Neo-Con Play Book and their rules

Written by Marty on July 18th, 2005

    In today’s political world the extremist on the far right (known as Neo-Cons) are using every tool to stifle the voice of the Liberal movement. We can thank God that they are beginning to lose this effort, but they continue to use the Neo-Con playbook. This is so dishonest in its approach for instead of seeking to contribute to the dialogue its goal is to stop all talk that does not agree with the extremism of the Neo-Con movement. Below are some of the rules in the Neo-Con playbook, do you recognize them from your encounters with the far right.

1.                  Change the subject to one that you can win or at least a different one.  If a Liberal is winning an argument try to derail that argument by switching topics. [The best way to overcome this tactic is to bring them right back to the topic of the discussion.]


2.                  If you cannot discredit the argument of the Liberal try to damage the reputation of that Liberal.  [Instead of trading insults with them just confront them with the fact that they would not be throwing insults if they could support their arguments.]


3.                  Repeat the RNC talking points.  It does not matter if they are true for the more people hear them they are more likely to believe them. [Demand that they provide their sources, if they are only parroting talking points they will not be able to do this or they will give some right-wing link like Newsmax.]


4.                  While claiming to be impartial accuse your opponent of being partisan.  [Just identify this tactic at rule 22 which is projection.]


5.                  Act confused when a Liberal makes a valid statement, saying that really did not make sense.  See how many times you can get him to restate the argument.  [Refuse to repeat yourself even if someone else is making the same argument that you have just refuted.  Just state that you have already refuted it and unless they can counter your argument that you are not interested in kid's games.]


6.                  Claim that your opponent is being desperate.  [Either ignore this or turn it back on them, tell them if they were not so desperate they would stick to the subject.]


7.                  When there is a site that proves you wrong claim that it would not work for you.  That way you can keep making your claims.  [Suggest if they want to know the truth that they should update their computer.]


8.                  Accuse your opponent of pure non-sense just to throw him off his game.  [Simply ask what they don’t understand.  Make them repeat back to you what they think you are saying.  This will make them either to admit to a lack of intelligence or open a dialogue which they are trying to avoid.]


9.                  Use wide sweeping generalizations. [Force them to be specific by asking direct questions.]


10.              Claim that your opponent is unpatriotic. [Inform those making such claims that you love <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />America; challenge them to show their love of the Country by showing respect for others.]


11.               Claim that all Liberals are unpatriotic.  [Inform those making such claims that you love America; challenge them to show their love of the Country by showing respect for others.]


12.               Try to use intimidation.  [Remember that anyone using this tactic is no more than a school yard bully that can be silenced by standing up to them.]


13.               Try to ask questions that puts your opponent on the defensive.  [There is nothing wrong with answering questions so long it is on topic, remember the rule one is to change the subject]


14.               Refuse to answer your opponent’s questions. [Remember that most Neo-Cons do not want to answer so just keep repeating them]


15.               Claim that you have answered all the questions even though you have not.  [This a simple one just ask them if the did not understand your answer and repaste it.]


16.               Claim that your opponent has not answered your questions even though he has.  [Post the link to where you answered]


17.                Speak in generalities without ever giving specifics.  [Force them to be specific by asking direct questions.]


18.               When using the internet make up as many screen names as possible so that it seems like there are more Conservatives than Liberals.  [This tactic is one to recognize and not let it deter your commitment.]


19.               Connect your opponent with undesirable people.  Example: accuse Liberals as helping terrorist.  [When you see this just tell the person that they are using rule 22 projecting their life onto you.]


20.               Accuse your opponent of unseemly acts, immoral sex acts work best.  [Again when you see this just tell the person that they are using rule 22 projecting their life onto you.]


21.               Control the message and thus the agenda.  [This can be difficult, but it can be overcome by asking them direct questions.]


22.              Projection ~ The best way to keep from being detected is to accuse your opponents of doing the very things that you are.  Such as if you are using multiple screen names online accuse your opponents of doing that.  This will put them on the defensive and keep them from looking at you.  [Again when you see this just tell the person that their projection will no work on you.]


23.              Create an enabler – if you are confronted by liberals create another personality that can pretend to be a liberal and defend you. By pretending to be one of them you can throw them off their guard.  [One of these trolls can be identified by an overt defense of those who they should be opposing. The best way to deal with this type of troll is to expose them or ignore them. Never take their criticism to heat for they are liars.]


 24.               Create irrelevant associations to the past.  [There are many ways to handle this tactic, you can hit it head on by denying it (if it's not true), you can explain it (if it's true), you can have friends speak out for you (if the accusation is small this is the best way), you can also choose to ignore it (keep in mind that if it does not stop soon you must address it.)]<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />


25.               Deny, deny, deny, and never admit to being wrong or that you were caught.  [This tactic is best dispelled by exposing it as this rule of denial.]


26.               Do your best to destroy your opponent’s ability to fight.  [This tactic is covered in all the rest.]


27.       Simplify everything down to the two word culture. [Force them to be specific by asking direct questions.]


28.               When doing mailing of politicians write as many letters as possible using different names.  Take the names out of the phonebook that way you have the address too.  [This one can be hard to detect, beyond everything we must stand on our principles.]


29.       Pretend to be a liberal when calling in to talk shows or posting then make comments that other liberals will attack you for.  This will divide liberals.  You can say that you have been a life long Democrat but now you are so disgusted that you have switched to the Republican Party. [This type of person will hang themselves if given enough rope.  Listen to their words for that will give them away.  Also take note that a true Liberal rarely to never will abandon their principles to ally with those attacking other Liberals and almost never will someone makes such a switch for a minor thing.]


30.      Avoiding a Liberal's arguments is the secret to success, try twisting his/her words to mean the opposite of what was said.  Don't be afraid to take him/her out of context, this will put them on the defensive and keep them from asking you pointed questions that you do not want to answer.  [Know this tactic and recognize it for the Neo-Cons love this one.  I have found that the best way to deal with this dishonesty is to question their intelligence in that they cannot understand what you were really saying.  Then suggest that they do understand and are too dishonest to admit it.]


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