Media ~ Liberal?

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on September 2nd, 2008

Author: Marty Martorella


   We are told repeatedly by the right that the Media is Liberal, however this is nothing but the same type of propaganda that Goebbels used. There is no truth to it, if anything the Media is Conservative. I think you will find this video interesting and thought provoking. The big question is that if the Media is so Liberal why was Kucinich's speech at the Convention given so little coverage?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't see how anyone can honestly say that the media is liberal. The feeling that I get is that the right is just trying to make sure that only there opinions are heard. They think if they just keep repeating their slogan of “The media is liberal” everybody will believe it is. But it's not, not even close!

  2. Anonymous says:

       If I thought that these Neo-Cons were total buffoons I would not waste my time. It is not that they are stupid, rather that they have been the victims of the repetitive messaging as shown in the video. They have heard so many times that the Media is Liberal that they actually believe it without any facts to back that notion up. All one would have to do is look at who owns the media to know whether the messaging is Liberal or Conservative. Once in a while a Liberal thought will slip through and of late we have been able to get some actual Liberal programs, but for every hour on the AM dial of Liberal talk there is over a hundred hours of Conservative talk and that is high in comparison to TV and Cable shows. The truth is that when you hear a Neo-Con parrot the slogan that the Media is Liberal, what they are really saying is that any Liberal opinion is too much. For them if it is not all Conservative it is too Liberal. That is just how arrogant and intolerant they are on the right.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, but the new Liberal, is anything to the left of Goebbels

  4. Anonymous says:

       The sad aspect of all the rhetoric is that those dispelling it, such as Gingrich and Limbaugh will privately admit that it is not a Liberal Media. They only whine to try to control it even more. Just look how long it took to get Liberal voices on the air. If the Media was Liberal there should be no Limbaughs or only a few.

  5. Anonymous says:
    Video about Death Penalty

    Documentary on the Real Truth Watch the sneak preview today
  6. Anonymous says:

    Shh! —
    The truth is not allowed in political discourse. If that happened, the politicians would dry up like raisins.Shalom

  7. Anonymous says:

    They think that all they have to do is repeat slogans and everyone will fall into line. They will play on people's fear and some people are dumb enough to fall for it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jessica, do you think I'm stupid? No one has brainwashed me, and I don't think it's very PC to say that about my opinion. Yes, the media is liberal, I see it in a lot of shows, but I'll give you that it might be a matter of perspective. What I see as liberal you probably see as just normal.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why do you have to use a slogan like “PC” to try to dismiss my opinion? I don't see how anyone can say that the media is liberal! There isn't anything liberal about it! Just look at the difference in the coverage between the Democratic and Republican conventions. And one thing more, I didn't say that all conservatives were stupid. All I meant was that those people who are so easily duped by the slogans are not the brightest people. Sorry if that seems too mean to you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Same in Australia!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Don't forget, some of the people who bitch and whine about a liberal media, are the same poeple who disuaded their kids from getting a media, arts, or journalism degree, and pushed them into getting something “more worthwhile” like business or something. People want to complain about something like this, there's a good chance they helped make it that way.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Humans love to play victim ;-(

  13. Anonymous says:

    Usually, the guy playing the victim is losing….

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