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Rigged Election

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

   Many feel that this election was a lie; that there was no way that Mr. Bush won! With the Neo-Cons throwing out the registration of Democratic voters, removing Democrats from the voting rolls, used electronic voting machines which appear rigged to give vote to Bush no matter how the person voted! These were not enough for the Neo-Cons; they had to go into the Democratic districts and challenge every voter that they could, as a result slowing down the already long lines. In these heavily Democratic areas the voting machines were fare two few. Americans stood in lines for hours to get rid of this appointed president, only to have their votes stolen by the far right. 

   This is not America, this is not what this country is about, but if the far right thinks that we will just lie down and take it, they are sadly mistaken! What we must demand an independent prosecutor to investigate all these voting frauds! It is time to fight back in all ways, start writing your elected officials, call them let your voice be heard until this evil comes to an end. So, my friends never give up!


Voting for all

Friday, October 29th, 2004

   There are many stories of attempts to suppress the vote, most are outright illegal. We have seen Registration forms thrown in the trash so those citizens would not be able to vote. There have been thousands of voters wrongly removed from the voting rolls. There are attempts to slow down the voting process as to discourage those who do not vote the way a certain group likes.  

    Here in Oregon most of the voting problems have been corrected by making all voting done by mail. I personally did not want to trust the mail so I used the ballot box place at libraries. The picture above is of one of these ballot boxes.    

    There is only one problem; there is a deadline for registering. Perhaps it is time that all citizens are automatically registered to vote. The following are polls to that nature; feel free to let us know what you think.


Abortion and taxes

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

   The clip is from the debates the question was asked by a person about having her tax dollars used for abortion. Many people find such questions insulting as they do not like seeing their tax dollars used to kill innocent children in Iraq. We could get into a heated argument about abortion, but I would rather discuss this attitude about taxes. Should we be able to direct where our taxes are spent?


New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

Sunday, October 3rd, 2004

    The Assault weapon ban is coming up for renewal, The Washington Post reports;

The Senate approved a renewal of the ban earlier this year, but the provision was part of a broader bill that included other measures opposed by the White House. House GOP leaders have given little indication that they plan to back an extension of the ban, and President Bush — who said during the 2000 campaign that he would support an extension — has not pushed the issue.





   My copy of OutFoxed arrived today and I just finished watching it. The film on Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism is very revealing. The best price seems to be at for only $9.95. This is an audio clip from OutFoxed click it to hear a sample image

    Some may prefer to just read the articles and are uncomfortable sharing their thoughts, but no one will be allowed to berate another poster so feel free. We ask only for those who would post to do so in a polite manner (no profanity, or personal insults) this way everyone can stick to the issues at hand.   ***There was a problem so this has been reposted, the following are the replies from the first posting.***

Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Frankie B at <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />07:50PM (PDT) on Sep 8, 2004  |  Permanent Link

No question about it assault weapons will fall into the hands of terrorist and they will have no problem using them!


Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Rick at 09:04PM (PDT) on Sep 8, 2004  |  Permanent Link

Oh yes, give these terrorist automatic weapons, why not give them nukes while you’ll at it Mr. Bush? This President has got to be the dumbest man to ever done the job!


Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by S. Fulrath at 08:35PM (PDT) on Sep 9, 2004  |  Permanent Link

You, sir, and most of the rest of the posters here, are the epitome of the masses confused by the mainstream media. The AW (ugly gun) ban DOES NOT EFFECT AUTOMATIC WEAPONS!!! They have been “banned” (liberals favorite word) since '34! IT ONLY EFFECTS SEMI-AUTO LOOK ALIKES! This is precisely why urbanites who attend public school should not be allowed to vote.


Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Marty at 09:10PM (PDT) on Sep 9, 2004  |  Permanent Link

Yet all of the police departments are opposed to the lifting of the ban. As to the automatic weapons vs. semi-automatic weapons, those with the know-how can change them over. As I said, it is not the lawful users that concern me rather those who would use them in an unlawful manner, such as terrorist who were not a problem before the ban took place. All the second amendment guarantees is the armed and well regulated militia (in today vernacular “the National Guard!) If such gun control laws were unconstitutional then the NRA would have brought at least one suit before the Supreme Court as such. Their never have because they know that their argument would not hold water. Please try to response in a polite manner, for rudeness only shows a lack of confidence!


Re: Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Frankie B at 10:02PM (PDT) on Sep 9, 2004  |  Permanent Link

Your last statement is absolutely correct, such rudeness does show insecurity!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Marty at 10:24PM (PDT) on Sep 13, 2004  |  Permanent Link

The following was posted with one major mistake the poster used profanity, this is not allowed so I have edited the last word out.

Re: Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News
by Oscuro on 2004.09.12 09:46AM PDT | IP:
“Those with the know-how can change them over.”

Yet they could have done this with all of the other Colt M-16 Style rifles, the AKM style of rifles, and other modern military-esque rifles that have been produced AFTER the AW-Ban. The ban does NOT stop people from buying weapons similar to those used by our modern militaries; it only makes firearms comply with having a limited number of features: Removable/High capacity Magazines, Pistol Grips, Telescoping or Folding stocks, Flash hiders, or Bayonet lugs.
PLEASE tell me where in that list, do you see anything that is an INTERNAL modification to the current firearms that are already produced, specifically one what will ease the facilitation of converting a civilian, semi-automatic firearm into a fully automatic firearm?

Oh, beware the rifle with a bayonet that magically allows the user to shoot faster, more accurate, and turns his “varminting rifle” into a full blown “moose killer”.

What is really aggravating is the fact that the most commonly used weapons in violent crimes, are impromptu weapons such as house knives, baseball bats, crowbars, golf clubs, cars, and other household tools. THESE are the most common weapons EVER used in violent crimes! Yet NO ONE has a problem with them.
If you really want to solve the problem, don't destroy the tools used for self defense; educate the nation on the facts! Don't inform them of conspiracy theories, blatant lies, false hype, and pure and utter bull!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Marty at 10:46PM (PDT) on Sep 13, 2004  |  Permanent Link

If all that you said was true then that only would mean that more weapons should be considered to have the potential of being weapons of mass destruction, and thus added to the list of banned weapons. With that said, I would remind you that it is only the possibility of these weapons being used by criminal elements and terrorists that is of concern to most Americans. I for one do not care what hobbies other law abiding citizens have, so some like to play with guns, which is not what is at issue. If it were not for the possibility of terrorist or criminals getting their hands on them I would not care, but the truth is that we live in a very dangerous world and must take every precaution to protect the citizenry!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Frankie B at 04:02PM (PDT) on Sep 15, 2004  |  Permanent Link

That is just the point; these guns will fall into the hands of terrorists and be used against Americans. It seems that is of no concern to Mr. Bush!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Marty at 09:39PM (PDT) on Sep 16, 2004  |  Permanent Link

The answer is regulation as the second amendment does not guarantee anyone the right to own all forms of firearms. It only guarantees that there will be – in today’s language – a national guard to protect the rights of the citizens. With that said, no one is talking about outlawing guns, only regulating them to protect the American people! There is a reason why the police around the country support the ban on the assault weapons, it works! True there are more weapons that need to be added to the list and we can take that up after the election when the country returns to its Democratic roots. As I have said, no one would ever have or would be pushing the ban if these weapons didn’t have the potential for mass destruction. If there was a way to guarantee that the terrorist and criminals would never get their hands on these weapons most people would not care who else collected them. Problem is that these weapons will fall into the wrong hands and the innocent will suffer, odd that Mr. Bush talks so much about fighting terrorism and given the chance to really do something, he does nothing!


Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Frankie B at 10:08PM (PDT) on Sep 9, 2004  |  Permanent Link

Just for your information I never went to any public schools, my education was confined to some very good private school. However, that is neither here or there, all Americans have the right to vote, as it should be! It was such arrogance that stopped people of color from voting and is very anti-American! If your education was as great as you indicate you would be able to realize the danger of these assault weapons even if you are against the ban!


Re: Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Karen at 10:39PM (PDT) on Sep 9, 2004  |  Permanent Link

Good point, how can anyone not see the danger of this?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New polls – Assault weapon band – Terrorism – Fox News

by Frankie B at 04:03PM (PDT) on Sep 15, 2004  |  Permanent Link

Some prefer to be bind!


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