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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

Author: Pet Jones

President Bush had a great idea with the faith-based organizations for where better to get the help. The best help comes from the church but how do we keep the government out? Right now the government is controlled by good people who wouldn’t abuse their power, but what happens if that changes? I’m afraid that one day we will be told that we have to hire gays to work in our churches. I’m not a bigot, but we should have the right to hire and fire on Biblical principles.

An amendment would protect the hiring practices of Head Start providers. Efforts are under way in the House to change language in the School Readiness Act that would make it illegal for faith-based organizations to hire only those who share their values. Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La., introduced an amendment that would exempt faith-based groups from being sued for religious discrimination. “If we don't allow faith-based organizations to do this, then we're undermining their ability to exist in an environment where they can provide services,” he said. “It also opens them up to potential lawsuits if they hire those who do not believe in their faith-based values.”

The other thing that we should consider is whether we want our children being taught by gay teachers. I know that discrimination is wrong but in this case I think the parents should be able to say who teaches their children. There are well intentioned people who forget how impressionable children are and don’t have the ability to separate the lesson from the teacher. Dr. Dobson said about homosexuality that “individuals are not born with this condition, neither do they typically choose it.” Many find themselves in a state of confusion not realizing that it is being forced on them.

It is my opinion that many gays were molested as youths. That first sexual encounter can affect how a person looks on sex and themselves. I know that we are told that most child molestation is done by heterosexuals, but that is a little deceiving for they twist those figures by saying that if the molester is also in a heterosexual relationship then he can’t be gay. The problem is that if they are molesting someone of the same sex that is a homosexual act. It is just as bad if the child was being molested by the opposite sex, but when it’s done by a gay the child can find himself forced into homosexuality in a way that he may feel like it was in his genes. Any way you look at it, which really messes up the child and can happen even in good families.

The Reagan’s adopted their son Michael because they wanted to give him a good life, but as most influential people they used daycare to help with their busy lives. It was at his daycare that he was molested and had years of trouble dealing with it. To my knowledge he was never tempted with homosexuality, but he had a lot of other problems associated with the molestation. My point is that we have to keep our children safe from any possibility of even the influence of homosexuality.

Focus of the Family has a good site that deals with many questions, So what do you think, should we let anyone teach?

I want thank the blog for letting me post an article like this. I didn’t think they would take one from a conservative but they said that they wanted to have an open discussion format.