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Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Author: Frankie B


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I think it's interesting that Bush is on the opposite side of his party on this issue.  Does that mean if there is an anti-immigrant bill from Congress that Bush will veto it?  I for one won't be putting any money on it.  What bothers me is the hate that some people have for the immigrant community, they should think about where their families came from. 

The reasons behind Bush's plan for amnesty and the Democratic Senators are suspect.   Corporatists want to see more immigration because it will increase the labor poor and lower wages which will translate into higher profits for the corporations.  As a Democrat I would like to think that Senators Clinton and Reed are fighting for the immigrants out of compassion for the poor, but I can't get pass the fact that NAFTA was a gift from these types of Democrats.  Corporatists owe their loyalty to enriching corporations instead of the poor.


Neither party can claim the high ground on immigration.  Republicans have given us artificially low wages and fought against raising the minimum wage and Democrats gave us NAFTA.   If  any party wanted to improve the living standard of average Americans they have had plenty of opportunities.

We are told that this is a Christian Nation, a Christian Nation that has forgotten the word of Christ, “What you do to the least of these you do to me.”  I'm not arguing for amnesty for these illegals, that would only allow the Corporatists to continue to exploit the poorest.  We should consider the best ways to protect the American and Mexican poor.

The argument that the illegals are doing the jobs that Americans won't do is just non-sense.  Those jobs would be done by Americans if the wages were higher, but that is the last thing that the Corporatists want.  Here is an example; 20% of all construction is being done by illegals, last I checked there are many Americans willing to do construction jobs.  These jobs pay very well unless they are under the table.



Everyone is trying to find an answer with little success.  Some people want to build a wall, but these same people would employ illegals to build it.  Does anyone have an idea what a wall would cost?  There is a type of wall that could prevent most of this.  That wall wouldn't be made of stone, wood or steal.  The wall that I'm talking about is a wall of policies. 

For starts the government needs to go after those who knowingly employ illegals and if it is found that they are being paid under the table there should be jail time for that employer.  If minimum wage had kept up with inflation over the years it would be about $11 or $12 a hour.  At those rates Americans would take the hardest jobs.  If the government was to encourage unionization instead of tearing down unions the hiring of illegals would be greatly reduced.  There are many answers such as raising the living standards in both countries, but declaring war on the illegals is not the answer.

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President Clinton on immigration                Larry King host a debate between 4 talk show hosts

    The author brought up several good points, this poll is asking what you think the answer is to the illegal immigration problem. Should we build and guard a wall between Mexico and the U. S.? Should we make these illegals felons and prosecute them? The author says “the government needs to go after those who knowingly employ illegals,” but how do we determine that they knew they had hired illegals? One way might be to prosecute anyone paying under the table. We could just say all is forgiven and give amnesty to all here allowing them to become citizens. Is the answer to improve the income leave of all these jobs so that Americans will do them and try to get Mexico to do the same?