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Written by Christianity and the Confusion on September 21st, 2008

    Whenever anyone objects to the government spying on the American People we are told by the Conservatives that we have nothing to fear if we have nothing to hind. For the last eight years we the American People have been asking for a full investigation of the crimes of the Republicans and they refuse to testify, which makes one wonder what are they so afraid of, what are they hiding? Here are eight news clips which so how the McCain/Palin ticket are covering up for her and we are forced to ask, if they have nothing to hide why are they so afraid?


















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  1. Anonymous says:
    I bookmarked this earlier so I would make sure to come back to it. I just finished watching all the videos, I've tried to catch Rachel Maddow's show but it's kinda a hit and miss for me. The clips were right on the money and it's pretty obvious what McCain was thinking about. He thought that if he just threw up a woman that all women would vote for the Repug ticket. That type of thinking is an insult to women everywhere, it says that we are too stupid to see that she doesn't support women's issues. What is more, I like Cindy McCain far more than Sarah Palin, but neither of them are the same as Hillary Clinton. I still think that Hillary could do the job, but not Sarah. The fact that she misused her power and now is trying to cover it up just says to me, more of the same.
  2. Anonymous says:

    O come on Tammy…
    Rachel Maddow is the biggest Lib on TV! Of course she hate Sarah Palin, but all this is is a liberal media witch hunt to stack the deck against the Republicans. If the media was reporting all the dirt on Obama he would be so far down in the polls…
    but no…they want Obama to win…that is the only reason he's ahead, but that will change come Nov.


    Proud of being a Republican

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