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Trump’s Business Just Got Chinese Approval To Operate Escort Services

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Author: DonnaMM

The hypocrisy of Republicans is unbelievable!  My God, if a Democrat had been grabbing women by there private parts, cheating workers out of their pay, refusing to show their tax records and getting golden showers in Russia, the Republicans would have impeached him in a second.  Why is it okay to promote prostitution if the man doing it is a Republican?  Trump makes me so sick!

[QUOTE]President Donald Trump’s business interests are diverse. He owns hotels, real estate, golf courses, and casinos as well as other smaller ventures like his Trump Steaks brand. Now Donald Trump has decided to begin the process of creating businesses centered around vice. The Chinese government has granted preliminary approval for 38 new Trump trademarks, including one for a Trump escort service! Link[/QUOTE]

Escort service, ‘Prostitution’ not only prostitution via slavery.  These women aren’t free to say “No!”  Arguably, no woman would ever choose to be a prostitute.  They are forced into prostitution by many different ways.  Poverty is the biggest recruiting tool for prostitution. When a Mother can’t feed, put clothing on her children or a roof over her their heads, yes she will prostitute her body.  Then you have the men forcing women into prostitution.  There is an actual industry which kidnaps young girls and sells them into prostitution.  Men, don’t kid yourself by thinking that those women are prostituting themselves because they like it and would be doing so no matter what.

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