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What is Socialism, what is Communism, what is Capitalism?

Sunday, July 26th, 2020

As we see yet another election approaching, we also see people throwing out terms that they don’t understand.  You will see people using terms like Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, and Fascism.  The sad truth is that many use these terms without knowing the true meanings.  Most who scream Socialism really are worried about Communism, but are they really worried about everyone having the same opportunities and sharing the profits equally, or are they worried about living under a dictatorship?  That seems to be what most in a free society worry about.  Both Communism on the Far-Left and Fascism on the Far-Right used a dictatorship to maintain their power, but is that what Socialism is?  The answer is no, for Socialism is simply put when the government meets a public need that the private sector cannot!  There are many things that the private sector is better at and then there those things that we the people have to be in charge of.  Could you imagine private police forces?  Most people are either poor or middle class in America, think about what would happen if two men got in a fight, one wealthy and one poor.  The rich guy pays a couple of hundred thousand a year for police protection while that poor fellow pays pennies or nothing.  Who do you think the cops would be arresting?  Certainly not the man who through his contributions is keeping some thirty officers on the force.  So, if a rich guy under that system was to punch you in the nose, the wise thing would be to just thank him and walk away.

The vast majority of the Right uses the term Socialism without any knowledge about that which they speak.  Socialism is simply when the government meets a need in society that private individuals or companies either cannot meet or have been proven to be corrupt.  Capitalism is making money off of money, off of capital.  To be a Capitalist one doesn’t do anything but enjoy the returns on his/her investments.  Some people think that they are Capitalist because they own a business that they operate, but that is not Capitalism.  Such people are entrepreneurs, not Capitalist because they actually do some, most, or all of the work.  Communism is where everyone in a community owns together everything, and nothing is owned privately.  There is nothing wrong with either of this, and we can find these all in the United States.  You have had Communes, and the latest version is Co-ops, where all the employees own equal parts fo the business.  The problem with Communist governments is that they only work when all are in agreement, and that limits them to a small group.  When they grow bigger, the only way that they can stay Communist is through a dictatorship which is as poisonous as a kingdom used to be, keep in mind that those kingdoms of old were pure Capitalism.  All this brings us to the subject of Socialism.  I have already stated that Socialism is where the government, our government owns and operates that which is needed and that need cannot be met by private individuals without corruption. Here are some examples of these Socialist programs:

1) Our Socialist Military.
2) Our Socialist Police.
3) Our Socialist Court system.
4) Our Socialist Fire departments.
5) Our Socialist Roads and Highways.
6) Our Socialist Department of Agriculture, which includes food safety.
7) Our Socialist Department of Veterans Affairs.
8) Our Socialist Department of Education.
9) Our Socialist Department of Labor.
10) Our Socialist Department of Corrections.
11) Our Socialist Department of the Treasury.
12) Our Socialist Unemployment insurance.
13) Our Socialist Social Security insurance.
14) Our Socialist Medicare or Medicaid.
15) Our Socialist Department of Water and Sanitation.
16) Our Socialist Department of Energy.
17) Our Socialist gas and oil.

That is right without our military protection you would be paying through the nose if you could even get gas and oil. Socialism is simply that which the government, our government owns, operates because private individuals and companies cannot do those things without corruption.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with any of these forms of government so long as those being governed have a Democratic voice in how they are governed.  I am like most Americans who have a mixture of these.  For I have been an entrepreneur having owned a couple of businesses, now in retirement my pension derives it’s money from investments, making me a Capitalist.  Also in my Retirement, I receive Social Security and soon will start having Medicare making me a Socialist.  So, maybe we ought to be slow in our condemnation of how others make their livings.

Remember where Communism employs Socialism for everything within that society has been Socialized, Socialism is not necessarily Communism.  Just like owning a business doesn’t make you a capitalist.  Socialism seems to be the glue that holds together the entrepreneurs, the Capitalists, and those striving for equality.  It is a mistake to assume that any of these forms of government are good or bad on their own.  It always comes down to how they are used!

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