Supreme Court video update

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on November 15th, 2008



First, I want to thank you for your faithful support – both in prayer and in giving – over the past few intense months, as we've prepared for our Supreme Court case.
I presented oral argument yesterday in Pleasant Grove City v. Summum (No. 07-665) at the Supreme Court of the United States – I hope you'll take a moment to watch the video report I prepared for you from outside the Supreme Court.
As you know, my team and I have spent more than a year – literally thousands of hours – in intense preparation for yesterday's oral argument.  
Yesterday morning, I urged the Court to preserve sound precedent involving the well-established distinction between government speech and private speech –
– and to reject a twisted view of the First Amendment that could wreak havoc in America over how local, state, and federal governments choose to memorialize significant events.
I urge you to watch my special video report right now and also to join me in praying that the high court will uphold this important distinction between government speech and private speech.
We expect a decision by the high court before the end of the term and will keep you posted on any developments.
As a member of the ACLJ, I want to thank you for your strong support in this crucial Supreme Court case.  It was my privilege to represent you … and future generations … today in the highest court of our land.
God bless you for making it possible.


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