King Funeral

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on February 11th, 2006

Author: Marty Martorella

   We all understand that the nature of politics is “dog eat dog,” but there is a leave that should never be reached. When people will attack the family and young children of a candidate they demonstrate that they have not the moral fiber to lead. When people cannot debate the issues or know that they are fighting for a losing cause then they will resort to some of the ugliest of tactics. When such people try to twist a public event which was designed to celebrate the life of a true American, they only show that they are not true Americans.

   This week we saw the funeral of Coretta Scott King who had dedicated her life to the downtrodden. Those who spoke never pointed at anyone individually rather they addressed the ills of this world. Some who may not have seen the funeral are either misinterpreting or purposely twisting what was said. The two men that are the focal point of the attack are Rev. Joseph Lowery and President Carter. So I have prepared two video clips which show that nothing of offence was said to Mr. Bush and he took no offence. This should prove to all that those who are spinning this are less than truthful. Rev. Lowery did not point at Mr. Bush when he said that there were weapons of misdirection down here. It would be very limited thinking to assume that was only a reference to the story about WMD in Iraq. If anyone thinks that those weapons of misdirection here on earth are limited to the Republican Party they too are very foolish. We must strive for the higher ground by working for liberty, justice and equality irregardless of political party. Mr. Bush must have understood what Rev. Joseph Lowery and President Carter were saying for he not only stood to applaud them but also quickly shook both their hands after their speeches. Please view both video clips and I have also provided an audio clip of their whole speeches.


And Joseph Lowery and Jimmy Carter audio clip

   This is from the Drudge report I ask you after watching the clips for yourselves is Matt Drudge just a repulsive liar?


Today's memorial service for civil rights activist Coretta Scott King — billed as a “celebration” of her life — turned suddenly political as one former president took a swipe at the current president, who was also lashed by an outspoken black pastor!

   Matt Drudge continued to lash out with an attack out against the work of a dead woman. He must loath the concepts of equality and civil rights, which is amazing seeing that he is a gay man. We have seen this before where someone tried to hide his own life by lying about others. What I do not understand is how can anyone who calls themselves Christian can rely on this hypocrite for their information.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    We don't agree on a lot politically, but on this we do. I watched the whole funeral and was very touched. I just hope when my time comes that there will be at least a 16th of those good things said about me. I though both Presidents HW & W Bush did a great job and I even liked what Bill Clinton had to say. Can you believe that? Well, there's a first time for everything so they say. I didn't think that the President was bothered by either Carter or Lowery.
    I don't know what Drudge’s problem is, but he was obviously watching a different funeral that I was. The clips were good and prove that he is wrong, but I've never been one of his fans. In my opinion, people like him do more harm to the Conservative movement than good. They make me feel ashamed and like I need to apologize for them. I hate that!
    I also wanted to thank you for your non-partisan words where you said, “If anyone thinks that those weapons of misdirection here on earth are limited to the Republican Party they too are very foolish. We must strive for the higher ground by working for liberty, justice and equality irregardless of political party.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    It really makes me sad to see the politics has degraded to the point of attacking what was said at a funeral.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here's a little something that I found at Media Matters;

    Media accused liberals of politicizing King funeral, ignored conservatives' use of Reagan funeral

    Summary: Numerous media figures highlighted the alleged “partisan” nature of Coretta Scott King's funeral but failed to comment on the politicization of Ronald Reagan's funeral.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What I hate is how some people like Karl Rove makes everything political and then accuses other people of doing what he's doing. Pet, you are one of the few honest people that I know who will admit when Republicans are wrong. I know that there's more like you, but they're drowned out by the extreme loud mouths.

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