Written by Christianity and the Confusion on January 18th, 2009

Author: Marty Martorella

There are those who purposely distort the foundation of this Nation. It would seem that in a large population that there is a smaller segment which prefers to follow the orders of a strong leader. These are the people who cannot do a job without supervision. They dread making their own decisions and freely relinquishing that to others. This group is prefect for the power hungry despot who wants to rule either as a supreme leader or in a body of elite sovereigns.

   In the United States people scream in ignorance that this is a Republic which would imply that it is ruled by a small body of elite sovereigns. The trouble with this lie is that it is only a half truth. The fact is that this is a democracy, now the type of democracy that runs this Country is known as a Democratic-Republic. We elect our representatives and vote via measures to make laws. That is a democracy, not just a Republic. This is way the Democratic Party was originally called the Democratic-Republican Party and as time passed they dropped the Republican part as they realized that we are more democratic than a republic.

   As we have seen there is a minority who would impose the will and believes onto the majority. They know that they cannot do this democratically as the majority would never stand for it, so they set out to subvert our democracy. They will deny as many in the majority their Constitutional right to vote as possible. They will rig the counting of the votes so as to make the true result meaningless. They will attack anyone standing in opposition with the most vicious, malicious, and Ghastly of fabrications. Indeed, they neither love American democracy, the American people, or America it’s self.


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