Republicans and Corporate Democrats, You Will Lose!

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on November 27th, 2011

Author: Frankie B

To all Republicans and Corporate
Democrats you can hit us with sticks, spray pepper spray in faces, you
can take us to jail, but you will never change our resolve. 
What you are seeing is not just demonstrations, what you are seeing
isn't something orchestrated by the likes of the Koch brothers, this is
not an artificial astroturf movement; this is though real
thing!  This is the beginning of a revolution the beginning of
a change in our society, this is a rebirth of the progressive movement
which will change our society in ways you cannot imagine.  As
you will see in this video, Wall Street's guard dogs attack innocent
protesters, but it is the police who were forced to turn tail and
run.   This is the future for all who oppose the what
the 99% of Americans need.

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