Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on May 17th, 2009

   Back in college the house had one television which only received two channels one of which aired Portland Wrestling on Saturday night.  I can remember watching this Jesse “the Body” Ventura, who would have thought then that he one day would be the governor of the state of Minnesota and now a man of some very interesting opinions. This article is about Ventura's interview with Larry King.


   Below is the full interview and below it I have dissected it for discussion.

   When asked how is Obama doing in his first 100 days Jesse Ventura says that Bush was the worst president ever and Obama has inherited two wars and an economy bordering on a Depression. The question is simple, do you agree?

   If torture works why don’t we use it on anyone testifying before Congress either as a witness or for an appointment? Could you imagine Waterboarding either Mr. Bush or Dick Cheney to find out what happen during that administration? Do you think we should even think about such things?

   Jesse Ventura on the subject of Drugs Is he right? Is the answer to legalize all drugs or just Marijuana? If we did, would that be just another step down the road of corruption of our Nation?

    Jesse Ventura on the subject Franken vs Coleman


   Jesse Ventura’s opinion on who is a better Republican, Colin Powell or Dick Cheney? Is Jesse right?

    Jesse Ventura’s opinion about Cuba

   Jesse Ventura’s opinion about Gay Marriage


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jesse Ventura is a flake!!! George W was one of the best presidents and time will vindicate him. All I heard from JV was how “Bush was the worst this or that, but no reason for his opinion. Don't forget that he uses to make his living by deceiving gullible people and it looks like he's doing the same thing again. Who is he to attack the President of the Vice President? I think that they did a pretty good job at keeping us safe for 7 years. Remember that no America has been attacked during that time. Yeah, the economy is in bad shape just like it was left to President Bush by Billy Clinton. And it's only because they had to fight this war on terror that has stopped them from getting the economy going. Just remember that Obama isn't going to do any better, but that's okay because Jeb Bush will be the next President and he'll fix it all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jesse besides having a great name is right on the money! Who is attacking the FormerPresident or the FormerVice President? If anyone is doing any attacking it is coming from Dick Cheney.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So you like the idea of the Vice President being water boarded by Ventura? That had to be one of the most unpatriotic things that a former governor could say. He said that he has moved to Mexico, well I say good, stay there!

  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

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