Leadership ~ we do not want our Nation to end up shipwrecked

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on January 28th, 2007

Author: Marty Martorella


   An old man once asked his grandsons “What is the most important part of a ship?” One of the boys answered, “Poppa, is it the sails?” “They are important, but not the most important.” The old man answered. Another boy asked, “Is it the guns?” The grandfather replied, “The guns are only needed if there is a battle.” Still another Boy asked, “Is it the hull of the ship?” “No, that is not it.” “What is it then?” The boys anxiously asked.

   The old man leaned back, taking a deep drag on his pipe and filled the air with silence. Then as the boys were fill with curiosity to the point that one could hear a pin drop the old man softly began to speak. “It is the rudder.” “The Rudder?!” Exclaimed the boys. “Yes, the rudder.” The old man explained, “With out it the hull is only a floating house boat.” “The rudder guides the ship without it the sails would blow the ship aimlessly.” He continued, “The guns could not lock on to their targets without a rudder to hold the ship steady.”

   A nation is like a ship and it's leaders are like the rudder. Even the most might will fall without good leadership. When those in the leadership roles think only of their own prosperity they make for poor leaders. A nation with such leaders is like a ship without a rudder. That nation will lack direction, goals and stability. This is why good leaders are so important to a successful Nation.

   After twelve years of being in power the Nation is in the worse shape ever. Like a rudderless ship our guns have missed the correct targets and hit the innocent. Continuous scandalous acts have left us floating aimlessly on the sea of immorality. Our leaders should have been guiding the Nation into morality by investigating acts of corruption even if they were committed by someone in their own party. Alas the Republicans were unable live up to the demands of leadership. This was not because of some wicked conspiracy at the core of the Republican Party, but rather it is the lack of leadership ability. Republicans are not bad people just weak leaders. The Country has always done better under Democratic leadership and Democratic principles. If we do not want our Nation to end up shipwrecked we must remember that Republicans have no leadership abilities. That is not being cruel, only fair as they have some good idea, but when they are in charge they forget those ideas and roam aimlessly.


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