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Written by Christianity and the Confusion on January 5th, 2010


Acorn / Republicans and Election Fraud

Wage Law Enforcement

Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union


Community Policing as an Alternative to Local Enforcement of Immigration Law

Republicans vs. Democrats

Stewart Spoofs Glenn Beck


Medicare Fraud


The Future of Healthcare: Meeting of the Minds


Health care Truth

Medical Marijuana ~ Justice Department Won't Prosecute

The Future of Capitalism: Meeting of the Minds


t's A Birthers Madhouse

The War on Drugs

Health Care Reform


Ted Kennedy

Job Losses & State Fiscal Crises

President Obama: “Protecting Our Security and Our Values”


Cyber Bullying

Inauguration of Barack Obama

Cannibal wants out of Jail


Free Choice Act

Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Hate Kills


State of the Union 09

Workers getting the shaft

Spying on Americans



Corruption Knows No Party







01/10/09: President-Elect Obama's Weekly Address

Hope and Predictions

Child Killer


Bush's Auto Deal

Electoral College Killed Auto Industry Aid Bill



What scares you?

Saying No to Corruption

Economic Team


Forecast for Health

Un-American ~ Father of Lies

Supreme Court video update


Protecting a Pro-Choice America

Fox Responds to FAIR

Nation's First Transgender Mayor


protest gay-marriage ban

Obama Good For Gun Biz

Vote by Mail



Impeachment Do Nothing Party

Should the 2nd Amendment be Repeal

Faith, Lies and Politics


The Democratic Party vs. the Republican Party ~ Who really cares about America?


What do you think they are mad about?

What the Crazies Forget



Freedom is more than a Word


Republicans vs. Democrats

Militarizing the Border


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