Blaming Trump’s Mess on President Biden

From the economy to Afghanistan, we have seen that all the problems which President Biden grapples with today are the fruit of Trump’s bungled presidency. When Donald Trump was handed the keys to the White House, he was also handed a thriving economy which President Obama had worked tirelessly to create. Trump was quick to try to claim the credit for the thriving economy that he inherited, just as he had claimed to be a self-made billionaire when in fact, he had inherited all of his wealth and lost most of it. Trump must have thought that somehow by the power of will, the economy would continue to grow, but his ever-growing trade war with China had put that economy in jeopardy!
It was long known that Donald Trump was a card-carrying racist from the days when the Department of Justice under a Republican President had to sue Trump to force him to rent to African-Americans. So, it should have surprised no one when Trump slowed down the immigration to a trickle from those countries where the population’s complexion was of a darker nature. Trump terrorized the poor people fleeing to the promised land of hope, much as the Canaanite king of Arad tried to stop the Israelites from entering their promised land. Trump ordered the ripping of children out of the loving arms of their parents! Those poor children were thrown into cages in torturous conditions! Like a mighty river, Trump tried to dam off the flow of immigration, but as often happens, the dam was overflown and burst! So, it should be no surprise that President Biden has inherited a problem at the southern border.
Trump fanned the flames of racism which culminated with the George Floyd protests against injustice and police brutality. Trump did nothing to help resolve the problem. Instead, he tried to harness the anger as a force to keep him in power. Donald Trump was ill equipt for the job of governing. As a nation, we witnessed him firing any and all who refused to be yes men to Trump’s madness!
When the news was first brought to Trump about a disease coming out of China, his emotional knee-jerk reaction was that if the public were to hear the reports that he was receiving, the already fragile economy could falter. Even a novice like Donald Trump knew that it could hurt his chances of getting a second term if that were to happen. So, Trump’s answer was to downplay the plague, lie about the danger, and even make up ludicrous solutions such as drinking bleach!
Trump was right about one thing; his weakening economy was bad news for his hope for a second term. Because of this, Trump was distracted, being ill repaired for a crisis! Donald Trump dropped many balls at that time that now haunts us. The cost of housing is up because Trump cut back on the supply of building materials being produced. As COVID was raging, he figured that building would be cut back, but he was wrong. This should have been an area that Trump knew something about with his real estate developments, but somehow, he made the wrong decision. Now, with this shortage of building materials, the cost of homes has increased, adding to a problem with inflation.
That wasn’t the only mistake that Trump made at that time that we now are reaping the rewards of. As COVID was on the rise, people were staying home, often working from their homes and thus driving far less. With less driving, less gasoline was being used, and the surplus seemed to be growing. With a surplus, prices would finally fall, which would hurt the oil producers who had been giving heavily to Trump’s campaign. Trump’s answer was to cut back on gas levels, which now, with society returning to normal, means a shortage of gas, which means higher prices.  Another reason gas prices are higher is that Mr. Trump failed to license more CDL drivers who could deliver the fuel to the gas stations. Because of that, gas supplies are lower, causing prices to be higher than they would have been if Trump had done his job.
We also saw how Trump’s policies in Afghanistan led to the Taliban regaining power, undoing twenty years of work to build a democratic state. Because of Trump’s love affair with strongman dictators, he was drawn to the Taliban and made his deal with them, leaving the Afghan government hanging in the wind. Trump released 5,000 of those Taliban terrorists with their top generals, making our exit even rockier.

We could go on, but it is clear that whether it is jobs, gas, or Afghanistan, the troubles that President Biden is facing are the makings of one Donald Trump. Some want to trash the President for not having fixed Trump’s mistakes fast enough, but they need to remember that it took Trump three to four years to create the problems, and they won’t be fixed overnight! President Biden does not, however, have unlimited time to fix the problems. If the country is in the same state as it is now, come the election of 2024, the fact that Trump created the mess is only a working argument if Trump is the Republican nominee, and even at that, it will be a hard sell. Some don’t want to give the President that much time, which is why they do not want anyone talking about how Trump created the problem. At some point, we have to stop playing politics and be accountable. Maybe Republicans will start exercising the personal responsibility that they are always telling others to utilize. The question is whether they will ever practice what they preach?

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Colin Powell Died from COVID, proving the need to be Vaccinated and Masked

Monday gave us the death of an American hero, Colin Powell. Powell died from COVID at the age of 84, even though he was fully vaccinated. Some will use his death to promote the erroneous lies against vaccines. In actuality, this only demonstrates the deadliness and strength of COVID. We can expect to hear those who want to see more deaths using the General’s death to trash the vaccines without telling the whole story.

“Powell was fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, his family said. But he faced several ailments, telling Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward over the summer that he had Parkinson’s disease. Powell’s longtime aide, Peggy Cifrino, said Monday that he was also treated over the past few years for multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that impairs the body’s ability to fight infection. Studies have shown that those cancer patients don’t get as much protection from the COVID-19 vaccines as healthier people.” [1]

We can see that Colin Powell was also combatting several other ailments that gave COVID a leg up. We also know that less than 1% of the deaths from COVID are among the vaccinated… [2]

“The scientific data has honed in on one thing – vaccines are effective in preventing hospitalizations, ICU admissions, ventilations and deaths,” Palli says.

“We now know that almost all deaths occurred in patients who were not vaccinated. We also know that all vaccines are effective against various strains that are in circulation right now, including the delta variant, which is rapidly spreading,” Palli says.

Cassiere pointed out that the unvaccinated are not only at higher risk of becoming infected with COVID-19, they are at greater risk of spreading the virus, having to be hospitalized, and dying from the infection. Avoiding long-haul COVID-19 is another argument in favor of vaccination, he added.” [2]

Where no one has claimed that the vaccines are 100% effective, they obviously do offer a large level of protection. Consider how many would still be alive had they been vaccinated. We know that over 99% of the deaths are among the unvaccinated; this should tell us that the vaccines are very effective in fighting this deadly disease. However, only a fool would underestimate an enemy like COVID!

The war against COVID still wages due to those refusing to get vaccinated and mask up; they are spreading the Delta variate of COVID. “The [Delta] variant was responsible for over 90 percent of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. from July 18 to 31, data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows. [3]

We see from this that it is the unvaccinated and unmasked who are spreading this deadly disease. Would these vaccinate and mask up, we could see a reduction in the deaths of 99% + of those dying from COVID!  

There will be these breakthrough cases like Colin Powell; however, we can reduce them by getting everyone vaccinated and masked. The fact is that it is the unvaccinated and unmasked who are spreading the disease. According to the CDC, while vaccinated people can experience breakthrough infections and spread the virus, unvaccinated people are at a greater risk of being infected and spreading the virus. [4] The CDC also tells us that fully vaccinated people are likely contagious for a shorter amount of time.

The other point is wearing masks; we don’t just do this for ourselves, we do it for others. We do not know if we might be contagious; we could be spreading the virus without knowing it. We don’t know if Colin Powell would still be alive if everyone else were vaccinated and wearing masks, but we can be sure many others would be! Masks are essential to our safety and do help, some more than others.

“Given what we know about the Delta variant, vaccine effectiveness, and current vaccine coverage, layered prevention strategies, including wearing masks, are needed to reduce the transmission of this variant

  • At this time, as we build the level of vaccination nationwide, we must also use all the prevention strategies available, including masking indoors in public places, to stop transmission and stop the pandemic. Everyone who is able, including fully vaccinated people, should wear masks in public indoor places in areas of substantial or high transmission.” [4]

Everyone must ask themselves, do you want to be among the 99% who are dying from this awful disease? Do you want to be the one who causes the death of someone like Colin Powell? No one likes getting a needle jabbed into our arms or wearing these masks, but sometimes we have to do those things that we dislike for the sake of ourselves and others. Let’s stop politicizing this and accept the fact that when facing any enemy threatening us, we are Americans long before we are Republicans or Democrats!






Why does the Right want the Left to stop talking about Trump?

Every time we talk about how wrong and dangerous Donald Trump is to America, the Right goes nuts. They want us to stop talking about Trump until he is back in a position where he can once again be putting the nation at risk. Let us remind all of you Right-wingers of how you have continued to trash Democratic candidates after the elections were over and your candidate had won.

Even though George W. Bush had been inaugurated as President, the Right still trashes Al Gore. Even though President Bush won re-election, Republicans for the next four years continued to bash John Kerry. Remember that both Gore and Kerry accepted their losses and congratulated Bush. Then for the four years of Trump’s incompetency, the Right continuously attacked Hillary.  It’s funny how they now want us to stop talking about Trump.  It never ceases to amaze how far the hypocrisy of the Right goes. They are like the bully who cries whenever the tables have been turned. The sad thing is that they never learn and refuse to change.

The big difference between the Left and the Right here is why we talk about those who lost the elections.  We on the Left talk about Trump out of our patriotism, wishing to protect America from any more of the man’s ego-centric temper tantrums and disasters. Where the Right attacks out of their hate and insecurities, We on the Left only seek to set the record straight. All that we see coming from the Right is spin and talking points.  They want to overlook all of Trump’s failures and blame them all on President Biden.  The Right is composed of sore losers who feel entitled to win no matter how bad their candidate or policies might be.

We also need to stop those who want to blame President Biden for the failures of Donald Trump. Afghanistan is a perfect example of the Right blaming Trump’s disastrous failures on President Biden. If Trump had never been in office, Afghanistan would never have decayed as it did. Trump set up the fall of the Afghan government with his incompetent freeing of 5,000 Taliban Terrorists and by making a deal with the Taliban behind the back of the Afghan government.  We saw the attempt at a mass exodus at the end for one simple reason; Trump had slowed the immigration out of Afghanistan down to a trickle.  Trump wanted to stop the immigration of Muslims and for anyone who didn’t have ghost-white skin. So, for four years, few were allowed to immigrate.

Even when Trump created a problem, the Right tries to blame President Biden.  Take the Southern border, had Trump not been employing his racist immigration policies, we would not now be seeing a problem at the border.  The Right wants to ignore how the United States created the suffering, causing so many to flee their homes.  For years we have destabilized the countries south of our border, which now brings many of their inhabitants to us.  Maybe, the Right seeks to ignore this fact because we created the trouble under other Republican administrations.  It is so much easier for the Right to blame those cleaning up the problem than to accept that their Party was the cause.

So, this isn’t just about the Right being full of hypocrites; it is about the dishonesty of the Right, which seeks to blame the Left for the problems they created.  Most on the Right recognize that their Party is responsible for the problems, but unfortunately, are not willing to take responsibility!  This is why the Right doesn’t want us talking about Trump; it makes it harder for them to bash President Biden with the facts staring them in the face.

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Combating fake news on Facebook

Combating fake news on Facebook [Video] [Issues: Fighting the Propaganda, Knowing the Truth, Facts Matter]

Recent studies show articles that peddle misinformation on social media platforms like Facebook get many more shares, comments and likes than factual content – which creates a profit motive to keep the spigot of medically-false conspiracy theories flowing. Correspondent David Pogue talks with experts about how difficult it is to find out just how widespread misinformation is on Facebook; and with a doctor whose emergency room has been flooded with COVID patients, many of whom were unvaccinated, or even refuse treatment, because of spurious medical claims they’d seen on social media.

There also is this article which you may wish to read Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen revealed as ‘whistleblower’ behind leaked documents that plunged the company into scandal (

How do you know if the information that you are receiving is true?  Do you just look for information that confirms your opinions?  Or do you look for information that can form your opinions?  Does it seem like more people on the Right seek confirmation rather than plain information that they can use to develop their opinions?  Have you received a warning from Facebook for something that you have posted?  Isn’t Facebook equally in the wrong for allowing false information on their platform?


Trump May Have Let Slip Details Of His Election Scheme As He Attacked Georgia Governor

[Video and Article] [Issues: Trump’s Legal Troubles, Democracy at Risk, the GOP goal of Fascism]

When Donald Trump set about attacking Georgia governor and fellow Republican Brian Kemp this weekend for failing to fraudulently overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s victory there, he may have inadvertently revealed more details of a scheme that could land him in prison.

That the former president tried to coerce Kemp into calling a special legislative session to give Trump the state’s electoral votes rather than Biden has been known publicly since shortly after their Dec. 5 phone call.

But Trump during his rally in Perry, Georgia, on Saturday twice stated that he had asked Kemp to call a “special election” — a request that would mesh with some of his advisers’ recommendations to him to declare martial law in a handful of states he narrowly lost and to force them to hold new elections.

“The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime,” said Norm Eisen, who served as an ethics lawyer in the Barack Obama White House and more recently worked for the House committee overseeing Trump’s first impeachment. “He dug his grave a little deeper on Saturday.”

Gwen Keyes Fleming, a former district attorney in Georgia’s DeKalb County, said Trump’s comments will certainly raise eyebrows. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Fulton County district attorney and her investigators aren’t watching very closely,” she said… [Read the full article by clicking here]

Could Donald Trump find himself behind bars? Is the GOP less worried about protecting Donald Trump than they are eager to lock up Democracy? As the GOP shrinks and loses voters, is its only hope to reject Democracy and promote the rule by the elite special few? Could elections be a thing of the past if this GOP gets its way? Isn’t what made America great the fact that we are a self-governing public where every citizen’s voice is just as important as the other? Why would anyone want to give that up? Shouldn’t the GOP be altering its policies and platform to reach more people than trying to exclude those whom it cannot reach? Didn’t all societies which were ruled by an elite few eventually fall? Isn’t the only hope of success, if the United States continues to be a country that listens to its citizens?

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This is what Trump said about US’ evacuation of Afghan allies

 [Video] [Issues: Racism, Hate, White Supremacy, Immigration]

CNN’s John Avlon breaks down how some “nativist” GOP voices are resorting to anti-refugee rhetoric to demonize the US’ Afghan allies and contrasts that to a CBS/YouGov poll that shows overwhelming bipartisan support for helping Afghan interpreters resettle in the US.

How can some be so willing to turn their backs on others?  Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” how can anyone be advocating for us to abandon these poor people?  Isn’t it a lie to be calling these immigrants, unvetted?  Aren’t all of these immigrants being closely vetted and screened?  Why do some on the Right feel the need to use the race card?  Why does the extremist always use the fear card?  Is it because the Far-Right is full of scared little racists and this is all that the extremists have to offer?

[Note: The verses in the image were paraphrased for space.  You can look up the verses yourself.]


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Biden to Kabul attackers: ‘We will hunt you down and make you pay’

[Video and Article] [Issues: America, Justice, Revenge]

President Joe Biden vowed Thursday to retaliate for a terrorist attack that killed 13 US service members outside Kabul’s international airport even as he said the frantic mission to airlift Americans from Afghanistan would continue.

“We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay,” Biden said in early evening remarks from the White House, hours after the Pentagon said 12 service members had been killed in two separate suicide blasts outside the airport gates. Shortly after Biden spoke, US Central Command announced an additional US service member has died, with a total of 18 wounded.

In a subdued but firm tone, Biden said he’s asked the US military for options to respond to the explosions, which he said had been carried out by the Islamic State affiliate operating in Afghanistan.

“We will respond with force and precision at our time, at the place we choose and the moment of our choosing,” Biden said. “Here’s what you need to know: These ISIS terrorists will not win.”

The terror attacks, which came after days of public and private warnings from Biden of a potential threat that could disrupt the massive airlift effort, have complicated the bloody final days of America’s longest war. It made for what Biden’s aides described as the worst day of his young presidency.

Now, in addition to evacuating thousands of people who desperately want to leave Afghanistan, Biden has tasked the military with another mission: hunting down and punishing the ISIS terrorists who killed Americans and scores of Afghan civilians…

The risk of potential terror attacks from the Islamic State affiliate operating in Afghanistan worried American and Western officials from nearly the moment it became clear that the Taliban would take over the country on August 15…

Biden had raised the possibility of an attack — not from the Taliban, but from the ISIS group — last Friday.

“We’re also keeping a close watch on any potential terrorist threat at or around the airport, including from the ISIS affiliates in Afghanistan who were released from prison when the prisons were emptied,” he said…

“The longer we stay, starting with the acute and growing risk of an attack by a terrorist group known as ISIS-K, an ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan — which is the sworn enemy of the Taliban as well — every day we’re on the ground is another day we know that ISIS-K is seeking to target the airport and attack both US and allied forces and innocent civilians,” Biden said. [1]

How can any American be attacking our President while other Americans are under fire from America’s enemies?  Seeing that this ISIS-K who committed the attack was released from prison by the very Taliban soldiers that Trump released, do we have Trump to thank for this attack?  Why would anyone think that it would have been a good idea to release such terrorists?  If any of these criminals were to be released, shouldn’t that have happened after all Americans and our allies had left Afghanistan?  To all of America’s enemies who think that we are weak and won’t strike back, ask Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein how they are doing today!



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Investigate Them All!  We need Ongoing investigations of everyone who is seeking or holding a Public Office!

[Article][Issues: Justice, Congress, President, Judges]

The United States needs a permanent Independent Prosecutor’s Office, which would conduct ongoing investigations of every elected individual, from President down to dog catcher. Republicans have been more than willing to investigate Democrats with partisan prosecutors, but are highly reluctant to do the same for their own. Kenneth Starr was an extreme Right-winger who did conduct a witch hunt, where Robert Mueller is a Republican, who was only seeking the truth. If the Democrats had insisted on someone as far to the Left as Starr was to the Right, it would never have happened.

When Republicans did their partisan impeachment of President Clinton they claimed that they were being unbiased, but when the Democrats seek only to see all the evidence and hear from all the witnesses, these same Republicans scream bias!  Where we do not need partisan witch hunts as done by Starr or the Republicans, we do need to have thorough investigations of everyone in the employment of the United States. That means that investigations should begin when they first announce their candidacies or are up for an appointment to the day that they leave office, and if there are crimes, then there must be criminal charges brought.  In the case of Donald Trump, he would have been cleared or blocked long before he could have run for or assumed office.

At this point, there is no evidence of wrongdoing for anyone on the Democratic side.  However, the same cannot be said for Donald Trump. Those trying to redirect attention away from Trump are doing so because they know that there is so much corruption there that if it all becomes public, Donald Trump could find himself looking at a prison sentence and who knows how many others he will drag to prison with him!  All of this could have been avoided had Trump been subjected to an investigation before he was ever allowed to run.

Anyone seeking such an office is asking for a job working for the American people.  We the people are the employers of every elected and appointed individual.  An employer can do drug tests that can tell that employer what type of medication the person is on, and given the cost of health insurance, that person might not be hired.  We all surrender our privacy to one point or another for a job.  Many employers monitor their employees on Facebook and take action if they don’t like what that employee is saying.   Why should any elected or appointed person be treated any differently than any other American worker?  Some, mistakenly think that obtaining such an office makes them the boss, however just the opposite is true, everyone holding a public office is an employee of the American people!  Why should these employees be treated any differently than other American workers?

What we need are ongoing investigations of everyone seeking or holding a public office, and by running, that person is consenting to have all of their private information gone over with a fine-tooth comb.  Anyone who refuses to release the requested information for investigation would automatically be removed from office or would not be allowed on the ballot.  If we are serious about cleaning up Washington, wouldn’t this be a good start?

Why don’t we create that Independent Prosecutor Office to investigate all politicians?  Shouldn’t everyone in our employment have to prove that they are working for the better interests of the American people?  Why is this a partisan issue?  Why do most Republicans oppose such an office that would watch the watchers?


House committee plans to seek phone records in probe of January 6, including from members of Congress

[Video and Article] [Issues: Insurrection, Investigating all involved, Justice]

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot is poised to send notices to various telecommunications companies requesting that they preserve the phone records of several people, including members of Congress, multiple sources tell CNN.

Preserving communications records is the first step in an investigatory process that could eventually lead to witness testimony. The notices are set to go out as soon as this week and provide the first window into the kinds of information the committee plans to pursue…

Democrats have also accused some of their GOP colleagues of interacting with individuals who stormed the US Capitol prior to the attack…

“I can tell you that we’ll look at everything that will give us information on what happened on January 6,” Thompson said. “We will look at all records at some point.”…

The scope and purview of the committee’s work was part of what led to Republicans revolting over the concept of an independent bipartisan commission, but the select committee will likely be more expansive than the independent commission Republicans blocked in the spring.

The resolution empowering the Select Committee provides no specific limitations as to what it can and cannot investigate, leaving it up to the Committee to impose its own guard rails and narrower focus.

Initial plans involve compiling massive amounts of data, documents and eventually compelling testimony from a wide swath of potential witnesses, including members of Congress, former members of the Trump administration, and some of the hundreds of rioters who have been charged with assaulting the Capitol that day…

The rumors are that many members of Congress were involved in the insurrection, do you think that is the case?  If so, how many Republicans do you think could be implicated?  If any lawmakers were involved, what should happen to them?  Do you think that some lawmakers might be worried?  Republicans are already threatening revenge for the investigation, but why?  If they haven’t done anything wrong, why are they so upset?  If no members of Congress were involved in the insurrection, does that mean that the Republicans are coving for Trump?


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Matt Gaetz Runs from a woman asking him, “Are you a pedophile?”

Matt Gaetz Runs from a woman asking him, “Are you a pedophile?”

 [Video and Article] [Issues: Cowardly Republicans, Pedophile, Matt Gaetz]

A press conference with Republican House members, including Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), was dramatically cut short as protesters drowned them out and chased them down the street.

Protesters gathered behind the Republicans holding the Tuesday presser about the January 6 Capitol riot and immediately began the disruptions with whistles being blown and one demonstrator walking around with a mockup of Donald Trump on a stick…

The presser ended once protesters got too close to the Republicans and essentially took over the event. Gaetz and Taylor Greene were followed by protesters, even seemingly getting confused about where they were walking as they were swarmed. One woman immediately grabbed attention on social media for running after the Florida congressman repeatedly asking: “Are you a pedophile?”… [1]



If Mr. Gaetz is not a pedophile why wouldn’t he simply answer the reporter’s question if he was one?  If someone asked you if you were a pedophile, wouldn’t you say something like F-you or Hell no, or even, no I am not, stop asking me that awful question?  Greene tried to claim that the Left didn’t want free speech, but isn’t the truth that the Left wants speech free of lies?  If Republicans wanted a totally balanced committee investigating the insurrection, shouldn’t they have voted for the non-partisan committee which would have been equally balanced with the same powers on both sides?  If Republicans wanted that, why did they try to sabotage the investigation?


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