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Air America and Tabloidism?

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

Author Grandma Bee

I've been seeing a lot about Bush in the tabloids lately. “He's a drunk”, “he's in treatment”, and “he’s getting a divorce because he's in love with Condi.” Most people have come to expect that type of thing from tabloids, but when is part of an Air America show that's another thing. For the most part the network is an excellent source of information, news, and interviews. This is why I am disappointed to hear Randi Rhodes show degenerate into this type of tabloidism.


Randi started off talking about the hypocrisy of the right. She related how they were all ready to impeach Clinton but will do nothing about Bush and Condi. Knowing what the Republicans did to Clinton over sexual misbehavior it is understandable that Randi would talk about it. What I take exception to is calling Rice a Lesbian. I didn't like it when the right said those kinds of things about Janet Reno and I really don't like hearing it from people that I respect. We have come to expect this from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, but we have a higher level of morality or should.

There is enough corruption in this administration that we don't need to focus on this tabloid stuff. Personally I don't buy or read any of the tabloids, but like everyone I see their headlines at the checkout line. I just can't take serious a paper that prints stories about two headed babies and little green men. If it is true about Bush then Christians need to be praying for him. This is one thing that the Christian Right never did for Bill Clinton. Maybe it's just me, but I have notice that there are fewer prayers from the pulpit for the President when he is a Democrat. I believe that we should pray for those in office even if we disagree with them.

I still will be listening to Randi Rhodes and Air America with the hope that there will be less of this type of tabloidism. I know that some will not be happy with me criticizing Air America, I just don’t believe in the attitude of “my party right or wrong!” If we act like that how would we be any different from the right?

















   The question that should be asked is how reliable are these tabloids? We have seen such sites as the Drudge Report discredited repeatedly and yet many still quote it as gospel. The media watch site Media Matters gives a sweeping report on the lack of creditability of the Drudge Report. With such popularity of sensationalism in the media one must come to question everything that is reported. It should be taken as our responsibility to research what ever is in the media. Unfortunately, most people will not look passed their own opinions.

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