The Militarized Police State and the Pepper Spraying of an 84 year Old Woman

Written by Christianity and the Confusion on November 29th, 2011

Author DonnaMM:

Were I am not in full agreement with the occupy Wall
Street movement, I find the actions of the police forces to be despicable,
uncalled for and violate the very Constitution of the United States. As far as I
have seen, there has been no excuse for the pepper spraying or the violence
directed at the protesters. This is a peaceful movement that is demanding
justice, which is the right of every American. I personally, did not see the
need for camping out or blocking off streets, for me this was was not the right
approach to get people on our side, but looking at past protests, there is a
history of the media under reporting or just ignoring liberal protests. If the
occupy people had not resorted to these tactics, it is likely that most people
would not have heard of the protests. So, I conclude that these methods have
been productive, considering the severity of the problem brought upon us by
reckless conservative Republican spending.

It is clear that corporate
America does not appreciate seeing the media giving peaceful protest such as
visible coverage. Wall Street would love nothing more than to be able to bury
these stories on the back page of every newspaper and having very little said on
the nightly news. For it has been the deregulation of Wall Street, the banks,
and corporate America which has brought upon us, this great economic downturn.
Wall Street is nervous as they see so many people joining these protests and
it’s because of this nervousness that Wall Street is putting pressure on law
enforcement agencies and political offices to end the occupied

Even though some of the means of the occupied movement may not
be in agreement with all Americans, no one can justify the violence used against
them, it is UN-American, unpatriotic and is illegal. Is there any wonder that
some have fought back?

There is no excuse for the pepper spraying of an
84 year old woman, whose only mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong
time. The problem goes back some 15 years, when there was a move to militarize
the police forces. Our police departments are not occupying armies, but rather
fellow citizens who have taken oaths to serve and protect their fellow citizens.
The occupying movement has shown one thing very clearly, those controlling our
government are not interested in the will of the people but rather in what that
richest 1% wants. It is about time we put America back in the hands of all

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