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The Media Fair?

Saturday, March 5th, 2005

    Some in the Bush administration complain that there is unfair media coverage. They feel that there is a bias in the media against them or at least that is how the administration portrays the media. Many felt that the media had an unfair bias against President Clinton. It seems that each administration has make similar complains, so the question should be asked if the media has treated the Mr. Bush any different?








   This opinion that some how the White House has been a victim of the media is a bit difficult to understand when you consider articles like this one found at News.

But in the wake of revelations about the aggressive and unprecedented tactics employed by the White House to manipulate the news, that relatively benign interpretation is being reexamined. Recent headlines about paid-off pundits, video press releases disguised as news telecasts, and the remarkable press access granted to a right-wing pseudo-journalist working under a phony name, have led some to conclude that the White House is not simply aggressively managing the news, but is out to sabotage the press corps from within, to undermine the integrity and reputation of journalism itself.