Reagan's 11th Commandment

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on May 15th, 2008

Author: Marty Martorella

   Americans are tired of politics as usual and want change. They want new ideals which the Republicans seem to be out of. In the Oregon primary two of them battle each other with old slogans and rhetoric but no new ideals. Maybe this is why Obama has energized so many; he offers hope and new ideas. In this News clip Republican Kevin Mannix has sent out a mailer which attacks his primary opponent Mike Erickson as a fake pro-lifer. So much for Reagan's 11th Commandment that no Republican should speak ill of another Republican, as they are now accusing each other of not being pro-life. Is this all that the Republicans have to offer? What about all the lives being lost in Iraq? What about all the lives that are ending because of the lack of health care? The Nation needs answers, not slogans like I'm Pro-Life! How about being Pro-[ALL]-Life?




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  1. Anonymous says:

    I never did agree with 11th commandment of Reagan's, if someone is doing wrong you don't cover up for them just because they are in the same party as you. I don't know anything about those two politicians but the one man was claiming to be something that he wasn't. So, I would say that it's better to have exposed him now than to have waited until after he was elected.
    I do agree that there are more important issues than whether some is anti-abortions or not. The Country is in the worse shape ever and we should be trying to fix it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are some of the largest Democratic turn outs in history and what are the Republicans talking about? Their focus is on how they can take away even more of our rights! Don't they get it? Americans are sick of a totalitarian government that devalues the people. Instead of trying to take away our rights and freedoms they should be trying to make our lives better.

  3. Anonymous says:

    President Reagans remark about the 11th commandment could he have been right after all ?? JULY $TH is AMERICA's INDEPENDANCE DAY celebration of our FREEDOM FIGHT for the RIGHT to be FREE to worship OUR LORD GOD IN the NAME OF CHRIST JESUS if we so choose to and today we have many AMERICANS THAT say CHRIST is no longer RELAVENT TO AMERICA OR AMERICANS AND of course the DEMOCRATES do live for APRIL 15th Income Tax day.. Believers in Christ Jesus Live each day because they know God is OUR CREATOR and HE did GVE all HE HAD TO GIVE to give us OUR FORGIVENESS SALVATION forgiveness for what OH YA it is called SIN. so is it all about riches in Gold an silver or about being FREE TO worship GOD ??? and also have a FAITH IN the GOSPEL GOOD NEWS of a ETERNITY already promised to all the whosoever will believe BY faith. DOUBTING THOMASES I wonder where we Got that ? yes I did say I was going to shut up didn't I never be able to say I never tried..

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Right has told all types of lies about Barack and now they 70-630 exam accuse him of being the anti-Christ? I have posted 156-215 exam this video to address that, as a Christian I am appalled at those who would use such tactics. I just wish that other Christians would realize that opportunists see the body of Christ as a voting block and want to reduce us to only that. What they are doing is preaching another gospel other than that of Jesus Christ. 350-029 exam

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