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Republicans are attempting to end democracy in America

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Author: Matt King

There are two histories of voting in the United States, there has been those who strive to see that every citizen has a right to vote and there has been those who have strive to limit the number of voters to those who will favor their candidate or causes. Conservatives have used everything from a poll tax to removing voters from the voting rolls to limit who votes, ten-hour waiting lines have been the norm in many of these red states. Of course such delays were only found in Democratic districts. All of these attempts to subvert the vote of the American people have been outrageous but they are nothing compared to what Republicans are planning for the future.

From Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, GOP officials who control legislatures in states that supported President Barack Obama are considering changing state laws that give the winner of a state’s popular vote all of its Electoral College votes, too. Instead, these officials want Electoral College votes to be divided proportionally, a move that could transform the way the country elects its president. Link

On the surface many will say that the Electoral College needs to be reformed. That is true, is not reform but rather rigging. It is an attempt to allow one side with far less votes to win.

Because of gerrymandering by Republican governors and legislators, and the concentration of Democratic votes in urban areas and college towns, divvying up Electoral College votes based on congressional district wins would yield significantly better results for the GOP. In Wisconsin, where Democrat Barack Obama won in 2012 by a wider margin than he did nationally, the president would only have gotten half the electoral votes. Link

What this means, is that Republicans are able to take large concentrations of Democrats and put them in one district while creating thousands of small Republican districts. Each district would have an Electoral vote, which would mean that state with a million votes cast, with nine hundred thousand could go to the Democrat while only one hundred thousand going to the Republican. under this scheme the Democrat will receive one electoral vote while the Republican would receive thousand, even though the Democratic candidate would have received the 90% of that state’s popular vote the majority of the electoral votes would have gone to the Republican. This is the clearest example election fraud, it wasn’t enough to take Democrats off the voting rolls, it wasn’t enough to give them few voting polls were to cast their votes causing 10 hour-long lines now the Republicans are attempting to make the votes of the majority it relevant. The Republican Party is quickly becoming a regional party only able to win small elections by popular vote. What is their solution? Are they considering changing to meet the needs and wishes of the majority of Americans and thus after their votes? No, what they are planning to do is to rig all future elections. As you might imagine Democrats are outraged and the party is prepared to fight back.

As expected, the proposal has drawn strong partisan reactions, with state Democratic Party chair Jim Burn posting on his party’s blog: “This is the ultimate sour grapes. After getting swept in statewide elections, Pennsylvania Republicans are trying to change the rules to help Republican politicians.” Link


Democrats in Wisconsin have promised to fight the changes to the electoral system if Republicans advance one.
“Once again they’re changing the rules because they lost the game – that’s what this boils down to,” said Rep. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee).
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett recently told supporters in an email they need to halt any attempt to change how states give out their electoral votes.
“The Republicans want to rig the game. They know what they’re doing and we need to stop them,” he wrote in his email. Link

As I look at the solution is quite simple, end the electoral college. the purpose of the electoral college was based on the fear that the majority of the people might not make the right choices and by electing a group of representatives to cast the actual votes for president there would be a stop gap measure to prevent the public from making a bad choice. This type of thinking is outdated and we have outgrown it. It is time to count the vote as the voter meant it to be. It is wrong for a Republican living in a Democratic district to have his vote counted as a Democratic vote, in the same way is wrong for a Democrat living any Republican district to have his go to a Republican. It is time to return to a majority rules in our election processes. It is time to put to death the electoral college, allow all Americans to vote and count all the votes as cast.

The above was written in 2013, today we see Donald Trump sitting in the White House even though he didn’t win the election.  Trump lost the popular vote by some three million votes and was only able to win the Electoral College by seeing that his operatives kept thousands upon thousands of ballots from those swing states where Trump barely won from being counted. Then when a recount was called for, a Republican judge stepped in and blocked the recount.  By all counts, Trump is the illegitimate occupant of the White House.  (update by MM)




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