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Written by Marty on May 23rd, 2004

This is the purpose of Zoie's Corner.

There is so much sorrow in the world that some times we forget the good. On this page we invited you all to share  the joy in your lives, tell us of that which gives you happiness. To quote the Bible:

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the dog, some times it is the simple things in life that give us the most to be thankful for.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is so true, if we spend all our time looking for the big blessings in life we will miss the majority of life

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am thankfull for those in the church who help me see that I still have something to give.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Zoie; You are adorable. I am 64 and have always down deep in my heart that God is there always. As with most we have to come down before we can come up again to His understanding and love and know again and be assured and rest in that assurance that no matter what HE IS after all a LOVING FATHER, that REALLY does watch over us from the beginning right to the end . The End must come but that end is just the beginning of much greater and wonderous things we can not even begin to imagine. BUT WE KNOW! without any doubting that God is FAITHFUL to His word He has spoken had written for all of us to read, grow, mature, and learn of HIM our life here and also OUR FUTURE That is with HIM forever and ever. IF we just believe as we are taught to do and HAVE been told BY HIM TO DO. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER does not has not and will never LIE TO HIS CHILDREN THAT HE LOVES so very much. WHAT PARENT we have here on earth would be willing to GIVE ANOTHER SON THAT THEY HAVE TOSAVE The OTHER ??? TO be HONEST I CANNOT even IMAGINE what I would do if I was given the choice to GIVE UP ONE TO SAVE ANOTHER. THAT HAS to be an IMPOSSIBLE THING FOR ANY parent of MANKIND TO even CONTEMPLATE let alone do. BUTTO GIVE MY LIFE for MY CHILD NOW THAT I believe I COULD DO IF IT was REQUIRED TO DO SO. THANK GOD I DO NOT HAVE TO and FEW PARENTS end UP HAVING TO GIVE THEIR LIFE so their CHILD CAN LIVE. BUT our heavenly FATHER LOVED US so much HE Gave HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON that we might have life forever with HIM. This is our hope, our promise, and our assurance , without HOPE men perish and die. BUT WE whom have believed and continue in the faith have this blessed assurance and hope it is this KNOWLEDGE knowing that no mattter what we go through here in this life we have a better hope and promised life ahead in a future that is so much brighter and better then anything we could ever have imagined and it shall eventually be ours for all eternity. this is what KEEPS US and BLESSES US even now in this dark and dying world that is so fall of GODS BEAUTY BUT also has TEARS, WARS, STRIFE, and PAIN for us all at times. BUT ZOIE IT is all of thios that helps us to PERSEVERE, GROW and MATURE and become AS HE SAYS we must be to enter into HIS HEAVEN and be where HE is. FOR NO EVIL CAN BE IN HIS PRESENCE if GOD IS There NO EVIL NOR wickedness can be there. FOR GOD and evil cannot and will never reside together in HIS KINGDOM, it is not possible to have EVIL where GOD is BECAUSE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER is HOLY and we MUST become HOLY AS HE IS HOLY TO BE where HE is. THis being why FLESH and BLOOD will never be able to enter that heaven where GOD RESIDES BUT WE ARE ASSURED we shal IF we DO HIS WORK we shall RECEIVE ALL we have been promised in the end when HE RETURNS for His own. YOU Zoie and I and all that have believed and are HIS shall all someday be together in HIS ETERNAL PRESENCE where the LAMB will lie down with the LION and there will be NO WICKEDNESS OR EVIL THERE..
    GOD IS GOOD and HE will always BLESS and GIVE IF WE ASK without DOUBTING BELIEVING WE WILL RECIEVE what we ask for IN the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR witness to the Father in HEAVEN. WE NEED NO MORE GO Through another to ask of the FATHER JESUS CHRIST is our witness and HE WIKLL hear FROM HEAVEN and KNOW we are HIS. so all that come here zoie should rest in that truth that THEY CAN ASK IN JESUS NAME and GOD OUR HEAVENLY FATHER HEARS AND will ANSWER … DOUBT IN THIS TRUTH CAN KEEP US from RECIEVING FOR IT has been written and taught that a DOUBTING MIND is like the waves of the sea, and that man Cannot think he will recieve anything from God.
    This brings me to mind of what JESUS told the woman with the Issue of Blood, “Your FAITH has HEALED YOU. ” THis Woman had been sick for many years with this sickness , and she KNEW THAT if she could but TOUCH HIS GARMENT SHE would be HEALED of HER INFIRMITY!
    THIS very FAITH IN HEALING has been manifested in my own life.
    I will tell of this in another post.
    MAY GOD'S BLESSINGS be upon all whom read and hear HIS TRUTH when it is given and they READ what HE has said and done and will do in the future for all that believe . In JESUS NAME .

  5. Anonymous says:

    When I was living in Peoria, after my husband passed away. I decided it was time to move with my Kyds to here in Springfield where I now reside. I did not really want to move I first called to have the kyds find a place for me and then I canceled, then about two weeks later I called them and said yes go ahead.
    The day I moved it was a two houir drive to get here and I was not well having a cold or something. and it was cold March. this was be four years this March. Moved on a saturday and by thursday I was in the hospital dying. KIDNEY FAILURE and had to be put on DIALISIS, I was told later that MY BODY swelled so badly My hands were outstretched and fingers touching could not close. I was in really bad bad shape. all tests did not give any answers to why I was sick only that it was a virus of some kind but they never did name it. or find out what caused this terrible illness. I hallucinated badly I thouight the light fixtures were a JAPANESE TEA POT:):) and I watched one day for hours across the hall in another room on a ledge up by the cieling animals of all kinds walking across the ledge TIGERS, ELEPHANTS, LIONS, PANTHERS, I thought I had been kidnapped and no one knew where I was at. and some man and woman had me in their house. then they had a daughter that watched me all the time and a cat. NOW THIS is SERIOUS IMAGINATION HERE. that was going on and believe me I never want to go through that again. IT Is SCARY when one comes to their senses and remembers all they thought was real. and it is so weird and crazy ..
    after I had been in there for about two weeks I was up for the first time sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed . still not fully aware but much better then had been. actually was in a real world.
    the DR came in and told me I was on DIALISIS and that I probably would be on it for the rest of my life . AT THAT I just said right away with no hesitation and no doubt about it.”NO I will not. Just get me outa here and home with being back on my meds and food and like supposed to be and I will be fine.” It was said with such determination and faith from down DEEP IN MY SOUL I JUST KNEW.. GOD THING!! there are times when one JUST KNOWS ABOUT something. and one just has no doubt whatso ever. AND IF IT IS SPOKEN when THERE IS THAT NO DOUBT ND ABSOLUTE KNOWING????? IT SHALL COME TO PASS . it cannot fail because IT is written anything YOU SK FOR OR SAY WITHOUT DOUBTING KNOWING IN YOUR SPIRIT THAT IT SHALL BE SO. then GOD CANNOT AND WILL NOT GO BACK ON HIS WORD. FAITH!!!!!!
    WE AS people MUST come to the KNOWLEDGE of JUST WHO WE ARE IN HIM and how HIS POWER AND TRUTH WORKS IN US if we will just have faith IN HIM and what HE HS HAD WRITTEN ABOUT HIMSELF.
    THis brings to mind what JESUS SAID and continues to say FOR THE WORD OF GOD is the same TODAY just as it was YESTERDAY and it shall forever be the same FOR GOD does not change nor decide to have anything different then what He has said for it to be. done ….HE SAID we THINK WE HAVE SALVATIION by reading the SCRIPTURES! BUT THESE ARE WHAT TELL OF HIM!!! WHAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN MUST BE BELIEVED or GOD will never hear FROM anyone that has NO FAITH TO DO what HE has said to do and believe ..
    well back to the hospital.. the DR. thought I was getting upset because of HIS REPORT to me.. I was not upset I JUST DID NOT BELIEVE IT THT”S ALL. SO who's REPORT ARE WE TO BELIEVE> when GOD TELLS US something and we know HE KNOWS WE should BELIEVE HIS REPORT and JUST RECIEVE what GOD SAYS TO US.. and SPEAKS TO OUR HEARTS . FOR GOD is NOT going to GIVE us BAD REPORTS!!! only to WARN US .. of a coming danger.
    WELL I did get out of the hospital another week I think and I was home VERY WEAK but much better BUT STILL Having to go to DIALISIS THREE TIMES WEEK. BUT all the time I HELD TO that truth that I knew.. came from GOD!!. and after three months I walked out of the dialisis center for the last time.. SURPRISING ALL . ONE nurse came to me on my way out and she said “YOU are a TRUE miracle because YOU should not be leaving here for good.. NOT AT YOUR AGE..
    GOD is GOOD , FAITHFUL and TRUE. and IF we can just have faith to believe IN what HE has said and done and will continue to do just as promised we shall see the HOPE HE has GIVEN all that KNOW HIM . “IN MY FATHERS HOUSE ARE MANY MANSIONS, If it were not so I would have told you, I go to prepare a place for you. If I go to prepare a place for you I will come again to recieve you to Myself; and where I am you shall be also.”
    THIS IS OUR PROMISE and HOPE and IT is not be a lie from OUR LORD. FOR HE does not tell HIS CHILDREN LIES.
    Today I am happy, and have no major problems I had not had before . and these I do have go along with the wearing down of this visable body for this body that is visable will die someday. BUT THANK GOD MY FATHER IN HEAVEN FOR THE SHED BLOOD OF JESUS the RISEN CHRIST, who CAME IN THE FLESH TO die BE BURIED and has RISEN THAT THIS ALSO will be for me and you and all that have believed and do believed in OUR LORD AND SAVIOR and CONFESS HIS NAME and meditate on HIS NAME ..
    WE shall sing HIS PRAISES forever and ever HERE AND there.

  6. Anonymous says:

        I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your kind words, Zoie is a very special dog. She is a gift from God, as he knew that I needed her and worked a miracle for me to have her. The Lord does watch over us giving just what we need. The hard part is that some times we do not agree with God on what we need, that is where trust comes in. God bless you and we hope to see more of you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good night that lady goes on, but that's ok. Hey, I was short this week and didn't know how I was going to get through it. I saw myself eating rice and soup. I had just prayed that I could get a loan from my folks when I open the car door to see a $100 bill at my feet. I know that isn't likely to happen again, but I think God was watching out for me.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Don't write God off for more to come. Especially when the need is there for a REAL NEED. HE HAS already PROMISED TO MEET OUR NEEDS! JUST for our faith IN HIM and confessing HIM as OUR LORD and SAVIOR.
    AS long as we are FAITHFUL HE WILL BE ALSO.
    AS for some other things??
    You do not have because you DO NOT ASK, and you do not RECIEVE because you ask amiss.
    WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO come bodly to the throne of Our heavenly Father. and ask ANYTHING IN JESUS NAME having absolutely NO DOUBT we will recieve IF we can do that with all HONESTY and NO DOUBT we will RECIEVE.
    DOUBT!!! is very hard to OVERCOME. I still have doubt sometimes when I ask for something when I am not really sure I really want it for His good and MINE ALSO or just being selfishly in want. :):):):)
    I am learning that just to HAVE UNDENIABLE FAITH that GOD KNOWS what IS THE ABSOLUTELY BEST for me and DEPEND ON HIM GIVING and making the way will usually take care of all MY NEEDS NOW the wants WELL I Have never really wanted a whole lot of anything to begin with. YET I also know that HE wants me to be happy and SATISFIED WITH what I do have and I AM TO be perfectly honest. I TRULY am satisfied with just about everything IN MY LIFE ALL seems to be going well at the present time.. GOD IS WONDERFUL and GOOD!! all HE is really seeking is a PEOPLE THAT will PRAISE and WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT and TRUTH.
    But the hour is coming and NOW is when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth. For the Father is seeking such to worship Him.. God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and truth. John 4;23:,24:

  9. Anonymous says:

    I use to be really turned off to the church because right wing hypocrites who made it sound that they were the church. Then I met people like Marty who told me that God wasn't behind either party. I think now that there are good Christians in both but there are some in the Republican Party who are taking the name of God in vain, proclaiming themselves to be the only true Christians.
    I know I have faults, but don't judge the faith of others – that is just wrong. That is God's job not mine, I just wished that everyone would be humble before God.

  10. Anonymous says:

    *****I know I have faults, but don't judge the faith of others – that is just wrong.*****
    Hi Jessica;
    Above I quoted what you had said. If I may just say something as to Judging others.
    IF we did not and could not judge another according to their actions and deeds and wrong doing (((UNRIGHTEOUSNESS))) then we would not be able to have any DISCERNMENT and KNOW when someone was right or wrong in what they are saying, doing, living, WE would be running around with and being friends and doing as they do and say in all they do and say. BECAUSE we would then not be any different then anyone else. at all and so we are the same as all being FLESH and BLOOD. HUMAN BEINGS. BUT SPIRITUALLY WE ARE NOT THE SAME!!!and EVIDENCE OF THIS is all around us and is VISABLE and we cannot deny that there are people of EVIL WICKED and ONLY doing all they want NO MATTER who it hurts, or what the LAW OF MAN and GOD SAYS is right or wrong. they JUST DO NOT CARE. all they want to do is do what THEY WANT. this is called WALKING and FOLLOWING the LUST OF THE FLESH!!!
    BELIEVE ME when I tell you that that is what is IMPORTANT about UNDERSTANDING and RECIEVING The BAPTISM of the HOLY SPIRIT!!!
    THIS baptism that JESUS CHRIST told about and is written about and HE PROMISED TO SEND?????
    IS a REAL, PRESENT, TRUTH. THAT MANY have HAD , DO HAVE, and it can be had BY ALL that are WILLING and able to HEAR, and UNDERSTAND what the WORD of GOD SAYS about this BAPTISM !!
    IT is a REAL and PRESENT SPIRIT THAT is within those who have RECIEVED IT. and yes with the EVIDENCE of SPEAKING IN TOGNUES. BUT AS PAUL HAS said and it is written ,”THOUGH I SPEAK IN TONGUES of men and of ANGELS, but have not LOVE, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. THERE is no greater GIFT GOD CAN GIVE then TO GIVE US HIS LOVE in our hearts for others. TRUE???????
    Act 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
    And You shall call HIM Lord. and WE call HIM JESUS . because IT is written UNTO US a CHILD is BORN and YOU shall call HIS NAME JESUS, and in another place HIS name shall be CALLED Immanuel Meaning??? “God with US” and so HE is if we BELIEVE IN OUR HEART and confess with OUR MOUTH THAT JESUS the risen Christ is LORD!!! of lords King of kings and God of gods.. WE WORSHIP NO OTHER LORD GOD BUT ONE!!! OUR HEAVENLY FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THAT loved the WORLD SO MUCH HE GAVE HIS ONLY BERGOTTEN SON, THAT “””””WHOSOEVER!!!!”””” BELIEVE in HIM shall not perish but have LIFE Eternally..
    DOES That mean we as FLESH and BLOOD HUMAN BEINGS will not die??? OF COURSE NOT. we all DIE!! for FLESH and BLOOD the CORRUPTABLE.. MATERIAL CANNOT inherit the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and enter that NEW JERUSALEM. THAT will come down out of heaven. IN THAT LAST DAY.
    and that last day will come someday. WE JUST do not know when do we?? SO EVERYDAY MAY be our last right????
    TODAY THEN should be the day that all MEN THAT HAVE NOT YET CHOSEN HIM AS LORD!!!!! should do so. WHY IS THAT???
    WE ALL are breathing living souls. some have been born again OF GOD and some have yet to recieve HIS baptism that they MIGHT KNOW HIM and have HIS UNDERSTANDING and LOVE in them.. THINK about it!!!!!
    DO I KNOW IT ALL???? absolutely not. BUT I do know what HE has shown me to be truth and HIS TRUTH CAN ONLY be KNOWN IF WE KNOW HIM and UNDERSTAND what HE HAS HAD WRITTEN FOR US TO LEARN and GROW and COME TO UNDERSTAND.
    HIS SPIRIT, witnessess to OUR spirit. that we might come to HIM in spirit and truth and THEREFORE. HE THEN has a PEOPLE THAT will worship HIM in SPIRIT and truth.
    HE is SEEKING A PEOPLE that will worship HIM IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH.
    Jhn 4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.
    Jhn 4:24 God [is] a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship [him] in spirit and in truth.
    Jhn 14:17 [Even] the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.
    Eph 5:9 (For the fruit of the Spirit [is] in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)

  11. Anonymous says:

       Hi Sue,

       Jessi and I have talked about this issue as we find the actions of Mr. Bush to appear quite un-Christ like. That is what many of the policies of his administration look to us, but does that mean that Mr. Bush is a fake Christian? This I have no answer for, because he may just need to grow in the Lord more or there maybe things behind his decisions that we do not see. So, to that I cannot judge whether he is a Christian, all I can do is pray that the Lord is able to work in his life. It really bothers me when people say someone is not a Christian, we would do better to share Jesus with them as if they know Him. Remember what Jesus said,

  12. Anonymous says:

    Right you are about Not seeing THE LOVE of GOD or HIS word being fulfilled in their lives. Makes for UNBELIEF, and A TURNING FROM THE TRUTH of what HE HS SAID and done for us all..
    I do however maintain and say that IF people would read the BIBLE for themselves, Trusing in HIM and what HE has had WRITTEN for us EXPECTING HIM TO show them HIS TRUTH they would find it, instead of depending on others telling them what HE HAS SAID and done and IS DOING EVERY DAY IN ALL OUR LIVES They would be MUCH BETTER for it.
    This does not mean we cannot and should not listen to ministers reverand s and pastors or anyone that has a word for us to tell. BUT!!! WE must be able to DISCERN the TRUTH from the lies of men and IF ONE does not have the truth of what GOD has said and done then one can only believe MEN!!! and BELIEVE ME there are to many lies men tell to trust in their word and NOTHING or no body ELSE. MEANING GOD ALMIGHTY who has all the truth for us IF we are willing to read and hear HIM!!!! THAT is what the BAPTISM of HIS SPIRIT is for TO WITNESS TO OUR spirit when we PRAY and WORSHIP and READ what HE HAS said and done.

  13. Anonymous says:

    When you consider what Romans 13 tells us about OUR GOVERNING OFFICIALS,
    and IT is up to us to VOTE AS GOD LEADS US ACCORDING to what we KNOW and CAN KNOW about the CANDIDATES,,, THEN it all makes sense . anyway it does to me..
    IF the people are UNGODLY then they are going to have an UNGODLY GOVERNMENT and PEOPLE RUNNING THEIR LIVES and DOING what is not right to do. YET WHEN THE PEOPLE ARE GODLY AND RIGHTEOUSLY THINKING THEN ONE would have GOVERNMENTS THAT were more to HAVING PEACE and WORKING FOR PEACE and FREEDOM THEN the UNGODLY for LOVE IS OF GOD and HIS PEOPLE, and HATERED and WICKED DOINGS are NOT of GOD and the people will suffer in the long run for CHOOSING the MOST UNGODLY and MOST UNRIGHTEOUS of those running for office. and after all all we have is a MANS WORD RIGHT?????? and TO be perfectly honest most POLITICIANS WORDS MEAN LITTLE . it is the ACTIONS, DEEDS, and what YOU SEE IN THEM THAT COUNTS!!! when it comes to our voteing we better know more then just a FEW words they speak on tv and to the news media.
    I KNOW how HE was raised according to HISTORY, and I SAW IN PRESIDENT BUSH a MAN who had made big mistakes in his life but had CORRECTED THEM and overcame many faults. HE could not have done so without the help of HIS FAITH IN GOD ALMIGHTY. JUST because HE was an alcholic does not mean he still is DRINKING , as alot of people would like to make him out to be doing. IS HE??? I HAVE SEEN NO SIGNS OF IT. YET. YET many alcholics you may not even now it right??
    BUT I AM TRUSTING IN THE LORD THY GOD That HE knows EXACTLY what HE IS doing and has put the right person right where HE wants him for this time in our age. SO I TRUST GOD and HIS LEADING and GUIDEING ME IN what I do and VOTE for. and that also means LISTENING NOT JUST TO WORDS BUT WATCHING ACTIONS and KNOWING MORE THEN what the NEWS TELLS US. HE SAID …

  14. Anonymous says:

        It is the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit which empowers us to live holy lives. Each of us has different areas for Him to purify, this is why I try to show Christ to the best of my abilities and not condemn anyone. Yes, we can tell them by their fruit and that should be a factor in whether we follow them or not. We have a duty as the prophets of old to stand up to evil in the government, but we need to present the Gospel in a way that does not close the door to those in sin. Now, I am not saying that we should soft peddle only that we should speak the truth in love. I really feel if the Christian Right had backed President Clinton with prayers instead of attacking him at every turn, they might have been the force to have helped him avoid temptation back when it came. Anyway, that is my opinion, I hope the Lord take good care of you as we all have our trials in life which we must overcome.

  15. Anonymous says:

    OVERCOME?? oh yes we all do have those do we not???
    BUT what of all those that endure to the end??
    WE have a promise. PRAISES BE TO MY HEAVENLY FATHER I HAVE a HOPE and promise that is IN HIM and HIS TRUTH .
    a PROPHECY NOT YET MANIFESTED . and GOD ONLY KNOWS when HE shall return ..
    WE should be ready and watchful.. and TESTIFYING OF HIS TRUTH of HIS COMING. someday and HE SAYS “SOON” ONLY.

  16. Anonymous says:

       This is one of the passages that I find very helpful;

    John 16:33  These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

  17. Anonymous says:

    In reply Marty to the Scripture Quote;
    This is so true about us. If one can believe and have HIM in our hearts KNOWING THAT ALL will be ok in the end. WE surely can have peace in our hearts and minds. YET while GOING through this life we now live with all of the TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS we endure to the end. KNOWING THAT if HIS PROMISES and WORD IS true about other things HIS PROMISE OF OUR END will also be fulfilled. FULLY for God is not a GOD or HEAVENLY FATHER that LIES about anything HE has said or done and will continue to do for those HE LOVES!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    God always comes through! Huh Jess. Just don't expect it every time you're short.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Rick; What is this you mean that you posted to Jessica??
    God always comes through in the TIMES we fall short also. Or have you not heard that He wll.
    Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.
    First: WE ALL ARE HIS VESSELS. HE is not OUR VESSEL ONLY in the sense that we DRINK from His Spirit daily. Knowing what He has said and done for us. Understanding His promise that He has given to us.
    Second: Because we all are vessels of Him For Him Being a Host of His very word Or do you not kNOW what the Word has said and done. Not knowing what His work is nor what His command is? Just asking.
    Simply because Of the way I understand what you are saying in your post. NOT believeing that GOD is always there to pull us out of our shortcomings with FORGIVENESS forever.
    ALSO I might add that once knowing what is not to be done and what is not right to do. Then why would anyone CONTINUE IN THAT ACTION DEED OR DO what is wrong once UNDERSTANDING what IS GOOD and RIGHT TO DO according to what GOD HAS COMMANDED US to say and do???
    Gen 50:20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; [but] God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as [it is] this day, to save much people alive.
    Out of JEALOUSY, Joseph was left in a pit by his brothers to be found by the Egyptians. Yet out of this evil that his brothers did?? God turned it for the good. and when the famine came to the land Egypt had all the food and plenty and His brothers ended up coming to Joseph for to be given food for thier father and selves not even knowing it was their own brother that was giving them food.
    Lev 27:10 He shall not alter it, nor change it, a good for a bad, or a bad for a good: and if he shall at all change beast for beast, then it and the exchange thereof shall be holy.
    WE AS THE DESCENDANTS of ABRAHAM, ISAAC, and JACOB . SHOULD REMEMBER THIS and NOT BE as foolish and ignorant and dumb and disobedient as OUR fathers in the wilderness were.
    But of course we only follow what this fleshly material wants to do UNTIL we come to HIS TRUTH, HIS CROSS, HIS SON, and THE TRUTH OF THE BLOOD that was shed FOR US..
    Freedom truly is IN CHRIST, Not in the material things of this world. Which mean as long as we are living and doing what is right and good according to GOD'S WORD we shall have no reason to be worried or concerned about anything that this present world may do to us.. FOR ALL THAT is MATERIAL of this world IS PASSING AWAY.
    Some LOVE themselves so much they have no love for another. GODS LOVE is to LOVE OTHERS MORE then YOURSELF. YET HE only REQUIRES US to love others at least as much as we love ourselves.
    When I think about this Commandment I ask myself “Do I want honesty from people or lies?” “AM I happy about someone LIEING ABOUT ME?” “Would I just be so happy if someone STOLE SOMETHING THAT I HAD?” “Would I like it if I found out that MY HUSBAND was HAVING SEX with another person. ESPECIALLY when IT WAS GOD THAT GAVE ME THIS HUSBAND!!!!!” To be HONEST all these things are NOT GOOD to be doing if YOU LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE that are also on this planet earth with you. YET WE ALL HAVE BROKEN AT LEAST ONE OF THESE NOT GOOD TO DO'S. WE ALL HAVE LIERD SOMETIME IN OUR LIFE. and PROBABLY MORE THEN ONCE. MANY LIE ALL THE TIME giving no thought at all to what they have done in TELLING THAT LIE, IF IT SHOULD BE FOUND TO BE A LIE.
    First why do people LIE ABOUT ANYTHING?? WHAT ARE THEY PROTECTING?? THEMSELVES OR SOMEONE ELSE. IF YOU HAVE NOT done anything wrong , why LIE ?? YOU HAVE NO REASON UNLESS you are COVERING UP SOMETHING. THE thing is we may hide things from men BUT NOT FROM GOD> we should remember that. GOD KLNOWS EVERYTHING THERE is to know about us and HE also knows all we do every day every step we take in this world.
    IF WE LOVE HIM then why would we want to make HIM displeased?? BY OUR DISOBEDIENCE in not being HONEST with PEOPLE, NOT CAREING ABOUT OTHERS FEELINGS, NOT HELPING WHEN HELP IS NEEDED, LETTING SOMEONE NOT BE FEED< HOUSED< CLOTHED< and worst of all NOT CORRECTING AND HELPING THEM FROM DOING WHAT WAS GOING TO BRING DEATH AND DISTRUCTION TO THEM. HOW many things do we as HUMAN BEINGS that bring DEATH and DESEASE TO OUR bodies???? WHAT is IT THAT BRINGS DEATH TO US????? ALL THAT which is not GOOD OR RIGHT for us to do.. BEING DISHONEST gives us STRESS for fear of being found out to be LIEING, and just CAUSES more LIES TO be told. TO cover the first one told. HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS with someone other then your own mate can be not good for health when you consider the TRUTH THAT MOST now days have had sex with a lot of woman and men depending on whom you are having sex with. and SEXUAL REALATIONS WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE ALL THE TIME IS NOT HEALTHY!! as DESEASE AND DEATH FROM SEXUAL DESEASES HAVE ALREADY BEEN PROVEN to be a FACTOR IN BAD HEALTH and DEATH. GOOD REASON FOR TEACHINMG ABSTINANCE UNTIL MARRIAGE IF ONE IS WANTING THEIR CHILD TO HAVE A HAPPY LONG ENJOYABLE LIFE I WOULD SAY!!!!!! and of COURSE STEALING, and MURDER , will IF PUNISHED when CAUGHT properly ONES FREEDOMS are taken away to be in and among SOCIETY either put away for a period of time with making RESTITUTION TO THE VICTIM which is very seldom done now days. OR DEATH FOR TAKING ANOTHERS LIFE ON PURPOSE WITH PLAN AND FORETHOUGHT. ACCIDENTAL DEATH BY ANOTHER does not necessarilly mean DEATH. BUT FREEDOM IS surely at stake among society. PERSONALLY I cannot see why anyone would want to bring all this DESTRUCTION and SUFFERING UPON THEMSELVES OR ANOTHER!!!!!!!!! YET MANY MANY MANY MANY OF US, DO JUST THAT DON'T WE?????????????? SOME OF US HAVE LEARNED and FOUND A BETTER WAY ... THAT WAY is THROUGH JUST BELIEVING GOD and what HE HAS said and done for us . doing HIS WORK!!! and HIS WORK IS TO BELIEVE IN THAT WHOM HE HAS SENT. JOHN 6;29: JESUS CHRIST and do not forget HIS BAPTISM... John 1;33: WE Have two witnesses In the WORD HERE JOHN whom was before JESUS, and JESUS the RISEN CHRIST whom IS OUR WITNESS to the FATHER IN HEAVEN when we come BOLDLY BEFORE HIM IN PRAYER. THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD shows us that we NO LONGER ARE of the EARTHLY SANTCUARY BUT WE ARE now of a HEAVENLY SANCTUARY. Hebrews 9; NONE is OUR TEACHER, and NONE ON EARTH are we to CALL FATHER, FOR ONE IS OUR TEACHER , (RABBI)(PRIEST) (OR ANY OTHER whom YOU MAY CALL TEACHER. ) NOW I KNOW WHY I NEVER DID CALL my own EARTHLY " "dad" father. I called My MOTHER "MOTHER" But never did use father to mention his name as this he was always DAD or most often DADDY.. We girls called him daddy and my brother called him dad. we all called our mother, mother. That is very signiv ficant to me since I have been baptised with the Spirit and He has shown me so much teaching me through HIS written word. For instance with this. ADAM being the MALE MAN , was the FIRST THAT GOD CREATED. HE was the one HE GAVE THE LAW TO. and HE BROKE IT. HE gave ADAM THE MAN A WOMAN MADE FROM his rib bone. TO BE A HELPMATE. TO TAKE CARE OF AND work together. TO MAKE ALL GOD had GIVEN CONTINUE, and MULTIPLY the EARTH. MAN WAS MADE in the IMAGE OF GOD WHOM WAS THE WORD, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. FOR GOD WAS IN THE BEGINNING and THERE WAS NOTHING BUT GOD and HIS WORD!! and HE WAS THE WORD, HE IS WAS AND ALWAYS will be HOLY and HE IS SPIRIT!!!!!!! HOW do we SEE HIM IN THE WORLD TODAY?????? IF WE ARE HIS WE KNOW HIM BECAUSE WE HAVE BELIEVED IN THE SON, HE GAVE FOR OUR SIN TO BE WASHED CLEAN FOREVER IN HIS BLOOD> HE SHED ON THE CROSS. IF WE CANNOT understand the CROSS we will never ever ever understand anything of GOD!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I find no CONFUSION in this JUST truth . it is all IN HIS BOOK. if any are willing to SEEK HIS TRUTH instead of OURS. as MEN whom are admonished to “SEEK THE KINGDOM FIRST!”
    I have spent a LIFETIME SEEKING the KINGDOM and have found it was always there I JUST did not RECOGNIZE HIM for whom HE IS. an AWSOME WONDERFUL CREATOR GOD ALMIGHTY THAT without HIM I would never have been here and without HIM I neither would have BEEN FORGIVEN nor have a BLESSED ASSURANCE of a better HOPE!!!

  21. Anonymous says:


        Inside of us all is that desire to have life just a little better. We see someone who seems to have it made and think

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sue, sorry I just saw this post. I mean that God can let you find money, have someone give it to you or even give you a better job, but that is no excuse for being a bad steward. If my monthly income is say $2,000 and something happens that I need say $10,000 (emergency or so) I know God will provide. On the other hand I don

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rick;
    I have been busy and have not been in many places to post as usual. Glad Email alerts to new postings :):):)
    I had to go back and find what you were refering to.
    You are right if we are not good stewards of what God does give we soon find ourselves in dire straits a FORM OF CHASTISEMENT JUDGMENT and CORRECTION FROM OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.
    MY thought is THANK GOD FOR HIS LOVE ENOUGH TO GIVE US THOSE times of CORRECTION> when we do get off track. OR we would never learn anything that is GOOD and right to do.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Nice thoughts, I keep praying to win the Lotto, but God doesn

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hello Donna;
    Well I believe that you are not the only one that would like some LOTTO MONEY :):):) Personally I do not buy them or participate in the lottoe here in Ill. simply because It is a way for the Government to just dig andtake more money from us and promise promise that they do not keep nopr canm make better with MONEY of gambling means. IT make the POOR POOER and the rich get richer.
    THEY TOLD us here right from the very beginning opf the Lotto program that this would help fund the school and help keep what OUR CHILDREN need for learning and better schooling. SHOOT GUESS what?? OUR SCHOOLS are in worse shape now then they were before, PROGRAMS cut and many other problems BECAUSE OF NO MONEY AMONG other things. SO HEY!!!!!! anybody is willing to grab a chance at a million if the LIE about why YOU are getting that CHANCE can be made to be believed.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Maybe I'm wrong, but if you just do a little gambling and don't let it get out of hand is it really that bad? The little I've done has been fun and exciting.

  27. Anonymous says:

       It is that excitement which can lead to problems. I went to High School in Reno, and because of family connections was able to work in one of the casinos. I was only a busboy back then, but even at 16 I could see how so many were trapped by the gambling bug. It is an addiction much like drugs or alcohol with one exception I never saw a gambling addict happy. At lest the drugs or alcohol addict is happy when they are high, not to say that is okay. The truth is that gambling can sneak up on you and leave you broke. I saw men who would gamble their whole paycheck, lost their homes, families and finally their jobs. Back then the casinos would hire them to set at the tables and give them money to gamble so others would join in. They would spend all the gambling money plus the little pay that the casino gave them. If it were not for the casino giving them a room and food they would have died.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Marty, the reply wasn't at your post. I know it can be bad, but if you contol it how can it be bad? Doesn't it just happen if you're weak?

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