Air America

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on January 26th, 2010

Author:  Bee Clauson  

By now most have heard that Air America is filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and going out of business. When I first heard the news a cloud of sadness gripped me, it was like losing a dear friend. I know that the anti-democratic forces are rejoicing for they cannot tolerate any opinions which differs from their's. In their minds, this means the end of Progressive talk, but they could not be more wrong. In the early 90s Liberal talk show host, Bernie Ward was given a so-called national show, but it was set up to fail. In my opinion, the Conservative media just wanted to say that Liberal radio didn't work. Mr. Ward's show was aired on the weekend at two different times, Saturday at 9am and Sunday at noon. To the surprise of the media masters he had great ratings, but they still killed his show. The last thing that they wanted was to see Progressive talk take off. So long as shows tried to make it one at a time the Conservative media could slap them down.

In 2004 Air America was born with all the Conservatives predicting that it wouldn't last 6 months. They were wrong; it lasted for 6 years and gave birth to many national Progressive voices. Many of these hosts had been around, but were having trouble getting access to a large audience. Air America changed this and because of it Progressive radio has taken off. As time goes on, we will see it grow to even new heights which would never have been possible if not for Air America. Maybe it is time for the mother of Progressive talk to step aside and let all of her children take down those anti-democratic forces. I will miss Air America, but not progressive radio for it will live on.

I do find it disturbing that that Conservatives would cheer at the bankruptcy. It is obvious that they do not want to have any Liberals or Liberal message heard. They must be very insecure and afraid that the public will see them for what they are, undemocratic and anti-American. Progressive radio is the light shining on the sins of the Conservative media, exposing it's dishonesty with truth. This is something that the anti-democratic forces hate and would destroy if only possible, but to their dismay it is not. The Genie is out of the bottle and the wishes for Liberty will be heard. Instead of crying at the passing of Air America, I will simply say, “Job, well done!”


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