Two Gay Men Attack, but Why?

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on June 1st, 2011

Author: Marty Martorella

I find it to be amazing how some will signal out one group or
individuals.  When it comes to morality, God sees sin as sin
and doesn’t say, “Well, at least it was heterosexual sin.” 
Many a time I have seen fellow Christians display a very un-Christ like
attitude when it comes to gays.  I have had some ask how I as a
Christian can support the Democratic Party’s “pro-gay agenda” by which
they mean how can I treat gays in the same way that Jesus would
have.  I do not believe that Jesus would have condone the
harassment, persecution or physical attacks upon gays.  God
looks at mankind and sees His Children, all His children and I believe
sheds a tear.  Nothing hurts the heart of God more that when we
hate our brothers or sisters. 

My answer
to these people is that I and the Democratic Party is not promoting or
in favor of special rights for anyone, just the same human rights for
all.  If there is a question of morality, that is between the
individual of God.  We each are responsible for our own actions
and attitudes before the Almighty.

To attack and
beat up someone because they are gay is not only the act of a coward,
but also demonstrates that lack of real understanding of what it means
to be an American and a Christian.

A detective from Portland’s bias crimes
unit is looking for suspects who police
said assaulted two men after they walked together holding
Sunday night around 8:30 police said the two men were walking
from the
Hawthorne Bridge down to the Eastbank Esplanade. They heard people
talking and
laughing behind them but weren’t sure it was directed at
The two had previously been holding hands during their walk,
As they continued on, one of the men was pushed and punched
from behind by
several people. He was able to break away and call 9-1-1.
At the same time, the attackers punched and kicked his
partner in the head,
face, back and ribs.
The attackers finally ran away when they heard the first man
police. Link

For those who protest
that homosexuality is wrong, I submit to you so is attacking
them.  We all have things in our lives which need improvement,
things which are between us and God.  Do we want to be like
some middle eastern countries where you can be attacked for no other
reason than being different?  I think not, so lets fight
against hate crimes.  Report them when you see them or hear
someone talking about committing or having committed one.  Most
cities have a hate crimes department.

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