The Gift to America ~ Unions

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on May 18th, 2011

Author: Marty Martorella

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The purpose of this video is to gives some facts and figures of how Unions have and are helping working America.  This is especially important in the day when Organized Labor is under attack.  This video is based on a report at the Economic Policy Institute, called “How unions help all workers” This report is far more informative than the video, with many table graphs.  To include all this information in a video would have made it three times as long.  Our hope is that this video will inspire some to explore the data in the report.  It is clear that Organized Labor or Unions have made life better for the majority of Americans.  With all the attempts destroy Unions, we need to be alarmed at what that would do to the life standards of most Americans.  For without Organized Labor, America would not be a good place to live for all but the extreme rich.


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