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The Business of the People

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

Author: H. Franklin


    I believe that the current obscene rise in gasoline prices was part of the plan conceived when Cheney met with a group of energy companies, and the results never made public.  We elect our officials (or at least I thought we did. How naive!), to take care of our business.
    This might be a revolutionary thought, but I believe that the business of the American people should be conducted in full view of all the American people. Things like this, that effect us all so dramatically need to be laid out in a public forum for all to see. The way it is now being conducted gives too many opportunities to cover up incompetence and mismanagement, or even deliberate deception. There are other issues that should be aired in public.

   There will have to be an awakening and an awareness of the people that their government has been taken away from them. We need to become of one mind with a singleness of purpose – that of restoring and returning this country and its government to the rightful owners.
Desperate times may call for drastic measures. You don't use a band aid when the patient is bleeding to death. We need to use the power of the ballot in fair elections to root out the criminality and incompetence we are experiencing in our government
   When the Founding Fathers set this government into motion; they made provisions for periodic elections to affect changes. They knew that change was good and they didn’t expect that this new government would give rise to the career politician. I’m sure they didn’t envision politicians becoming so entrenched that they became self serving and instead of working for the people that elected them, they play the game of surviving.
The right has their favorite proposed Constitutional Amendments, so I feel that saner heads should make their own proposal. Limit the terms of all elected officials. We limit the term of the highest elected office in the land, so why not the others. We might want to consider extending it to all elected officials wherever they are.