If Trump is against Trade Deals, I’ll be For Them ~ Is that a Mistake?

Written by admin on March 4th, 2017

Author: Marty Martorella

It use be that Republicans were for trade agreements and Democrats have historically been opposed to them. New polls show that this is switching, as reported on the Thom Hartmann show. The primary reason is that Trump is is toxic that when he seems to be for or against something it is easy to take the opposite position. We must be careful, because somethings are wrong or right regardless of who is advocating them. Instead of opposing Trump’s stand against trade deals which is bringing many Republicans to our cause, we must remember that these are our causes. Why have such things been our causes? Because they are the right things!

If Trump’s rhetoric brings people to our side on a issue, we must own that issue. We must hold Trump’s feet to the fire, proclaim that that such things are Liberal principles which we have called for over many years. We must also face the fact that most of this is just Trump rhetoric which he has no intention of following through with.

What is dangerous with his ideals is that he is championing the old Right-wing cry against regulations. Here is the fact without political bias, regulations protect the public, but they also limit the profits of the rich. This is why Trump Republicans want to remove all regulations, they hinder their ability to make massive amounts of money. The fact that people lose their lives or are crippled doesn’t matter so long as the rich can get richer.

We need to get ahead of Trump on the trade issue by proclaiming that we are glad to see that Republicans are finally are now siding with our operations to trade deals. We must remind the public that we have opposed those trade deals for years, because that such deals wipe out regulations designed to protect the public. We must remind that such deals have kept the income of the majority of Americans artificially low. Those deals are hazards to the health of the public and means that as a people, we need a universal health care system which covers all Americans. If Trump Republicans are finally embracing the Democratic position that trade deals harm America, then they should join Democrats in repelling all of them and make it clear that these are treaties which can only be passed into law with two thirds of the Senate. Without that two thirds approval, no trade treaty can be placed into law.

Let us get ahead of the Republicans in the opposition to trade deals and own it. We are the majority and can be the force for good, but we cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated into opposing our own mortal positions just because someone like a Trump is giving lip service to them. Post your comments here.


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