It's Not Whining to Want the American Dream

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on July 19th, 2008

Author: Marty Martorella


   The one thing which brought people from around the world to America was the hope for a better life. The American Dream was never the aspiration to gain great wealth, rather it was the humble hope for a slightly better life. It was the desire for a good job, a home and an opportunity for our children to do better than us. In the shared community of America such a dream was more than possible. The only thing that could prevent the achieving of the American Dream has been the greed of those who would hoard extreme wealth. Those people who have caused the bank failures and the foreclosures now claim that America is full of whiners for expressing their detest of these circumstances. This is a News video which documents the bank failure, the foreclosures and Phil Gramm’s (McCain’s spokesman) comments.





   The fact that the McCain campaign would dismiss the misery that so many are plagued with as whining demonstrates just how detached they are from the rest of America. The Republican Party has long since lost touch with the common man. They have catered to the rich for so long that they have no concept of what it means to work for a living. When we see Republican officials arguing that an annual income of $300,000 is middle class it becomes clear that they have fully lost touch with the middle class. If the average income was $300,000 it would be whining to complain about the price of gas, but sadly few come close to that income. That fact that the Republican Party would claim that America was full of whiners does not mean they are heartless, but rather so far out of touch that they cannot relate to the suffering of the American People. Without being able to relate there cannot be any resolution of the economic depression that so many find themselves in. This is why America is demanding change. Americans have had enough of the failed policies of the Conservatives, which gave us the Great Depression and two great recessions. This is why the Republican Party is looking at the worst defeat in years. It is also the reason why they will stay out of power until they learn to meet the needs of the real middle class.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't know, Gramm sounded pretty heartless to me. I can't tell you how many Republicans blame the victim. I've had so many tell me that the only reason that people fail is that they don't try hard enough. The Republican men that I know say that Gramm and McCain are right and we've become a nation of whiners. They don't care that people are losing everything that they worked all their lives for. I just don't see how anyone can be that arrogant and heartless!

  2. Anonymous says:

       It is disturbing to see the attitude which says “I have mine, so what do I care about the rest of the Country?” When you hear someone talk like that just tell them to keep talking that way, because such talk can only help elect Barack Obama. As the suffering increases and people begin to realize that the Republican Party is not on their side, they will abandon the Republican Party.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You would think that would work, but some of these people are just blind. They think that it can't happen to them and they are so selfish that they only care about what they face. Talk to ya later…

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is not the Older generation that is blind deaf and dumb it is the Lost generations of Our children that have become so dependant on the Government handouts that they no longer have any idea of any work ethic left to support themselves and the families they have had. and whom is to blame for teaching the children that it is just fine to not be married before having the BABIES?? and whom has and does pay the SINGLE mothers all the things they need because they have NO husbands that have been taught a WORK ETHIC TO MARRY and support wife and child? as for BLAMING the men and weoman of the REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATIC congressman and senators well I BELIEVE They all can have a share in the GUILT for thE AT LEAST two generational LOSSES.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know I am new here, but I don't think you can say that one generation was any more righteous than another. There are Saints in every generation.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you on many things but this one you are way off. My generation is as good as any. I don't think that it's a generational thing. It's how some people think, some want the government to take care of them and others believe in personal responsibility.


    Go Bush

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where is the personal responsibility in this White House? People who are losing their homes, jobs and lives aren't asking the government to support them only to protect them as the Constitution states.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It's not a generational thing, there are winners and losers in every generation. I don't think that we can dismiss the misery that so many are finding themselves in. I'm afraid that it will won't be getting better any time soon.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Democratic Party is a Party that wants to take care of all BY having control over what is said and done for us.. The Republican party is and always has been a people that wants the people to take responsibiity for what they want to do. IT is called FREEDOM TO WORSHIP OR NOT, BELIEVE IN A CHRIST JESUS or NOT and ALSO be RESPONSIBLE for ONES CHOICES AND ACTIONS THEY CHOOSE to say do and live. IT is called FREEDOM OF THE REPUBLIC WAY a THREE system of GOVERNING BY THE PEOPLE for the PEOPLE THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS!!! PRESIDENTIAL , CONGRESSIONAL, and JUDICIAL type of GOVERNMENT. OUR TOLERANCE HAS ALSO CREATED a people that NO LONGER believes in the ONLY BEGOTTEN THAT has GIVEN ALL TO GIVE SALVATION TO us ALL . IT REALLY is about the ONCE FOR ALL SHED BLOOD , CROSS and GOSPEL OF ONE LORD, ONE FAITH and ONE BAPTISM . and THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY BACK to from whom we have been GIVEN this LIFE. THE WORD is FAITHFUL AND TRUE TO HIS REALITY and PRESENCE IN the WORLD HE and HE ALONE HAS CREATED.
    WE HAVE forgotten OUR FIRST LOVE!!! Is it not possible for THE MASTER of all TO MAKE HIS own stand ?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Who said anything about government handouts? I can't believe that you can be so rude to say that one generation or political party is more moral. Just for the record, the Republican Party has controlled the Congress since 1994 and the government handouts to the rich corporations weren't ever higher under any Democratic Congress. So many people are falling so far into debt that they are seeing all of their dreams disappearing. I don't see how you can say that you don't care about their suffering.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well, a hope of genuine improvement of condition, including economic … is why so many people still try to immigrate to the US.
    We have been seduced by would-be leaders Ahab and Jezebel … the leisure class and malefactors of wealth. This problem is so old, it is Biblical. We need not look to them for leadership, but even Obama is a millionaire.
    You forgot to mention that Sen. Gramm was the author of bills allowing Enron and sub-prime mortgages in the first place.
    Conservative is not an accurate labeling. Conservative and Liberal are not even opposites (any more than neocon and neolib are … why are Democrats to similar to Republicans?). I am a 19th century Conservative and Liberal both, not the plastic substitute of today.

  12. Anonymous says:

    A friend explained to me the other day that liberals are tax and spend and conservatives are borrow and spend.
    I find tax and spend the more honorable of the two positions.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Where do you get that Obama is a millionaire?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Pro-tax is anti-christ and communist … don'tcha know 😉
    Actually both for US Treasuries, and FreddiMac/FannieMae bonds … we are not just borrowing, but borrowing huge amounts from the Commuist Chinese government. So given the propensity of Republicans to wrap themselves in the Bible while violating its principles … the Republicans are in fact the one who are anti-christ and communist!

  15. Anonymous says:

    ANYONE that runs for a government position today seems to be some one with enough money to run in the first place so having money to run for the Office of the Congress but but the President of these United States having Money is not the Problem for most. It is the Love of Money that is the problem for the Majority of Millionaires. LOVE OF MONEY is TRULY the ROOT OF ALL EVIL. now IF SEEING all the CORRUPTION OF MONEY HUNGRY POLITICAL PEOPLE WHILE the LITTLE GUY HAS A PROBLEM HAVING HIS OWN company GROW because of TO MUCH TAXATION AND TO BIG A GOVERNMENT then where has everybody been WHILE ALL the BIG CEO'S and BIG BUSINESS BOSSES and MANY GOVERNING OFFICIALS have been FALLING FROM their HIGH PLACES IN the PAST few YEARS from INSURANCE people TO OUR own POLITICAL POLITICIANS whom ARE supposed to be OUR EMPLOYEES because WE STILL ARE A GOVERNMENT BY The PEOOPLE for the PEOPLE UNLESS we want to CONTINUE down this road to DISTRUCTION… OF BIG GOVERNMENT THAT IS TAXING WE the PEOPLE OUT OF OUR FREEDOM RIGHTS. WITHOUT A FREE PEOPLE TO HAVE THESE ENALIABLE RIGHTS THIS COUNTRY AND THIS PEOPLE SHALL PERISH AND BE GONE forever. THINK ABOUT THESE TRUTHS for awhile.. OUR WHOLE GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM has been based built and formed BY men that were BIBLE GOSPEL HOLY WRITT BELIEVERS IN CHRIST JESUS AND the GOSPEL BOOKS!!!! INCLUDING the OLD BOOKS!!! END OF DICUSSION ON what and whom and why THIS COUNTRY is CALLED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and NOT ANOTHER NAME…… IT is also the REASON WE STILL STAND TODAY AS A CHRISTIAN NATION UNDER GOD AND NOT UNDER THE NAME OF MUSSOLINI, STALIN, HITLER, SADDAM,ONE CALLED BUDDAH OR ONE CALLED MOHAMMAND, OR EVEN A KING CALLED KING HENRY OR A WOMAN CALLED QUEEN ELIZABETH.. ALTHOUGH I believe there was a WOMAN THAT WAS CALLED AND NAMED ELIZABETH IN the GOSPEL BOOKS, AND I believe THERE WAS ALSO ANOTHER NAMED MARY, YET there was a MAN CALLED ADAM< and a WOMAN CALLED EVE before any OF THESE PREVIOUSMENTIONED NAMES... IS there any other name then THE NAME of JESUS ANY OTHER NAME THAT MANKIND CAN HAVE SALVATION THRU BY AND IN ... END OF DISCUSSION ABOUT whom WE AS A PEOPLE ARE..... OR whom ANYONE that is CALLED CHRISTIAN is... NOW IF it is all the same to anyone I believe I shall GO SEE where AN AUNT OF MINE CALLED AUNT JULIA A. LOCKE AND A fw other names that I am aware of as being in MY PERSONAL FAMILY NAMES... THAT if any of us could trace back far enough we would come to a man named ADAM and a WOMAN NAMED EVE and ONE CALLED MARY and another CALLED ELIZABETH. along with that NAME THAT ALL HAVE CERTAINLY HEARD ABOUT AND CAN NAME . CHRIST... OH PLEASE do not forget PRINCE OF PEACE< ALMIGHTY GOD< OR CAN ANY THAT KNOW HIM CAN FORGET ALL THE OTHER NAMES LIKE YAWAY, YASHUA, YOU WANT MORE OR should I name all the JEHOVAH names also. How about Moses Joseph Malachi Jeremiah Joshua, Daneil David Jesse, Matthew Mark Luke and John. How about LILLY OF The VALLEY BRIGHT and MORNING STAR ROSE OF SHARON, HOW ABOUT what has been written about SEED TIME and HARVEST, HOW MUCH MORE shall we all name that CAN prove THAT the HOLY WRITTEN WORD is what it has CLAIMED TO be and that WHAT we have TODAY is still what was and will always be the foundation OF OUR FREEDOM OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR PEOPLE FOR the PEOPLEBY THE PEOPLE WESTERN WORLD THAT TODAY is HATED BY MANY CALLED FOR A LACK OF A BETTER NAME the TERRORIST. and WHOM SHALL WE SAY these ARE??????????? AND what other name shall we CALL THESE THAT HAVE A HATRED for ANOTHER people NOT TO even ADD US TO their HATRED. WE AMERICANS OF ALL COLORS. and ALL NATIONS!!!!!SHALL WE just RETREAT TURN OUT THE LIGHTS AND SAY WE CANNOT WIN THE WAR WE ARE FIGHTING BECAUSE OF A DAY IN AND ON A SEPTEMBER MORNING IT IS TO BAD THAT IT WAS NOT ON A SUNDAY MORNING when THERE would have been NO ONE IN THE OFFICES working that day... YET OUR NAVY FLEET WAS NOT sitting in NEW YORK HARBOR THAT DAY either YET MANY PEOPLE HAD GOTTEN to their DESKS and IS there any doubting that that OUR CONGRESS and SENATORS were at least IN WASHINGTON that day and How about all those that were in the PENTAGON BUILDING??? HOW MANY REALLY believe that OUR OWN GOVERNMENT would MURDER so many just to prove a POINT or just so we could go into a war that we never asked for in the first place UNLESS BEING A FREE people CALLED CHRISTIANS is NOW A CRIME .........EVEN BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENTAL OFFICIALS THAT WE HAVE HAD the PRIVALIGE and FREEDOM TO vote for WHOM will WORK FOR US ALL... INCLUDING AND NOT EXCULDEING themselves. FOR IF OUR SYTEM FAILS what happens to the rest of the world. I DO NOT even have to ask MOST WOULD ALREADY KNOWWHAT the ANSWER to that QUESTION ALREADY HAS been and is even TODAY.. HOW MANY MORE HAVE ANY doubts about what OUR REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS was BUILT UPON !!!!!!!!!!! AND what BOOK OF BOOKS ALL HAVE KNOWN AND CALL the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE THAT DOES NAME CHRIST JESUS AS being LORD AND SAVIOR OF ALL CREATION INCLUDING MANKIND> NO I never have claimed to have named MEN and woman MANKIND!!!!!! NEITHER DO I CLAIM TO HAVE written THE HOLY BIBLE SCRIPTURES GOSPEL LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE!!! I do CLAIM HOWEVER TO HAVE FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS AND the WORD we have been GIVEN … IS ALL THIS way to much truth for some I am sorry YET TRUTH for me may not be truth for you and if that is the TRUTH then maybe we all have been FOOLS TO NOT HAVE believed AND should then TRY BURNING the BOOK CALLED the HOLY WRIIT AGAIN YA THINK???? SOMETIMES it is GOOD TO get ANGRY ENOUGH just to CLEAR the AIR AND MAKE the LIGHT SHINE THAT MUCH BRIGHTER in a WORLD THAT is so full of MEAN SPIRITED ANGRY DIEING DAILY people THAT CANNOT find it within y to JUST BELIEVE BY FAITH IN something they CANNOT SEE yet I HAVE HEARD AND I HAVE SEEN and before I SAW I DID HEAR> for I HAVE HAD EARS that could hear for a VERY LONG time… and OUR LORD HAS A very correct and has a way to make certain HIS CHILDREN ARE MADE TO STAND. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER HAS MADE NO MISTAKES even though we already have and continue to do so.. what does FAITH DO … IT brings us back to what and whom we are and have always been HIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
    NOW if anyone would like to call me FOOLISH because of the faith I have in ONE NAME such as JESUS the SAME CALLED CHRIST JESUS of the BOOK… YOU ARE and can do that. simply because that is your right to do so.. MY right is to IGNORE you for doing so. and FORGIVE all for the IGNORANCE that SEEMS TO PREVAIL IN TODAYS world CONSIDERING there is no end to HIS WORD NOR HIS KINGDOM NOR HIS HEAVEN NOR HIS EARTH. as for the PROMISE of AN ETERNAL LIFE A HEAVENLY PLACE TO INHERIT and TO GO TO when this life I HAVE AND DO NOW LIVE is over. I COULD never PROVE TO ANY THAT IT EXISTS. YET MANY HAVE KNOWN and do KNOW THAT IT does.. I really have not been the first to know about the TRUTH of the HOLY WRITTEN WORD THAT is INSPIRED AND HAS been GIVEN TO BE WRITTEN BY MANY AUTHORS beginning with the name of Moses and ending with a man called JOHN. THERE is a NAME WRITTEN that only those that KNOW HIM KNOW.. MUSIC is a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE for all TONGUES and NATIONS. there are many songs I will give you two tiltles. THE first One, In The Presence Of Jehovah, The second One, Is There Any Name So Sweet As Jesus, Can anyone Not Remember or never heard it sung spoken of or known about. That Old Rugged Cross,
    The WORD OF GOD cannot be BOUGHT and SOLD LIKE just any other type of MERCHANDISE. THAT is why I have never ever ever asked for anything from anyone when it comes to me SAYING speaking or believing in what I have had faith in I have never and still do not speak tell or believe the way and in that one called Christ because of wanting MONEY OR to be KNOWN NOTICED or for no other reason then because I HAVE do and will always be faithful to what I have always believed is a truth. that can be had by any one that can and will believe IN CHRIST the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF A FAITHFUL HEAVENLY FATHER THAT we all CAN KNOW AS LORD KING AND YES IF I MUST CALL HIM BY A NAME I CAN CALL HIM YASHUAH, CHRIST JESUS AND EVEN JEHOVAH, along with all previous mentioned THAT we could name HIM.
    ONE NAME CAN never be taken from the heart LOVE MERCY GRACE AND LORD!!!!
    BECAUSE HE LIVES! I HAVE A promise of a TOMORROW. I wonder How many would Claim that same promise IF they KNEW HIS TRUTH and REALITY OF His PRESENCE in our DAILY walking.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese learn quickly

    The US used the USSR's economic system against it, to great effect, in the 1980s. It would appear that Clinton, Bush, etc are too dull to realize that the PRC is doing exactly the same thing to the USA now (with able assistance from the Arabs, and India).

  17. Anonymous says:

    They are just tools everything is happening according to the secret meetings between Chairman Mao and Henry Kissenger, the Saudis and Kissenger etc. Protocols Of The Elder Nixon Appointees (which Rumsfeld and Cheney are card carrying members). The problem with popular conspiracy theories is, they are too tame to grasp reality 😉

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