Blaming Trump’s Mess on President Biden

Written by admin on October 28th, 2021

From the economy to Afghanistan, we have seen that all the problems which President Biden grapples with today are the fruit of Trump’s bungled presidency. When Donald Trump was handed the keys to the White House, he was also handed a thriving economy which President Obama had worked tirelessly to create. Trump was quick to try to claim the credit for the thriving economy that he inherited, just as he had claimed to be a self-made billionaire when in fact, he had inherited all of his wealth and lost most of it. Trump must have thought that somehow by the power of will, the economy would continue to grow, but his ever-growing trade war with China had put that economy in jeopardy!
It was long known that Donald Trump was a card-carrying racist from the days when the Department of Justice under a Republican President had to sue Trump to force him to rent to African-Americans. So, it should have surprised no one when Trump slowed down the immigration to a trickle from those countries where the population’s complexion was of a darker nature. Trump terrorized the poor people fleeing to the promised land of hope, much as the Canaanite king of Arad tried to stop the Israelites from entering their promised land. Trump ordered the ripping of children out of the loving arms of their parents! Those poor children were thrown into cages in torturous conditions! Like a mighty river, Trump tried to dam off the flow of immigration, but as often happens, the dam was overflown and burst! So, it should be no surprise that President Biden has inherited a problem at the southern border.
Trump fanned the flames of racism which culminated with the George Floyd protests against injustice and police brutality. Trump did nothing to help resolve the problem. Instead, he tried to harness the anger as a force to keep him in power. Donald Trump was ill equipt for the job of governing. As a nation, we witnessed him firing any and all who refused to be yes men to Trump’s madness!
When the news was first brought to Trump about a disease coming out of China, his emotional knee-jerk reaction was that if the public were to hear the reports that he was receiving, the already fragile economy could falter. Even a novice like Donald Trump knew that it could hurt his chances of getting a second term if that were to happen. So, Trump’s answer was to downplay the plague, lie about the danger, and even make up ludicrous solutions such as drinking bleach!
Trump was right about one thing; his weakening economy was bad news for his hope for a second term. Because of this, Trump was distracted, being ill repaired for a crisis! Donald Trump dropped many balls at that time that now haunts us. The cost of housing is up because Trump cut back on the supply of building materials being produced. As COVID was raging, he figured that building would be cut back, but he was wrong. This should have been an area that Trump knew something about with his real estate developments, but somehow, he made the wrong decision. Now, with this shortage of building materials, the cost of homes has increased, adding to a problem with inflation.
That wasn’t the only mistake that Trump made at that time that we now are reaping the rewards of. As COVID was on the rise, people were staying home, often working from their homes and thus driving far less. With less driving, less gasoline was being used, and the surplus seemed to be growing. With a surplus, prices would finally fall, which would hurt the oil producers who had been giving heavily to Trump’s campaign. Trump’s answer was to cut back on gas levels, which now, with society returning to normal, means a shortage of gas, which means higher prices.  Another reason gas prices are higher is that Mr. Trump failed to license more CDL drivers who could deliver the fuel to the gas stations. Because of that, gas supplies are lower, causing prices to be higher than they would have been if Trump had done his job.
We also saw how Trump’s policies in Afghanistan led to the Taliban regaining power, undoing twenty years of work to build a democratic state. Because of Trump’s love affair with strongman dictators, he was drawn to the Taliban and made his deal with them, leaving the Afghan government hanging in the wind. Trump released 5,000 of those Taliban terrorists with their top generals, making our exit even rockier.

We could go on, but it is clear that whether it is jobs, gas, or Afghanistan, the troubles that President Biden is facing are the makings of one Donald Trump. Some want to trash the President for not having fixed Trump’s mistakes fast enough, but they need to remember that it took Trump three to four years to create the problems, and they won’t be fixed overnight! President Biden does not, however, have unlimited time to fix the problems. If the country is in the same state as it is now, come the election of 2024, the fact that Trump created the mess is only a working argument if Trump is the Republican nominee, and even at that, it will be a hard sell. Some don’t want to give the President that much time, which is why they do not want anyone talking about how Trump created the problem. At some point, we have to stop playing politics and be accountable. Maybe Republicans will start exercising the personal responsibility that they are always telling others to utilize. The question is whether they will ever practice what they preach?

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