Free Advertising

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on March 2nd, 2010

We have for some time offered free advertising to our members.  Unfortunately, some people have been abusing this privilege and posting spam on every article.  What is more their posts have nothing to do with those articles.  So, we must clarify how the free advertising works. 

We have one forum for posting pure ads.  The only restrictions are that they must be legal, non-porn related and follow our basic rules.  The forum is called “Sale U Goods.”

We also allow our posters to end a post with a link to their site, so long as the post it’s self is not an ad and is related to either the article or thread that it is being posted to.  This privilege is extended to all the articles on the C -n- C blog and the forums of the “Free Fire Zone” message board.  Advertising however, is NOT allowed on the message board called, “Zoie's Corner.”  We feel this is quite fair and ask that all follow these guidelines.


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