Third World War

Written by Marty on March 26th, 2005

    We are told that our oil reserves are running out, that we must look for it anywhere we can. We have seen the price of gasoline skyrocket with little hope in sight. To makes matters worse China and India are joining the age of the automobile. With the growing tensions over who will get the last drops many believe the war in Iraq is nothing more than an oil war. The question is if more people want the shrinking reserves will this bring about a Third World War?






Worries Over Oil Shortage Swelling  

EV World, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Nebraska –Mar 23, 2005When oil production stops rising to meet growing demand, it “will result in dramatically higher oil prices, which will cause protracted economic hardship in

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Oil shortage a pressing issue for Iraq’s economy 

MSNBC –Mar 23, 2005 And despite Iraq’s shortage, the government maintains gas prices at only 5 cents a Now one of the most oil-rich countries in the world is in the bizarre


Worries swelling over oil shortage   

Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN – Mar 20, 2005WASHINGTON, DC — In the space of a couple of hours last week, crude oil prices hit a record $56 a barrel, President Bush fretted publicly over world oil


Asia ; India blocks transport of oil to Nepal: 

KeralanextIndia – 14 hours ago[Asia News] KATHMANDU – The eastern parts of Nepal began facing a severe oil shortage after Indian authorities blocked the transport of oil from the Indian


Is the 'End of Oil' on the horizon? 

Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX – 14 hours ago psychological effects. So who is paying attention?” Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage by Kenneth S. Deffeyes, 2001. Coal to remain top energy source: analyst The Standardall 3 related »




Will liquefied natural gas save America's oil-addicted economy 

The Athens News, OH – 11 hours ago If a dollar free-fall should take place, Americans will confront an energy crisis that will make the October 1973 oil shortage seem a mild nuisance.


Higher gas, oil prices contributing to economic resurgence across   

Dodge City Daily Globe, KS – 8 hours ago things really holding us back is a shortage of rigs and a shortage of skilled workers,” said Ed Cross, executive director of the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas High Gas & Oil WIBWall 5 related »


Energy Special: Oil in troubled waters 

Financial Times, UK – 9 hours ago at a jetty about an hour and a half’s drive from the oil city of Asari told us there was no shortage of willing expert helpers who support his idea of an


US: The fire is no longer on its way, it has begun  

EmptyWells, UK – Mar 23, 2005 This means that the next tough oil shortage, even if it is not acknowledged as a post-peak oil extraction phenomenon of diminishing supply, will cripple the


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    Unless we find a new source of energy or change our habits I don

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    More reasons for drilling everywhere. How much drilling is being done in China? I just wonder how much oil there might be there.

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