Why War?

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Why War?

Friday, November 11th, 2005

Author: Marty Martorella

   When Mr. Bush first claimed that we had to invade Iraq we were told that Saddam still had WMD. There were attempts to link Iraq to 9/11 and Hussein to Al-Qaida. We now know that neither where true. We also have found out that the evidence was being manipulated by the White House. One must ask what was the real reason for invading Iraq, was it oil as so many think?

   Some have said that the sanctions were about to be lifted off of Iraq and Hussein was ready to flood the market with oil which would have restricted the profits of the oil companies. While others feared that was only part of the problem for they believed that Hussein would have use the money from the oil sales to excise revenge for the years of the sanctions and the first war by sponsoring terrorism. Obviously we do not know what he would have done if he had a free hand.

   We know that Hussein was reported to have been making demands that he be paid in Euros instead of dollars which if other nation were to follow would have devastated our economy to a point perhaps worse than the Great Depression. This may have been the revenge that Saddam was seeking. The question that should follow is if this was the reason for invading, was it worth the loss of so many lives on both sides?

   Some try to use the argument that Hussein was a bad man which no one would argue against, but if we are to go after all bad men shouldn’t we start in the boardrooms of these multi-national corporations? If in fact the real reason for the war was to bring freedom, one would think that freedom would be the goal economically for all people. What we saw was a restriction of civil liberties under our control. News papers were not allowed to publish anti-American articles, radio stations were shut down and religious intolerance was growing. If freedom was the goal, one must ask whose freedom are we talking about? Was it the freedom of companies like Halliburton and Bechtel to make as much money as they wished? As we pay tribute to our Veterans let us not forget to ask why they had to fight and in many cases die.