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Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Author: Marty Martorella

   It was 73 when I started driving in Reno, Nevada. Gas was 48¢ a gallon and the highways had no speed limits. People drove as fast as they liked and never worried about the price of gas. Now those days are but a dim memory. I regret all the times I complained about gas raising to $1 per gallon, I would never have guessed that it would one day sale for $3.50. To think it would make a 600% jump in price from that 48¢ a gallon was too mind-boggling. The amount that it takes to fill up today can put a person into a real depression.

   Yesterday I was having some work done to my car. While I waited I walked a few blocks to a restaurant I like. As I walked I thought make over the years when gas was cheaper. There were the late 70s when I was in college with little money and rode my bike most places. After college the jobs were hard to find, but I found one that paid a low livable wage. I was able to drive with little thought of the price. By the mid 80s the economy had dropped out along with many jobs. This forced me to use the bike again, until I was able to start working two jobs. 72 hours a week made it possible to eat and live without too much worried. Of course there was not much time for anything else like sleep, but I had money for food and gas.

   Then Bill Clinton became President and the economy really started to roll. I was able to get a high paying job which because of my seniority I still have. I think that the price of gas is ridicules but I have been in far worse situations in the pass. I grudgingly fill up and then go for a joy drive. What is sad is those who cannot afford to fill up and get food. I am sure that many would like to see a sign like the one in the picture. One does have to wonder as to what could possibly be the answer.