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Written by Christianity and the Confusion on October 26th, 2007

Here at the C -n- C we have a friendly place where people come to talk.  There are just a few rules which we believe will help to keep this a friendly place.  Most enjoy the sharing of ideas and that can best be facilitated by keeping an environment that brings people in rather than pushing them away. These rules are for our blog and our message boards.  We have tried to keep our rules reasonable, many sites are ridiculous and abusive to their members.  We want our boards to be welcoming to all.  This is why we say:

1)  No personal attacks

2)  No profanity

3)  No hate speech

4)  No pornographic materials

5)  No trolls 

6)  Try to stay on topic

7)  If you want to change the subject start a new thread

8)  No spamming the same post over and over, or flooding a board, forum or group so as to bury the threads or posts of others.

 9)  Where there are no limits to the number of posts or threads that you can start, posting the same thread more than once on a given board is spamming and will be deleted.  We ask that you don’t flood the boards with threads.

10)  Where it isn’t a rule, we ask that you activate you private message (PM) so that if there is a problem with a post we can let you know without e-mailing you.  Please also keep your e-mail address currant in your profile.

11)  Where there isn’t a rule limiting the size of your fonts, oversize ones maybe edited down to a smaller one.

12)  Note: make sure that your e-mail address is correct as spammers and trolls are using fake ones.  If we e-mail you and it is returned as a fake address we will have no choice but to ban you.  Keep in mind that moderators are able to see your e-mail address.

13)  Advertising ~ Many sites won’t let you even post a link to another site, some restrict you from posting one that you run or are connected to.  We do not want to be that strict, so we have created a forum “Sale U goods ” for pure ads.  On other forums at you can plug your site in a signature statement, but posting on  those other forums must be on the topic of the threads.  Remember rule 4, no ad whether it is a pure ad or plugging a site in a signature statement may be for a porn site or an illegal site.  We are trying to help you so please don’t abuse this.  If you wish to buy advertising on the message board contact Google adword.  Signature statements for Zoie’s Corner and Scripture Exploration may not contain ads or political statements.

14.  All posts must be in English, This is due to the fact that most people speak English in this Country.

Hints ~ Internet Etiquette

This is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Common rules for e-mail[9] and USENET such as avoiding flamewars and spam are constant across most mediums and communities. Another rule is to avoid typing in ALL CAPS, which is considered shouting or yelling. Other commonly shared points, such as remembering that one’s posts are (or can easily be made) public, are generally intuitively understood by publishers of web pages and posters to USENET.


This is from Net etiquette:

The Core Rules of Netiquette are excerpted from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea. Click on each rule for elaboration.










If there is an article which supports your argument you should summarize it with a link to that article.  (A link is that http: address)  There is nothing wrong with quoting an article, but try to keep it to less than a paragraph.  Please do not post whole articles as they will only be deleted.

A good communicator will try to keep his/her message simple and to the point.  If your post rambles on and is overly long it is likely not going to be read by most people.  Some times you cannot help but make a long post to support your argument, just keep in mind that it might not get read. 



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