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Written by Christianity and the Confusion on July 1st, 2008

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What qualifies McCain to be President? Does military service? Does fighting in a war? If it does, then everyone should have voted for Gore and Kerry. Those who want more of Bush are saying that being a POW somehow qualifies McCain, but does it? If a Democrat had made a PR ad for his capturers the Cons would be going crazy. If a Democrat had broken under torture the Cons would be questioning his sanity. So, why do they think that McCain is qualified?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone notice that gas was about $1 per gallon when Bush came in?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why would Israel want to start a war with Iran? I pray that Israel won’t go along with the wishes of the Bush regime. It’s just crazy talk, but I fear that the right will do anything to stay in power. McCain seems to be just another warmonger and this White House will start another war to help him. As a Christian I don’t understand how anyone who calls themselves a Christian can justify the murdering of innocent people for political gain.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hoffa Urges Air Force to Terminate Foreign Contract, Keep Military Jobs in U.S. The Teamsters Union called on the U.S. Air Force to terminate a $35 billion contract for 179 aerial refueling tankers that it unfairly gave to a European manufacturer, and award it to U.S.-based Boeing Co., keeping important military manufacturing jobs in the United States.

    Teamsters Laud NTSB for Addressing Fatigue of Airline WorkersThe National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently issued safety recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to address the problems with the fatigue of workers in the airline industry.

    Hoffa: We are Victims of Highway Robbery

    If you have any doubt whether gas prices are seriously hurting working families, you should talk to Denise Renedo. A dispatch clerk at Roadway Express' Detroit facility, Renedo is a single mother, working a solid 40 hours a week.

    Hamilton Named Director of New Express Division for DHL Express and Danzas Members
    International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa announced the appointment of Bill Hamilton, International Vice President, as director of the newly established Express Division of the union. The Express Division, under Hamilton's leadership, will represent Teamster members at DHL Express and Danzas.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That's the way, blame President Bush. Did you ever think that this was a long time coming? You guys keep telling us that we're running out of oil, but you won't allow any new drilling and you wonder why gas cost so much! Get real!


    Jeb Bush for VP

  6. Anonymous says:

    Does being upset about raising gas prices whining? Is being sad over losing your home whining? Is being heartbroken over the death of a child in Iraq, is that whining? According to the McCain campaign it is, we are just a nation of whiners according to John McCain.

  7. Anonymous says:

       The fact that the McCain campaign would dismiss the misery that so many are plagued with as whining demonstrates just how detached they are from the rest of America. The Republican Party has long since lost touch with the common man. They have catered to the rich for so long that they have no concept of what it means to work for a living. When we see Republican officials arguing that an annual income of $300,000 is middle class it becomes clear that they have fully lost touch with the middle class. If the average income was $300,000 it would be whining to complain about the price of gas, but sadly few come close to that income. That fact that the Republican Party would claim that America was full of whiners does not mean they are heartless, but rather so far out of touch that they cannot relate to the suffering of the American People. Without being able to relate there cannot be any resolution of the economic depression that so many find themselves in. This is why America is demanding change. Americans have had enough of the failed policies of the Conservatives, which gave us the Great Depression and two great recessions. This is why the Republican Party is looking at the worst defeat in years. It is also the reason why they will stay out of power until they learn to meet the needs of the real middle class.
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  8. Anonymous says:

    In a lot of recent polls, Obama is starting to drop. But not slightly, he's mudsliding down in the polls. Polls in Ohio out of nowhere have McCain leading by 5-10%. One in Minnesota has him only down by 2%, but another one released that same day has Obama up by 13%. Either way that's a big drop. McCain's now winning in Colorado in a poll released today, and for some reason Obama dropped by about 5% in Michigan and only has a lead of about 3%. Obama's stayed at only about a 4% lead nationally, why is he tanking so bad?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Those states weren't going to go Democratic anyway. Many of the areas that were red states are turning blue. “Barack Obama has caught up to John McCain in Florida.” No one is thinking that Obama is going to win all 50 states and to be honest I don't think that it would be a good thing if he did. We need to be able to push him in a more progressive direction and a too big of a win might prevent that.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Those of us who do the hosting would like to ask all to review the rules as we do not wish to bare anyone and hate removing posts.

  11. Anonymous says:

    THE DEMS must understand that it is not the POPULAR VOTE of the AMERICAN VOTERS that win the HOUSE PRESIDENCY. it is still according to the ELECTORIAL COLLEGE VOTES> AL GORES LOSS is still a THORN in the DEMS side . reason so many would love to change many districts Bounderies to put those votes more in favor of the DEMS .. will it work I hope not . FOR IF the POPULAR VOTE ever becomes the WINNING VOTE> we will be in really deep deep do. do.. OUR FUNDING FATHERS made the VOTEING the way it is for a REASON>…. PEOPLE left to their own ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT when it comes to KNOWING RIGHT FROM WRONG what is GOOD AND BAD nor the REAL DIFFERENCE between HATRED and LOVE. THIS has been proven time and time and time again. MOST here in AMERICA have forgotten the FAILINGS of other COUNTRIES IT seems we are almost following them to that failing of opur REPUBLIC HAVING MISTAKEN IT for A DEMOCRACY IT is NOT IT IS AND was alaways meant to be A REPUBLIC!!!”FOR THE REPUBLIC for WHICH IT STANDS.”may I add SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE is not never has been in OUR INDEPENDANCE DOCUMENT nor the BILL OF RIGHTS. a LIE THAT FOR FAR TO LONG HAS been believed. OUR FREEDOMS are within these. being IGNORED BY MOST that really do not like the WORD CHRISTIAN CHRISTIANITY OR CHRIST JESUS. I really do not want to get into the subject of CHRIST JESUS for I have already been proven to me how JUST THATNAME turns people OFF and THEY REALLY CARE LESS about hearing about SALVATION through faith IN HIM. SO I SHALL spare all of you my FAITH IN THAT NAME THAT is so HATED BY so many.. REASON I should never come in here anymore at all .. because MY FAITH is all I have ever had IT is GREATLY disheartening to know how few still believe in what HIS TRUTH WAS IS and will always be..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Good points Jess, no one thinks that McCain will lose every state, but in most he is well behind Obama and falling further behind. I would like to see Pet's sources.

  13. Anonymous says:

    John McCain still is ahead in ELECTORIAL VOTES. and this is what will determine the winner do not forget this. UNLESS they cahnge the way of SELECTION of the winner. TO HAVE OUR PRESIDENT elected by POPULAR VOTE WOULD NOT be a good way at all the ELECTORIAL COLLEDGE is the best way OF course DEMOCRATS would prefer the other way. BECAUSE as for HOW MANY DEMS TO the REPUBS well there really are MORE DEMS then REPUB. and this then would mean that we would never have a REPUBLICAN PRES OR CONGRESS would we?? WHY because when you want to break down people into CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE and REPUBLICAN the LIBERALS< AND OTHER RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGIES AND DEMOCRATS OUTNUMBER ONE HAS TO BE MORE THEN the OTHER> BASICALLY people TRY TO be HONEST BUT NOT ABOUT themselves. ONLY wanting to have others be honest AND then there are those that could care less. the LEAST of their worry or problem is VOTING people really do not care that much anymore when they get discouraged with the {OLITICAL WARFARE that goes on . and it is a FIGHT FOR the OFFICE ADD all the DIFFERENCES IN The CANIDATES and well I am certain you can see the problem in trying to pick the right person for a job when most are dishonest to begin withand some want to just work for CERTAIN people and not for the good of all the COUNTRY!!! meaning these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA still the GREATEST COUNTRY TO LIVE IN CONSIDERING the PROBLEMS of SOME OTHERS. The saying used to be if you do not like living here and do not like our way of how we do things here then go Back to yor country you have come here from. TO BE FREE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA must have somethinmg THOSE THAT RISK LIFE AND LIMB TO GET HERE ILLEGALLY FOR A REASON….. HUH!!!!!!!!!! EITHER to HARM US OR want what we have had for how many years. CALLED FREE CHOICE TO VOTE< FREE CHOICE TO WORSHIP OR NOT and FREE TO HAVE OUR SAY as we do by MAILING OUR GOVERNING OFFICIALS many cannot and do not dare to try this in their own country with their government do they??????? YOU THINK I COULD be AND GET ANGRY about MY FAITH IN CHRIST you have not seen anything until MY RIGHT TO be free to speak my feelings about MY COUNTRY CHRISTIANITY and POLITICS is paramount to my life I do not know about anyone else.

  14. Anonymous says:

    John McCain still is ahead in ELECTORIAL VOTES.

    What are you talking about? The electoral college hasn't taking place yet and in all polls McCain is falling behind! So, I think we have a little;

  15. Anonymous says:

    Jessica You are correct. My mistake. It is the Delegates That I was thinking of . Mc Cain is having less delegates then Obama at this point in time. Yet when the conventions are all over. and the electorial college votes are in Mc Cain could very well take more votes then Barack giving him the Presidency in the end. OF COURSE as we saw in the election between Al Gore and George W. Bush the Dems fought very hard to make Al Gore the winner. It would never surprise me at all that the Dems will try this again with such a very close race IF you rememeber The 2000 election was stalled for many days and in the end we had a VOE by the higher court to determine the outcome THIS is not any way to determine whom is going to be OUR PRESIDENT . yet when a LOOSING PARTY and CANIDATE is not willing to concede this is what can and will happen to ALL OUR VOTES!! BASICALLY OUR VOTES no longer are the issue. it comes down to what the JUDICIAL JUDGES for the FEDS and the HIOGHEST COURT IN AMERICA DECIDES is going to be PRESIDENT we should never have allowed this YET when a CANIDATE is unwilling to concede to loss IN MY OPINION and it is just mine !!! a person that cannot stand to loose and tries to find any way at all to be the winner is not worthy of My vote and gets an F for PLAYING THE GAME of OUR SYSTEM of GOVERNMENT and the STRUCTURE of it NOT FAIRLY > BUT IT is these I call sore and bad losers because they refuse to accept a TRUE LOSS. even when it is the VAID LOSS .. President Bush did not have the POULAR VOTE AL GORE DID> yet POPULARITY AMONG the MASSES OF AMERICA is not what GIVES ANY CANIDATE the PRESIDENTIAL SEAT IN OUR GOVERNMENT!! AL GORE was REALLY SORRY This was not the case. and the DEMS would really loe to have the RULES CHANGED . BY cahngein the BOUNDIERS of voteing so the WHOLE count is changed to their favor. I would pray our people in AMERICA are much smarter then to let this happen. YET I Have been wrong before about the KNOWLEDGE of some American VOTERS. I did not believe they were going to PUT a MAN that was a PERSON that was already accused of and proven to be less then we need in the whote house they would have Him either but they did TWICE ON two diffeent men since I have been voteing and the one I was yet to young to vote. YET I do rememeber the problem THAT ONE PRESIDENT brought to the PRESIDENTIAL WHITE HOUSE and THE people. of THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    AS WE ALL understand and know. NONE OF US are PERFECT> yet THERE ARE and is such a thing as HAVING A STANDARD OF RIGHT WRONG AND CHARACHTER of any ONE INDIVIDUAL and there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with wanting a HIG H STANDARD of CAHRACHTER IN the SYSTEM OFFICES OF OUR WORKERS FOR US IN THE GOVERNMENT yet THE STANDARDS HAVE FALLEN DRASTICLLY.. IT AS if there is NO STANDARD OF KNOWING what is GOOD AND RIGHT TO DO ANYMORE FROM the men and woman that HAVE CHILDREN, TO those that teach them in our SCHOOLS< to the ONES WE MUST choose the BEST for the JOB OF WORKING for WE THE people >> APPARENTLY when STANDARDS and HIGH CHARACHTER and MORALITY gets so LOW and OFF the CHARTS THAT ANYTHING GOES there REMAINS NO MORE BOUNDERIES OR GUIDES for ANY GOOD OR RIGHTS TO DO ANY MORE everything is FINE TO DO even MUREDER NO LONGER will BRING A DEATH SENTANCE NOT even for the MOST HIDDIOUS of a PEDIPHILE!! NO they are TRIED and then their DEFENSE is MENTAL DISABILITY we all KNOW THAT mental PATIENTS HAVE A OUT if they are BONIFIDE MENTALLY IMPAIRED . and RIGHTLY so if the MENTAL problem is a REAL ONE TO HAVE been used for a defense . YET this is a DEFENSE that is to freely used by many that DESERVE To be penalized for their actions. MERCY does not mean to let WICKEDNESS and EVIL PREVAIL ..ANYONE That does not UNDERSTAND the TRUTH of a WICKED EVIL person and one that DOES really have a problem yet KNOWS and can distinguish they have done a very bad thing to another has no conscience at all.. I CATORGORIZE these as JUST PLAIN MEAN SPIRITED> UNCAREING UNFEELING AND EVIL WICKED> to deny there are such people In the world is to turn a blind eye to the REALITY of some.. when we THROW OUT all CHARACHTER AND MORALITY ISSUES we bring about a world and a people that TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY for the ACTIONS they have done.
    I really did not intend on bring THE WORD OF OUR LORD into this YET, TO NOT TRAIN UP A CHILD with the KNOWLEDGE of RESPONSIBILITY for wrong doing is NOT HAVING ANY LOVE for the CHILD THAT you have been blessed with. BY A GOD THAT HAS given you the CHARGE TO RAISE them to be RESPONSIBLE ASSETS to any GIVEN SOCIETY. Again NONE of us are perfect we all have sinned yet there is such a thing as having somewhat of a knowledge of what is good to do as much as possible and KNOWING THAT MURDER STEALING and HARMING ANOTHER OUT OF A THRILL for KILLING A CHILD or anyone is wrong. and I do not speak about PROTECTING ONESELF and FAMILY and COUNTRY from an ENEMY, I would think all know the DIFFERENCE ALTHOUGH I sometimes have my doubts that people do.
    The world would be a wonderful place if there was never ever any JEALOUSY ENVY OR HATRED HUH?? YET people want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that evil and wickedness and BAD MEAN HATEFUL people do not exist rather giving them an out so they can continue a life that they have LITTERALLY DEPRIVED ANOTHER OF just because of HATRED for themselves and others.
    I believe the BIBLE I HAVE > TELLS US ALL THAT NOT ALL people RE LOVING AS OUR LORD IS LOVING IN TRUTH MAYBE JUST MAYBE there are NONE OF US THAT CAN ATTAIN THAT KIND OF LOVE but the very few. I do not happen to be one that can LOVE MY ENEMY THAT is out to MURDER me and MY FAMILY OR HAS HATRED for OUR people COUNTRY and hatred for ANYONE THAT is not JUST AS they are. I have said it before and I will say it again. ANY PEDIPHILE THAT HAS MURDERED AN INNOCENT CHILD TO TRY TO keep frombeing found out IS NOT wanting me on the JURY OF their PEERS> I HAVE NO sympathy for CHILD MOLESTERS OR CHILD MURDERS LET ALONE A person that has NO SENSE OF ANY COMPASSION AT ALL. NO REMORSE and REALIZATION of what they have done. when it comes to LAWS!! we have LAWS AGAINST MURDER, THEFT, and GIVING FALSE WITNESS, PERJURY!! on and on a witness stand is supposed to be punishable if it can be proven PERJURY was committed. THE 5th Amendment gives all an out to not answer because it just might incriminate them in a CRIMINAL ACT. yet when one answers as to the ACT as being yes they neither allow for any explanation as to the why the action was done JUSDT MAYBE there was a reason for what someone did something they are willing to take responsibility for THEIR PART OF the wrong how about the others involved. that created the situation in the first place. LESSON hang around with MANGY DOGS and GET MANGE and FLEAS. IS IT ALL ABOUT the COMPANY WE KEEP maybe .. so how does one DISCERN what company to keep?? kinda tricky to do for almost all of us. because there are few HONEST people … BETTER TO JUST OWN UP TO the wrong doing then to try covering it up.
    When My daughter asked me a Question once about what would I do if.. I told her well if you do not want another to ever hear of it or you do not want me or your dad to know about it then BETTER THINK TWICE before you do it. or be ready to suffer the consequences. thiose can be very minimal or major or even deadly ones for some indicretions. yet all wrongs have a punishment and a consequence to bear sooner or later. I should not have to tell anyone this truth … except children that have not been told or aware of such things. ALL ADULTS should already have a pretty good idea of this truth. there are many metephores one can say to make ponts about LIFES DAILY ACTIONS BY ANY ONE INDIVIDUAL person. TROUBLE Is MOST people have forgotten the whom why and what we are. and why we NEED SALVATION . we have come to believe that we do not have to pay for anything that we want to do anymore we are UNDISCIPLINED UNLEARNED AND UNTRAINED IN the way we were meant to GO. HAVE WE ALL forgotten IN WHOM OUR LOVE MERCY AND GRACE and SALVATION HAS come from?? I believe WE HAVE DEFINITLY forgotten THAT whom has LOVED US FIRST enough to GIVE ALL HE HAD TO GIVE. So that we MIGHT HAVE LIFE. Along with a PROMISE. THAT still is for TODAY for ANY whosoever will ….
    WE ALREADY HAVE the ONLY BOOK ANY OF MANKIND would ever need. yet THE REALITY AND TRUTH HAS been TAKEN AWAY from us BECAUSE OF JEALOUSY ENVY AND A DISOBEDIENCE from the foundation of the world.. NONE want the RESPONSIBILTY TO HEAR, SPEAK, OR BELIEVE the truth even when it is given and has been with us all all along..
    WHEN THIS GOSPEL IS PREACHED TO ALL NATIONS-PEOPLE then the end will come. THIS WORD shall never pass away even if all kingdoms and kings fail. without a CREATOR< there never would be a HOLY WRITTEN INSPIRED word of a FATHER, without HIM there never would have been a ONLY BEGOTTEN SON , nor a HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISM promised and given and fulfilled in many lives OF A people THAT ARE for a lack of a better word CHRISTIANITY they and we are called CHRISTIAN because of A ONE CALLED JESUS CHRIST whom IS the FIRST of the RESURRECTION from the TRUTH OF DEATH THAT comes to us all ... YET WE DO still today having been believers in CHRIST JESUS have for TOMORROW a PROMISE GIVEN . to all whom have do and will believe and Confess the only name only way only truth for all MANKIND> for SALVATION CAN ONLY be given to those that HAVE BELIEVED AND ARE willing to confess who and whom and what. to another yet we are TOLD we should not mention CHRIST , JESUS, ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE LIVING GOD THE FATHER. because we just MIGHT OFFEND someone.. REALLY??? well I would rather GIVE AN OFFENSE for HIS TRUTH then to NOT WITNESS because OF HIS REALITY IN MANY LIVES PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE.. I believe PAUL AND a MAN CALLED JOHN have said it best.. I believe the EARTH is the LORDS. and I honestly do not believe anything nor anyone can change that TRUTH …. I never have had to prove to any my faith.. YET the FAITH I have had do have and will continue having in CHRIST JESUS and the WORD WE ALREADY have had given to us . I neither can GIVE IT away to another or can I force THAT FAITH onto anyone. ALL THAT HAVE known CHRIST ALREADY know whom the FATHER WAS IS and forever will be . IF any have any doubts then they have some time to choose.. HOW MUCH time. I cannot tell you. FOR I do not even know how much more time I have I do believe GOD the FATHER, CHRIST the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT have absolutely all the answers for this.
    I could go on and on and on yet I have already been told many times and know all to well that the WORD OF the LORD THY GOD is not welcomed by most INCLUDING THOSE that we as believers consider the ones closest to us . for all of you that do not know me because you may be new to this forum. never mind you are not the first to have not read the full posting and you will not be the last IF I should continue as I have been doing sometimes I believe for to long. TALK ALOT, SAY TO MUCH, and believe in what I have done is all that MY LORD HAS already ORDAINED for me .. because I am truly not that different then anyone living today.. I have always believed in the GOSPEL HOLY BIBLE SCRIPTURE> this is a TRUTH and I do not and cannot prove that TRUTH to any . I ALSO have known this. for all you that have known me because OF the COMPUTERIZATION of progress. and time I have spent in here. well this is nothing new to any of you . and again most of you have not even read past the first or second paragraph if there be any at all. .. the LOSS for this is not MINE nor is IT a problem I can UNDO for any. ANYmore then the LOSS I have had YESTERDAY i can go back and change any of them. I do however KNOW and UNDERSTAND all to well the BLESSINGS I have had and continue having because OF the faith within this heart . and the BOTTOM LINE is GOD MY LORD IS the ONLY ONE THAT knows what is within this HEART> FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY… even the very closest man or woman I have ever known or will ever come to know has NO real knowledge of THIS HEART.. there is a very old saying that I have heard from years and years gone by.. Mostly it was meant for the thieves that are among us.. and how many would any like to guess the numbers of that catagory. considering all those that have probably gotten away. It takes one to know one. Never haveing known the Righteous ONE then there is never any one that knows the FATHER THAT is IN HEAVEN sitting on the THRONE WE all must stand before HIM ALONG accept for THAT ONE THAT IS ALREADY there OUR ADVOCATE OUR WITNESS AND OUR SAVIOR I believe HIS NAME is CALLED and HAVE HEARD THAT HIS NAME is to be CALLED by all that have believed. Jesus. written said taught and heard… and CHRIST is alive or there would not be NO RELIGIOUS belief CALLED CHRISTIANITY nor a PEOPLE CALLED BY HIS NAME CHRISTIAN OF course many have and would rather call us by many other names because they do not want to say CHRIST JESUS or JESUS CHRIST if they do it then proves they also have HEARD TRUTH they just deny what they choose to not confess before men … what are these fearful of ?? That is a very good question to ask all that do not want to hear about this ONE WE CALL CHRIST JESUS OF the LIVING CREATOR GOD OF HEAVENS AND HE EARTH… DO people REALLY RUN FROM the NAME OF JESUS??? yes they do.. proof??? I have mine.. go up to anyone that you do not know and start talking about the faith of Christianity Christ and name Jesus and many if not most will quickly depart or just listen with polite ness and soon change the subject or find an excuse to leave.. especially those that do not and have not believed in the TRUTH REALITY and PROMISES already given. never having heard them, let alone having read them. FOR me LIFE will go on as long as GOD is not ready for me to be RETURNED to Him … I also believe that when He is ready for me I will also understand and know . Just as I have known before about HIM and what HE has already revealed to me … I do not for one second believe I am the only one that is a believer have been a beiever and I certainly will not be the last of thiose that shall believe and confess CHRIST JESUS before men. the REALITY AND REAL TRUTH is I LOVE talking abot MY LORD .. and what He hath had written said and done for me .. to bad that most do not have that same passion as I have had .. and still have and it is strnger today then it has been in the past this too is because I have grown more older and in doing so I have also grown closer THIS is after all the way of OUR TRUTH BELIEF AND THE FAITH WE HAVE HAD ALL along.. The GRREATEST TRUTH is the JOURNEY REALLY has NO ENDING.. because this LIFE is never the end of the JOURNEY for the JOURNEY is really as He gave it to b me years ago a JOURNEY BACK TO FROM WHERE WE HAVE COME FROM. does that sound so wrong to any of yu ?? well Just because I know what HE GAVE me in that does not mean you have to believe me. YOU could , you can guess , you can believe the choice always comes down to YOURS and YOURS ALONE to make.
    REMEMBER what YOU CHOOSE to believe is TRULY what will determine what YOUR TOMMORROWS will be I have not always made right choices YET the COICES I Have made I DO and will always know are MY RESPONSIBILITY for making those wrong ones. YET without those wrong ones I COULD never have KNOWN the REALITY OF THE BLESSINGS THAT COME with the FAITH WE AS believers IN HIS WORD CAN ACCOMPLISH and GIVE US NOT ONLY IN THIS LIFE but also in the one THAT WILL DEFINITLY be after the DEATH THAT will come to me as IT IS GIVEN FOR men to die AT LEAST ONCE! YET TO DIE TWICE,, is to see the face of the LORD … IT is already written NONE CAN LOOK UPON THE FACE OF GOD and LIVE. TO SEE the FACE OF CHRIST JESUS is to KNOW the FATHER ALSO.. MOSES only saw the HEAVENLY FATHERS back , yet when he came down off the mountain to be with his people again His face shone so bright he had to cover his face.. because of the glory that was upon him.. reason I have never seen the face of the HEAVENLY FATHER yet I have seen the face of Christ Jesus. This None can take away from me ever. MANY have tried. then there are those very very few that knew they could not take what was already mine from me.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry if I sounded nasty, but why do you have to go on and on? FYI no one has won any delegates for the general election, Obama is ahead in the polls, but the election is a long way off.

  17. Anonymous says:

    DO WELL to read to the end..
    Both the Dems and the republicans HAAD TO WIN a CERTAIN AMOUNT and EACH of these men hit and exceeded the amounts. when it comes to the DELEGATES from EACH STATE..
    Barach Obama
    Pledged: 1763
    Superdelegates: 438
    Total: 2,201 Won Demo, Blue
    Total delegates needed to win: 2117
    Nomination to run for Presidential election for the Democratic Party.
    Pledged Super Total
    John McCain 1,371 133 1,504 Won Repub. Red
    Almost 1200 delegates are needed to win the Republican nomination
    to run for the Presidential Election
    Total Delgates for The Republican party at convention 2380
    During the Conventions EACH Canidate will pick up the Super delegates ANYWAY that is How I have understood what the Conventions are for. MANY that had voted for Obama, have pretty much made their choice. and will probably stick with Him in the NOV. election IT is all those that have not declared and have not decided whom they will give their vote to in NOV.
    AS an EXAMPLE= The very first time I heard Barach Obama I believed he had alot that it would take to win the nomination and was positive he would get the nomination to run for the democratic party and had even thought I just might vote for him myself. BECAUSE of THAT FIRST HEARING what HE HAD to say. YET I am a REPUBLICAN and HAVE VERY HIGH STANDARDS when IT comes to GAY MARRIAGES and ABORTION, AGAINST BOTH ADAMENTLY YET understanding that THESE ARE TWO ISSUES THAT we have present with us to this day even though GOD is against BOTH. BASED ON the SCRIPTURE OF MALE TO MALE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS and WOMAN TO WOMAN SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS AND ANY LIVING MATUREING CHILD within the WOMB GODS INCUBATOR IS LIFE AS LONG AS IT IS GROWING AND MATUREING AND IF LEFT TO BECOME FULL TERM WILL be ANOTHER BOY OR GIRL MALE OR FEMALE CALLED PERSON PEOPLE MANKIND! PRECIOUS IN THE EYES OF the LORD.
    MORAL questions that must be UNDERSTOOD and MUST be KNOWN what THUS THE LORD HATH SAID about THESE two ABOMINABLE things that PEOPLE CHOOSE to do … BRINGING me to the TWO ABSOLUTE TRUTHS that none can deny that has already been written within the HOLY WRIT that most understand is the HOLY INSPIRED written word of OUR LORD and YES I do believe IN CHRIST JESUS, I need not explain this again for any in here.
    SINCE the First speech I heard Barach Obama make I have heard many otrhers of his speeches, along with others that have joined the race for the White House . as I have always tried to do during any election for the races for Congressional and Presidential . FOR IT IS CONGRESS that sets our LAWS and it is OUR PRESIDENT That tries to get what HE believes IS RIGHT for AMERICAN CITIZENS TO do when it comes to GETTING the BUDGET FOR The TWO YEARS IN the FUTURE beginning with THE YEAR AHEAD AFTER HIS INAUGERATION. and SIGNING A LAW INTO LAW that PROVES TOP be able to be TAKEN AWAY AND PUT INTO The HANDS OF ANY STATES SURPREME COURT BY THE PEOPLE OF THAT STATE making a FEDERAL LAW NUL AND VOID after the PRESIDENT HAS signed it into LAW. MAKING IT then GOING INTO the SURPREME COURT of these UNITED STATES.. and THIS THEN should be the final word UNTIL someone brings it before them to have it repealed and taken out of our laws. as they have already done with many laws that are no longer laws at all LIKE THE LAW AGAINST SODOMY that is the SEXUAL ACT between MALE OR FEMALE SEXUAL PARTNERS. CONSIDERED UNATURAL SEXUAL ACTS , BEASTIALITY HOMOSEXUAL AND SODOMIZING A CHILD OR ANOTHER PERSON. I believe this pretty well explains why SAME SEX MARRIAGES are not to be allowed yet apparently we have not understood what the HOLY BIBLE and the SCRIPTURE has already stated written and is heard and been taught a VERY LONG time ago .. PROVEING the BLESSINGS and CURSING that comes with this LIFE we now live and that all have had to come to terms with as BELIEVERS IN the HOLY WRITTEN INSPIRED WORD of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR OF the HOLY WRIT..
    AGAIN I HAVE done what so many really hate for anyone to do GO ON AND ON ABOUT MY FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS and why .. SO I shall just say this about the COMING ELECTION I will vote for JOHN MCCAIN not because of COLOR of a the mans skin or because I THINK HE will be the BEST OF the BEST NO ONLY because I believe HE will be the best out of the two we are left to VOTE FOR! I do not believe Barach Obama is ready for the FIGHT we MUST win IN and for the IRAQIES and settle things with AN ENEMY OF A COUNTRY THAT HAS a LEADER THAT HATES FREEDOM AND A people CALLED JEWISH IN A LAND CALLED ISRAEL, I HONESTLY believe in the WAR WE ARE FIGHTING TODAY IN the MIDDLE EAST with the EXPECTED FREEDOM FOR THE IRAQIE people AND IF WE win their FREEDOM then IRANIANS will not be far behind IF THE IRANIAN people UNDERSTAND the ULTERNITIVE between BEING FREE OR BOMBING ISRAEL AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE INTO THE MEDITRAINIAN SEA… BY some that HATE FAR TO MUCH…
    SINCE the first strike against the unknown enemies that we have believed we have known whom they are we have through the YEARS of this war on TERROR is bigger and much more then anyone could have anticipated except for those few that have been already aware of the HATRED THAT still is a THREAT TODAY against the FREEDOMS OF AMERICANS, and THE RIGHTS OF The JEWISH PEOPLE TO EXIST IN A LAND THAT HAS already been PROMISED TO THEM .
    LOOK UP THE QUOTES READ HIS BOOK OF BOOKS, THEN come and tell me that I have no right to have FAITH IN A CHRIST . THAT HAS been written OF TAUGHT and people HAVE HEARD ABOUT. THAT EVEN OUR NOW PRESIDENT when ASKED A QUESTION ANSWERED JESUS , and was and still is CHASTIZED for HIS ANSWER TO the REPORTER . was He being HONEST??? when HE SAID JESUS; I believed HIM . do any have to ask why?
    YOU just Might want to Check out this URL site of PRESIDENTIAL QUOTES.. and GET a REMINDFUL perspective on what we are fighting for EVEN TODAY…

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    McCain Economics: Protest at Town Hall in Warren, MI

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