Investigate Them All!  We need Ongoing investigations of everyone who is seeking or holding a Public Office!

Written by admin on April 25th, 2020

The United States needs a permanent Independent Prosecutor’s Office, which would conduct ongoing investigations of every elected individual, from President down to dog catcher. Republicans have been more than willing to investigate Democrats with partisan prosecutors, but highly reluctant to do the same for their own. Kenneth Starr was an extreme Right-winger who did conduct a witch hunt, where Robert Mueller is a Republican, who was only seeking the truth. If the Democrats had insisted on someone as far to the Left as Starr was to the Right, it would never have happened.

When Republicans did their partisan impeachment of President Clinton they claimed that they were being unbias, but when the Democrats seek only to see all the evidence and hear from all the witnesses, these same Republicans scream bias!  Where we do not need partisan witch hunts as done by Starr or the Republicans, we do need to have thorough investigations of everyone in the employment of the United States. That means that investigations should begin when they first announce their candidacies or are up for an appointment to the day that they leave office, and if there are crimes, then there must be criminal charges brought. In the case of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, they would have been cleared or blocked long before they could have run for or assumed office.  This would have spared the Country the trouble that we now face.

Donald Trump is throwing the country into a crisis over his stonewalling and refusals to comply with the investigations.  Whether you like or dislike Trump, this could cause economic hardship as everything begins to focus on Trump’s possible crimes.  It has been pointed out that most employees are at the mercy of their employers with their privacy.  An employer can do drug tests that can tell that employer what type of medication the person is on, and given the cost of health insurance, that person might not be hired.  We all surrender our privacy to one point or another for a job.  Many employers monitor their employees on Facebook and take action if they don’t like what that employee is saying.   Why should Donald Trump be treated any differently than any other American worker?  Trump is used to being the boss who spies on his employees and is not used to being the employee, but that is what he is, our employee.  We, as his employer, have a right to know that he is not cheating us.  This is why Trump will lose his battle to keep his taxes and business practices secret.

What we need are ongoing investigations of everyone seeking or holding a public office, and by running, that person is consenting to have all of their private information gone over with a fine-tooth comb.  Anyone who refuses to release the requested information for investigation would automatically be removed from office or would not be allowed on the ballot.  If we are serious about cleaning up Washington, wouldn’t this be a good start?

Donald Trump will be gone sooner or later, why don’t we create that Independent Prosecutor Office to investigate all politicians?  Shouldn’t everyone in our employment have to prove that they are working for the better interests of the American people?  Why is this a partisan issue?  Why do most Republicans oppose such an office that would watch the watchers?


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