Corruption Knows No Party

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on January 25th, 2009

Author: Marty Martorella


   There are those who only want to take a stand against the corruption that is outside their group. It is appalling to think that so many hold the attitude of “my country, my church, or my party right or wrong.” The only corruption that they wish to be concerned with is in another's house.

   The truth is that right is right and wrong is wrong. The way to keep others from pointing out the filth in our house is to clean it ourselves. If we ignore our own faults long enough, we can be assured that someone else will point them out for us.

   The Democratic Mayor of Portland, Oregon finds himself in such a state. Sam Adams has been thought of as a rising star within the Democratic Party. Perhaps, he started to see himself as more than he was and felt that he could do anything. No one really knows, maybe not even himself.

   When he was in the city counsel he began an affair with a seventeen year old boy. Adams denied it when confronted and hired the reporter covering the story (some say to stop the reporting.) Last week the Mayor admitted that he had lied and now there are many calls for his resignation. The following news video explains it best. The question for you is, would you defend such a man just because he might be in the same political party as you?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried googling this Sam Adams, it looks like he is still in office. All I can say is for 8 years Dems whined about the culture of corruption, but that must have only applied to Republicans.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sex between consenting adults – even if you don't like the type of sex they are having – isn't the same as stealing, lying, and murdering. As I read about this Adams he is under investigation by a Democratic Prosecutor. Why is Rove, Cheney, still walking free?

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