Old Testament Christians

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on October 2nd, 2005

 Author: H. Franklin

There is a growing and disturbing phenomena in our country today. We have seen it quite frequently the past few weeks following some tragic natural events that have recently occurred. I’m talking about those that are saying and writing that God is punishing the United States for their wickedness and sins with these hurricanes, earthquakes, and tidal waves. One writer even suggested that some of the punishment was for the amount of attention we are giving to taking care of the poor. To limit God to the capricious and indiscriminate destruction in anger of his creatures (man), certainly doesn't give credit to His magnificence and glory.

The Old Testament is full of stories of a vengeful and wrathful God. Oh, there are stories of His love and compassion, but they are mostly ignored. We want to hear about a God that strikes us down for disobeying him, and of course he visits all kinds of illnesses on us as punishment for our sins.

We have fashioned our own wrathful and vengeance driven god that we can hold over the heads of others to frighten and intimidate into accepting and embracing our beliefs. How many of us have heard about the fire and brimstone preacher that “saved” people by scaring the hell out of them?

We have a cult of what I call Old Testament Christians. These are the ones that preface their remarks with, “did you know it’s a sin . . .”? Most of their assumed authority comes from snippets of scripture, taken out of context, from the Old Testament, which is Jewish History, and when read and seen in the context in which it was written, has no relevance to the point they are trying to make.

Now what happens when we get to the New Testament? Here we have God’s Son speaking of love and forgiveness, but do we listen? Not very much, I’m afraid. We are uncomfortable with Jesus’ ideas of loving our enemies and doing good to those that hate us. He even told us we should take care of the poor, and did not point a finger or blame them for being poor.

That was really radical when He told us to love our enemies and do good to those that hate us. That seems to be a real conflict for those that call themselves Christian, followers of Christ.
Haven’t we been taught all our lives that if you are poor, it’s because you are lazy and shiftless? And that was the final insult when he said to sell what we have and give it to the poor! All our accumulation of everything we have worked so hard all our lives to amass? No way!

Jesus posed something new and radical that the people in His day could not accept. They executed him for his beliefs. I heard George Carlin say the other night on TV that if Christ were to preach the same message today, we probably wouldn’t crucify Him, but would execute Him by lethal injection.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Old Testament Christian is a good name for them; they look for the same type of messiah that the Jews were looking for. The Jews were looking for someone who would lead a mighty army and destroy all their enemies. I think that some of today

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi; Well I know this will go over like a lead balloon, TRUTH is TRUTH. like it believe it deny it and shove truth aside makes not one bit of difference to anyone but the one doing the shoving and denying,
    JESUS GOT ANGRY. and called all those that Did not abide by HIS LAW AND COMMANDMENT. HYPOCRITS!
    YET GRACE DOES NOT GIVE US A LICENSE to continue In our lieing, cheating, stealing or whatever the sinful actions we may be doing any given day when We KNOW BEFORE HAND this is what we are going to do. SO as to what God does and does not do . GOD IS IN CHARGE OF ALL THE WEATHER and IT IS WE WHO CREATE THE ADVERSITY TO CAUSE GOD TO BE ANGRY AT US FOR NOT DOING AS HE HAS CONMMANDED TO DO!! CHOICE WE ALL HAVE ONE. MOST OFTEN WE MAKE the wrong ones.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jesus didn't bring us any laws such as Moses brought the Children of Israel. He brought us The New Covenant of love and forgiveness.
    Someone has said that if we call ourselves a Christian Nation then it is inappropriate that we post Jewish Law in our courthouses and public buildings. This is exactly what the Ten Commandments are – Jewish Law. A truly Christian Nation would likely post The Golden Rule and the Beatitudes.
    I don't believe God gets angry when we do not obey his laws and commandments, but I think he is sad. Wouldn't it be inconsistent for a loving and caring God to get angry at his creations? You’re not giving God much credit for His magnificence and glory that he would capriciously and indiscriminately strike down and destroy his creation?
    True, Grace does not give us license, but it gives us a chance! As imperfect people we are going to go astray from time to time, but God has given us a chance to repent and confess our sins.
    I think Marty has appropriately named this BLOG Christianity and the Confusion. It is confusing to read in the Old Testament about a wrathful and vengeful God, and then be told in the New Testament that God is a benevolent, loving and caring God. What is the Difference? Jesus Christ

  4. Anonymous says:

       In one way Jesus did bring us the law; for no matter how hard man tried on his own he would always fail to keep it. God said that when Jesus came He would write His law on our hearts. That is just what the Holy Spirit does though the sanctification process. We live holy lives as living tablets. It is because we are changed people.

    “But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” declares the LORD,” I will put My law within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Jeremiah 31: 33
    Hebrews 8:10
    Hebrews 10:16

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