney) 91 mins


The Hunting of the President  89 mins documentary


Hush 96 mins


Hiroshima 180 mins



If Only 96 mins


Iceage -Dawn of the Dinosaurs 94 mins


Iceage – Continental Drift  88 mins

The Ice Harvest  99 mins


Igor  87 mins


Imagining Argentina  108 mins


The Infinite Worlds of H.G. WELLS 264 mins 


Inception  148 mins


Incident in a Small Town 92 mins


Independence Day 153 mins 


Indiana Jones The Complete Adventures –
    Raiders of the lost Ark – 115 mins
    Temple of Doom – 118 mins
    Last Crusade – 126 mins
    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- 122 mins
    Bonus Features Kingdom of the Crystal    Skull 122 mins


The Insider  158 mins


The Complete Adventures The Inspector General 102 mins  Super-skinny


Into the Woods  125 mins


It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time 91 mins skinny


Italy Travel video  120 mins


I Robot  114 mins 


The Island 136 mins


The Island at the Top of the World  94 mins


Izzy & Moe 92 mins 



Jack the Giant Slayer 114 mins


Jakob the Liar  120 mins


Jaws  125 mins


JFK – 50 years later  90 mins


Journey 2  94 mins


Judge Roy Bean – the Life and Times of and volumes 1 – 4


JungleBook (Disney) 78 mins 


JungleBook (Disney) 106 mins Junior 110 mins and #2



Kelly’s Heroes 143 mins

Kick- Ass2  1 hr 48 mins

The Kid 105 mins V3

Kindergarten Cop 111 mins

King Kong  3 Hrs 8 mins

The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb  170 mins


Lady and the Tramp (Disney) 76 mins

The Lady and the Highwayman 91 mins

Lakeview Terrace  110 mins

Langoliers 180 mins

Laural & Hardy  Super-skinny

Flying Deuces

Utopia 82 mins 

14 eps

Utopia 82 mins

Flying Deuces

Lucky Dog

The Tree in the Test Tube

Saw Mill

Kid Speed

Enough to Do

West of Hot Dog

Oranges and Lemons

Paper Hangers Helper

Yes Nanette

Hop To It Bell Hop

Mud and Sand

Stolen Tools

I am Legend  100 mins

Leprechauns  150 mins

License To Wed 92 mins

LifeBoat  96 mins

Li’l Abner 114 mins  skinny

In the Line of Fire 127 mins on a double feature with Air force One thus under ‘A’

The Little Princess 94 mins  Super-skinny

Little Women 118 mins

Meg’s Story 60 mins 

The Ruggles: The Christmas Eve 26 mins 

Jack Frost 8 mins

Live Free or Die Hard  129 mins

The Lone Ranger vol 2  skinny

The Longest Day  178 mins 2 disks separate cases

Long John Silver 13 Episodes

The Long Walk Home  95 mins

The Lost World  129 mins

Lost seasons 1 – 6

The Loretta Young show (3 eps) skinny

Lord of the Rings –

The Fellowship of the Ring –

The Two Towers –

The Return of the King



Ma & Pa Kettle  vol 1 & 2


Madea gets a job (the play) 144 mins



Escape 2 Africa  89 mins

The Penguins of Mad..  24 mins


Madea Goes to Jail  103 mins


Make Room for Daddy  75 mins  / skinny


The Magic Sword  80 mins Magnum P.I. seasons 1 & 2


Maleficent 97 mins (Angelina Jolie)


Man Against Crime  75 mins skinny


The Man homemade unk mins


Marley & Me  115 mins


Master and Commander  138 mins


Married with Children – the Complete series


Maverick  149 mins


Maverick 121 mins


McHale’s Navy (movie)  109 mins


Mean Girls 96 mins 


Meet the Fockers 1 hr 56 mins 


First Men in the MOON 103 mins 


Merlin’s Apprentice  185 mins


Mickey’s Christmas Carol 64 mins


Midway  132 mins


Million Dollar Kid  65 mins  skinny

the last Mimzy 97 mins 


Minions 91 mins


Minority Report 142 mins 


Miracle Dogs 105 mins


Miracle Dogs too 85 mins


The Miracle Maker the story of Jesus 91 mins

Mircle of Marcellino  92 mins


Miracles from Heaven 109 mins

Miracle of the White Stallions  118 mins

Missing  123 mins


The Mist  126 mins

Mister Roberts  122 mins


Monster House  91 mins


Mother Ghost 76 mins


The Incredible MR. LIMPET  99 mins

Mr. Deeds  97 mins


Mr. Magorium’s Wonder & Emporium   95 mins need to buy


Mr.& Mrs. North  75 mins

Mr. Woodcock  88 mins


Mrs. Doubtfire 125 mins

Ms Zaandam  Holland America line

Mud  2 hrs 35 mins


The Munsters – the Complete series


The Munsters – Scary little Christmas movie (New Cast) 91 mins


The Munsters – Munster go Home 97 mins and the Munster’s Revenge 97 mins

Murder at 1600  108 mins

Murder 8y Num8ers  120 mins

Murder, She Wrote  seasons 1 & 2


the Music Man  151 mins


Mysterious Island  (Hallmark)  170 mins


Mysterious Island  170 mins 


Mystic River 138 mins


Mystery  8 movies

Shriek in the Night  68 mins 

A Scream in the Night 59 mins

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes  80 mins

Mr. Moto’s Last Warning  73 Mins

Bulldog Drummond Escapes  67 mins

Bulldog Drummond’s Peril  77 mins

British Intelligence  62 mins

2 movie collection of 3

My Dear Secretary   97 mins

Mr. Moto’s Last Warning  73 Mins

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

My Blue Heaven  96 mins


Nancy Drew …Reporter  68 mins  skinny

NCIS seasons 1 – 5

The Net  114 mins


Night at the Museum 110 mins

NightJohn  96 mins

Night Passage  89 mins

Night at the Museum  110 mins

The Ninth Gate  133 mins

Noah  137 mins

No Strings Attached  107 mins

Northmen A Viking Saga  97 mins




Ocean’s Thirteen  122 mins

The Odd Couple  season 1


Oliver and company  (Disney) 74 mins

Olympus Has Fallen  119 mins

On Native Soil  119 mins


One Step Beyond Super-skinny

The Affair

Anniversary of a Murder

The Boxer


Once Upon A Texas Train  96 mins 


Open Season 1  86 mins


Open Season 2  76 mins 


Over the Hill Gang  75 mins  Super-skinny


Our Gang Follies of 1938  65 mins  skinny


Out to Sea  106 mins  


Ozzie & Harriet vol II  75 mins skinny



The Pagemaster  75 mins 


Paint Your Wagon  164 mins


The Paleface  91 mins x2


Patriot Games  116 mins


Patton  171 mins


Patty Caper  89 mins


The Peacemaker  124 mins


Pearl Harbor  183 mins


The Pebble and the Peguin  74 mins


The Penguins of Madagascar  24 mins


Peter Pan (Disney) 77 mins


The Pied Piper of Hamelin  90 mins


Pinocchio (Disney)  88 mins 


The adventures of Pinocchio 94 mins


Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney)

The Curse of the Black Pearl  143 mins 

Dead Man’s Chest  150 mins 

On Stranger Tides 136 mins


Pirate’s Curse  83 mins


Planes, Trains and Automobiles  92 mins


Planet of the Apes


Planet of the Apes (’68) 112 mins
Beneath the Planet of the Apes 95 mins
Escape from the Planet of the Apes
Conquest for the Planet of the Apes
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Behind the Planet of the Apes (bonus disc)

(New) Planet of the Apes  124 mins


Pleasantville  124 mins


Poor Boy’s Game  105 mins


The Polar Express  100 mins


Popeye  113 mins


The Poseidon Adventure  173 mins


Pot O Gold  86  Super-skinny


Practical Magic  157 mins 


Prancer  103 mins


Presidential Bloopers  45 mins


The Princess and the Frog  98 mins


The Princes Bride homemade unk mins


The Proud and Damned  96 mins


Proud  87 mins


The Prophecy  97 mins


The Prophecy – Collection  75 mins


 The Pursuit of Happyness  117 mins



Quest For Fire   100 mins


Quicksand 93 mins 


The Quick and the Dead  105 mins







The Ranger the Cook and A Hole in the Sky  92 mins (M)

Ratatouille (Disney)  111 Mins (M)(AM)

Red Eye  85 mins (M)(TH)

Red Skelton 8 Episodes (M)(CM)

The Rescuers Down Under  (Disney) 77 mins (M)(AM)

The Chronicles of RIDDICK  135 mins  (M)(SC)

RIDDICK  Trilogy  (M)(SC)

Dark Fury 35 mins

Pitch Black  112 mins

The Chronicles of RIDDICK  135 mins

The Adventures of ROBINSON CRUSOE of Clipper Island  14 Episodes (M)(AD)

Rose Red  254 mins  (M)(TH)

Roxanne  107 mins

The Russians are Coming  126 mins (M)(CM)


Santa Buddies (Disney) 88 mins (M)(F)

The Santa Clause 3 (2006)  93 mins (V16) (CM)

Santa Fe Trail  90 mins  (M)(AD) Super-skinny

Saving Sholoh  90 mins (M)(AD)

Searching for Paradise 88 mins (M)

Scrooged  101 mins  (V9)(CM)

Secondhand Lions  110 mins (M)

The Sender  96 mins  (M) (SC)

Seven Seconds  96 mins

Serenity (Firefly series)  119 mins (M)(SC)

Sherlock Holmes – the Hound of the Baskervilles  90 mins (M)(AD)

Dressed to Kill  73 mins (M)(AD) skinny

Shrek the Third 92 mins (M)(AM)

Silent Night, Bloody Night  82 mins  (M)(H)

The Simpsons the Movie 87 mins  (M) (AM)

Seasons 5, 1, 2,

Sister Act II  108 mins  V2 (CM)

Six Degrees of Separation  112 mins (M)(CM)

The Sixth Sense  108 mins (V10)(SC)

Space Buddies  (Disney)  84 mins (M)(F)

Sleeping Beauty (Disney)  75 mins (M)(AM)

Snow White (Disney)  84 mins (M)(AM)(F)

Solaris  99 mins   (M)(SC)

Stargate movies

SG-1 Children of the Gods  92 mins (M)(SC)

Ark of Truth



Starman  115 mins This is a double feature with Close Encounters of the Third Kind  152 mins Thus you will find it under ‘Cs’

Star Trek

II The Wrath of Khan 116 mins (M)(SC)

(the new make of the original) 126 mins (M)(SC)

Stripes  107 mins  (M)(CM)

Storm of the Century  256 mins (M)

Suddenly  75 mins  (M)(AD) Super-skinny

Space Chimps  82 mins  (V6)(AM)

Surf’s Up  85 mins (M)(AM)

The Sword in the Stone  79 mins (M)(AM)


300  (116 mins) (M)(AD)

3 rd Rock from the Sun (M)(CM) Seasons 1 -6

The Three Stooges 5 episodes (M)(CM)

Thumbelina 86 mins (M)(AM)

Time Cop  99 mins  (M)(SC)

Tinker Bell (Disney)  78 mins (M)(AM)

Tin Cup  135 mins  (M)(IN)

The Tommyknockers  181 mins (M) (Th)

Total Recall 118 mins  (2012)

Torchwood eps 1 – 10 (V14) (SC)

Trans Formers – the Last Knight 154 mins

The Triangle   255 mins (M)(SC)(Th)



Underdog (Disney)  82 mins (M)(F)

Unforgiven  127 mins (M)

Up  (Disney)  96 Mins  (M)(AM)

Uptown Girls  92 mins  (M)(CM)


Valiant (Disney)  76 mins  (M)(AM)

The Vanishing  109 mins (M)(TH) Double Feature

Virtuality  88 mins (M)(SC)

Voyage of the Unicorn (Hallmark) 180 mins (M)(F)


Wallace and Gromit “the Curse of the Were-Rabbit” 85 mins (M)(AM)

WallE  (Disney)  98 mins (M)(AM)

Waterworld  136 mins  (M)(SC)

War of the Worlds (HBO Special)(Bonus disc)  20 mins (M)(SC)

War of the Worlds  117 mins (M)(SC)

The Water Horse  112 mins  (M) (F)

What Dreams May Come  114 mins  (M)(IN)

While You Were Sleeping  103 mins  (M)(CM)

The Wicker Man  102 mins  (M)(H)

The Wild (Disney)  82 mins  (M)(AM)

The Wild (Disney)  82 mins (2006) (V12)(AM)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 100 mins  (M)(F)

Wind in the Willows  (Disney)  78 mins (M)(AM)

The Wizard of Oz   102 mins  (M)(F)

Into the Woods 153 mins




Zathura  101 mins  (M)(SC)(F)

Zardoz  106 mins (M)(SC)


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