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Written by Christianity and the Confusion on January 13th, 2008

We have all seen the intolerance of the religious right espousing erroneous assertion that God is on the side of the Republicans.  The fact is that God is neither a member of the Democratic nor Republican Party.  When they claim moral superiority they do so by lying to themselves and God.  This clip takes a quick look at how many commandments Mr. Bush has broken.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done, I liked how you turned it around at the end. It would have been so tempting to do what these neocons have been doing only in reverse. It was nice to see you hold back from saying God votes Democratic. I can't imagine how He could support today's Republican Party, but if I don't miss my bet, He wouldn't be a party man anyway. Hey, if God ever says to vote a certain way, I'll do it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I never watched the video. May do that though. I wanted to respond because believe it ornot I agree OUR LORD GOD is NEITHER A REPUBLICAN OR A DEMOCRAT IF anything at all HE IS FORGIVING and LOVES HIS FAITHFUL. FOLLOWERS MEANING believers in His ONLY BEGOTTEN NSON and we all shopuld know HIM BY The NAME OF JESUS CHRIST and HE is RISEN .
    AS for the REMARKS about HOW MANY COMMANDMENTS OUR PRESIDENT HAS broken? well HOW many have any BROKEN??? JUST TO GIVE FALSE wittness about HIM OR ANOTHER OR ANYTHING > is to break the LAW OF SINFULL ACTS. TO break ONE WE BREAK them all OR HAVE NOT ANY UNDERSTOOD this BIT OF TRUTH ABOUTR why WE NEEDED AND DO NEED A REDEEMER , Redemtion, Forgiveness, YET IF we have not faith IN THE REDEEMER AND NOT AGREED THAT HE IS the REDEEMER AND Is RISEN AND SITS with THE HEAVENLY FATHER THIS very DAY AND TIME which I MIGHT ADD GODS time AND the SON JESUS CHRIST time IS ETERNAL FOREVER. IF WE WERE NOT SINNERS there would have never been a reason for the CROSS CALVARY REDEMTION FORGIVENESS AND the BOOK WOULD never have been written FOR WE ALL would have been PERFECT AND we would not HAVE TO MAKE the CHOICE TO BELIEVE BY FAITH IN THAT we CANNOT SEE. IF YOU SEE THE FACE OF GOD ONE WOULD DIE. OR HAS none READ THIS IN HIS BOOK EITHER. NOW I already know that many are skeptical and really do not believe in the baptism that is already written of IN The NEW TESTAMENT. YET this is WHY CHRISTINAS TESTIFY to another because WE have and do know that this WORD THAT HAS been written IS TRUTH IF IT WERE NOT SO Then WE HAVE TESTIFIED FALSELY. as for MY personal FAITH IN the HOLY BIBLE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD OUR LORD AND SAVIOR > well all I can say is I have never questioned that the SCRIPTURE is EXACTLY WHAT IT CLAIMS TO be the INHERENT INSPIRED WRITTEN WORD OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR AND this INCLUDES THE PROPHECIES OF the COMING ONE CALLED AS IT HAS been written YOU SHALL CALL HIS NAME JESUS. PRINCE OF PEACE, AWSOME, IT HAS ALSO already been written THAT HE SAID HE IS the GREAT i am FOR ALL GENERATIONS. NOW do we believe in what HE HAS HAD WRITTEN ABOUT HIMSELF FROM GENESIS to REVELATION or do we deny IT ALL AND HAVE NO REAL RESPECTFUL FEAR OF OUR LORD GOD??? HEAVEN AND THE EARTH DO REALLY EXIST do they OR NOT. THE BAPTISM is either truth or is not. TRUTH OF SCRIPTURE is either truth or not . PERSONALLY I CHOOSE TO NOT DENY the HOLY WRITTEN WORD OF MY LORD AND SAVIOR because it is very simple I would rather spend eternity with him in HEAVEN AND not IN the PIT OF THE FIRERY FURNACE OF HELL . AND BOTH ARE WRITTEN OF SPOKEN OF AND ARE PLACES> which one would you rather be in . the furnace OF FIRE FOREVER OR that GOLDEN CITY CALLED the NEW JERUSALEM with it's STREETS OF GOLD and GATES OF PEARLS and WALLS of JEWELS and FOUNDATIONS OF ALL MANNER OF PRECIOUS STONES. NO you do not have to believe me my testimony or anything I have written or testified of what thus the LORD hath already had written said and done. YET ONLY A FOOL would what ?? that j has been already written also. I NEVER wrote the BOOKS none of them HAVE YOU??

  3. Anonymous says:

    You said that you didn't watch the video, I just want to know how can you comment on a video that you never watch or an article that you didn't read? I agree that God isn't a Rep or Dem, how could He be when He is a Green? (just joking)

  4. Anonymous says:

    It was a really good video, I am sick of those people who claim God is a Rep and question my Christianity because I'm a Dem.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It's just opinion that the President broke any commandments.


    Go Bush

  6. Anonymous says:

    CAN anyne say they have never LIED about anything at all OR BROKE at least JUST ONE of the commandments ALL people that hate another has already BROKEN the commandment of LOVE THY LORD THY GOD and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. THE FIRST THREE I believe they are are TO BE what we do about AND for the LOVE OF OUR LORD THY GOD and the last ones are not to be broken OR we do not love our neighbor. LET ALONE love OURSELVES. if we had of done none of the crimes against each other and had not broken the one against the HOLY LORD THAT CREATED MANKIND we never would have had to been REDEEMED from OYRSINS or needed REDEMTION OR FORGIVENESS BY A MAN CALLED CHRIST JESUS the only begotten oF GOD the FATHER HUH?? NO GOD NO BOOK NO MAN NO WOMAN AND NO REDEMTION FOR ANY BECAUSE WE EVIDENTLY NEVER HAVE HAD LIFE OR EXISTED .. DENIAL IS NOT the WAY TO RETURN FROM WHERE WE HAVE COME FROM.. ARE ALL DENIERS OF CHRIST JESUS the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD AND the GOSPEL TEACHING OF the HOLY WRITTEN WORD OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR????

  7. Anonymous says:

    President Reagans remark about the 11th commandment could 70-432 exam he have been right after all ?? JULY $TH is AMERICA's INDEPENDANCE DAY celebration of our FREEDOM FIGHT for the RIGHT to be FREE to worship OUR LORD GOD IN 640-721 exam the NAME OF CHRIST JESUS if we so choose to and today we have many AMERICANS THAT say CHRIST is no longer RELAVENT TO AMERICA OR AMERICANS AND of course the DEMOCRATES do live for APRIL 15th Income Tax day.70-562 exam

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