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Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Author: Marty Martorella


   By now everyone has heard the news that the Spinmeister Karl Rove has resigned. The question that is on the minds of many is “Who will replace him?” I was thinking that it might be fun to pretend that that we are that White House replacement. So, I invite you to make the administration's case. This could be an excellent way to debate the White House's issues. For this exercise you will be Karl Rove's replacement and the question is how will you put the spin on the administration's policies? As the new White House Spinmeister how would you sale the administration's Iran policy? Pretend for a moment that is your job and try to persuade the rest of the country to accept it. Tell us in a persuasive way why Iran is a threat and convince us of the right action that we must take to be safe.

   I know that some of you are saying to me, “Hey, wait one minute there, I do not agree with this administration on anything little alone it's Iran policy!” Well, in your case let's pretend that Harry Reed or Nancy Pelosi has resigned and you now have their job. How would you counter the White House action on Iran? How will you spin the counter arguments?

   The blog called “Christianity and the Confusion” will be hosting this little debate. So, we invite you to post your video clips (or written posts) pro or con of the White House Iran policy on the thread called “Make Your Case.” In this way we can see what everyone is saying and we can make our counter points. Let the debate begin.