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The Selling of America

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

Author: Marty Martorella


   The resent debacle over the ports is indicative of a more severe problem with this White House. From 9/11 to the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina the pattern has been the same, that of an administration with no one at the helm. In the video Mr. Bush looked as if he was coming unraveled.


    A business which operates without supervisors is doomed to failure no matter how good and conscientious the employees might be. Without strong leadership even the luckiest of businesses could not survive. That is the problem with this administration, they lack strong leadership. If they were to control those in their employee as they do to the message, this would have been a successful presidency.

   The goal of the White House seems to be to enrich the backers of Mr. Bush even if they do business with Al-Qaida. When those in power put their interest before that of the American people the country is in serious trouble. To have sold American ports to foreign countries like the UAE would put our citizens in jeopardy and lined the pockets of certain administration officials.


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Selling America

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Author: H. Franklin

What is with our elected representatives, both the Senate and Congress? Why have they rolled over and playing dead? They have sat back and let George and his henchmen do as they please. Why have they not taken up and used the Constitutional powers designated to them?

Why indeed? Remember the dummying down of this country as begun by Reagan and company? Well, it has at last been successful. The truth is the American people do not have enough knowledge of how this government is supposed to work. They have bought into the idea that the President is the supreme ruler of the country and has the power to do as he pleases. I'm afraid, too, that there is gross ignorance within the legislative bodies and they don't know what to do either. A good course of study in civics should be a requirement for them before they take office. Is civics even taught any more? What about ethics?

How can this president and his people negotiate unilaterally to sell off to foreign powers our most critical assets? Six, I believe it is of our largest ports, which are critical to every aspect of our being. Can we afford to let foreign powers control this? Let's go ahead and let him sell off the other vital assets of our infrastructure. How about our hospitals, schools, power generating plants, water treatment plants, and our Interstate road system? Someone stands to profit handsomely from shenanigans like this, and it won’t be the American people.

I'm not sure Cheney hasn't already cut a deal with the energy companies to allow them to sell out to foreign interests since we have never had any report of his secret meeting with them.  Congress must reassert itself. This country must be returned to the people. Examine critically those candidates running for Congress this fall, and let's get some legislators in place that are not a bunch of wimps and yes men, someone that will do the job and earn their salary.

I think we can see where this is going. First, he sells off the ports. Don't we carry out a lot of military activities at the ports?
Next will be our military bases. Much of the logistical operations have already been turned over to private concerns. Providing meals, transportation, etc.
After selling all these off and dividing the profits, next will be additional massive tax cuts for the rich because those assets sold will not be included any more in the budget. It all comes down to greed and money. That's the bottom line – the only bottom line, and we all know who will benefit.


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