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Written by Christianity and the Confusion on November 2nd, 2008



  1. Vote-by-Mail: The Real Winner Is Democracy (

    Oregon's vote-by-mail system has proved reliable and popular. Critics said that vote-by-mail is prone to fraud. But signature verification of every voter – Similar pages
  2. Postal voting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    An Oregon mail-in ballot for a special election in May 2005. …. due to the increased use of absentee ballots and propagation of Vote-by Mail systems. – 47k – CachedSimilar pages
  3. Oregon Secretary of State Executive Division OFFICIAL Government

    “Five Years Later: A Re-assessment of Oregon's Vote by Mail Electoral Process” “City Council Adopts All Mail Voting System – 31k – CachedSimilar pages
  4. [PDF]

    Ballot Integrity and Voting by Mail: The Oregon Experience

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    Oregon (where by mail voting has been in place statewide since 1998). • Provides a set of recommendations for implementing vote by mail systems. – Similar pages
    by P Gronke2005Cited by 3Related articles
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  5. The BRAD BLOG : Why 'Vote-by-Mail' Elections are a Terrible Idea

    Since I live in Oregon, I can relate to the things you discuss. The Oregon vote- by-mail system is incredibly convenient for the voters (you have weeks, – 367k – CachedSimilar pages
  6. Big primary puts spotlight on Oregon's vote-by-mail system

    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has attracted national attention not only to Tuesday's election but to Oregon's unique vote-by-mail system. – 121k – CachedSimilar pages
  7. Mail-in ballots give Oregon voters control

    Nov 23, 2004 Oregon's Vote by Mail system is simple and straightforward. Ballots are mailed 14 to 18 days before an election to the registered address of – 32k – CachedSimilar pages
  8. Voting In Oregon – Vote By Mail

    Voting In OregonVote By Mail. The following are commonly asked questions about voting in Oregon. What is Vote By Mail? In 1998 voters passed a ballot – 25k – CachedSimilar pages
  9. Flow Charts of Oregon's Vote-by-Mail Election System | Oregon

    Jan 26, 2006 First, Oregon's statewide Vote-by-Mail election is NOT a typical mail-in ballot system. Any election system and process is complex and – 22k – CachedSimilar pages
  10. Oregon’s Vote-By Mail System Audited in Multnomah County « The No

    Oregon’s Vote-By Mail System Audited in Multnomah County. Posted on September 10 , 2008 by Gentry. While these government audits are fairly useless, – 24k – CachedSimilar pages

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    Any registered voter may vote using a vote-by-mail ballot instead of going to the polls on Election Day. Latest Law Updates | Education Law | Finance Law California law also allows any registered voter to become a permanent vote-by-mail voter. To request a vote-by-mail ballot for one election or to become a permanent vote-by-mail voter, follow the simple process described below.

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