Acorn / Republicans and Election Fraud

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on December 2nd, 2009

Author: Joe Hawley

I just finished watching the Republican Kangaroo Court which was attempting to railroad Acorn.  This was the most partisan scam that I have seen.  There was not one Democrat on this so-called investigating committee, nor was there any witnesses with a pro-Acorn bias.  Their prime witness was a former Acorn employee, Anita Moncrief who was fired for her illegal and unethical conduct; she is also being sued by Acorn which is an indication of her bias and guilt.  Moncrief then decided to falsely apply for a company credit card and then used that card for personal items. She got caught and fired. (1)  Miss MonCrief said in an interview that she identifies with economic and social reforms that are championed by conservatives.(2)  Because of her fraud and theft, most news organizations are weary of using her as a source of anything.  Even Fox News cut ties with her months ago.

All the other witnesses were either Republican office holders or former Republican office holders.  Their chief complaint was that Acorn had registered enough voters to elected President Obama and the Democratic Congress.  It seemed to be less about any irregularities at Acorn and more about Republican loses.  Acorn employs over 300 full-time year-round community organizers, plus another 200 part-time tax and benefit site workers, along with tens of thousands of volunteers. Acorn Housing employs over 250 full-time foreclosure prevention counselors and other workers. . One consequence of their size is the same as any other large organizations or businesses, a small percentage of our employees occasionally engage in illegal or unethical behavior.  They have attempted to police themselves as any business would do. (3)

Before the election, TPMMuckraker wrote a lot about the Republican effort to make it harder for poor and minority voters to cast ballots. In several states, the GOP took advantage of restrictive voter ID laws, passed in recent years, to try to force election officials to purge voters from the rolls.  Texas Republicans have doubled down on the strategy, “pushing a bill to require voters to show a photo ID — a requirement that, studies show, would hit poor and minority voters, who vote disproportionately Democratic, particularly hard. As usual, the stated rationale for the bill is to protect against voter fraud — and as usual, Republicans have produced no actual evidence that such fraud is occurring.  (4)  In 2006 Acorn helped 1.3 million low-income, minority and young voters across the country register to vote.  That success was greeted with unfounded accusations in order to maintain the unbalanced electorate that favored the Republicans. Then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales fired US Attorneys because they refused to prosecute Acorn and other voter assistance groups on trumped up fraud charges.  This was the heart of the US Attorney-gate scandal that led Karl Rove, Gonzales and other top Department of Justice officials to resign.  (5)  At the same time these Republicans are ignoring the hundred of thousands of voters who were illegally removed from the voting rolls and the outright election fraud which favored the Republican Party.  What the Democrats should do is force an investigation of all those election irregularities by Republican officials.  There is no excuse for voting machines which improperly recorded votes or the preventing the honest counting of the votes. (6)  In conclusion, investigate all election frauds and pass a law that makes all citizens automatically registered to vote.  That would put an end to this problem and guarantee that unless someone was stripped of their citizenship they would always be able to vote.








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  1. Anonymous says:

    The people who are putting out all this garbage are the same people who illegally took thousands of Democratic voters off the roles and switch the outcome of elections. As far as creditability goes, I would say that they have none.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I try hard to be nice to Republicans, but this so not fair! Why can't we just make it easier for everyone to vote? I don't see why they have to attack anyone who doesn't side with them.

  3. Anonymous says:

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